Summoners Greed APK v1.74.3 (MOD, Mega Menu/Money/Resources)
Summoners Greed APK v1.74.3 (MOD, Mega Menu/Money/Resources)

Summoners Greed APK v1.74.3 (MOD, Mega Menu/Money/Resources)

With this Summoners Greed Premium APK version, you’ll get access to an unlimited supply of money and resources to help you create an invincible kingdom.

Name Summoners Greed
Publisher PIXIO
Category Strategy
Size 122.4 MB
Latest Version 1.74.3
MOD Mega Menu/Money/Resources
Get it On Google Play
Summoners Greed is the most famous version in the Summoners Greed series of publisher PIXIO
Mod Version 1.74.3
Total installs 10,000,000+

Summoners Greed is an exciting idle RPG game with summoner heroes, monsters and rich gameplay. As a skilled summoner, you gather a team of heroes and monsters to defeat enemies. The more you play, the more loot, resources and upgrades you get to progress further. With colorful graphics, varied gameplay and offline progression, it’s easy to get hooked to this game! The modded version makes it more fun.

Summoners Greed 1


Here’s an overview of the core gameplay elements in Summoners Greed:

Summon and Upgrade Heroes

  • There are over 30 unique hero characters to summon, each with special abilities. Heroes like Kevin, Slime King, Felina etc. have different rarity levels.
  • Upgrade and evolve your heroes for more power. Grind for shards and stones to increase their star rating.
  • Equip gear like weapons and armor to boost stats. Combine gear sets for additional buffs.

Defeat Waves of Enemies

  • Place your hero team on the battlefield. They automatically attack approaching enemy waves.
  • Multiple enemy types like goblins, ogres, skeletons etc. Each has varying stats and hazards.
  • Survive as many waves as possible. Reach milestones to unlock rewards and progress to harder stages.

Earn Loot and Resources

  • Defeating enemies drops gold, gems and crafting materials like stones, wood etc.
  • Upgrade resource generating buildings to automate farming.
  • Spin the wheel and complete challenges to gain resources. Use them to craft gear and items.

Manage Your Village

  • Build structures like the Tavern, Forge, Farms etc. to generate resources, buffs and loot.
  • Manage production chains and harvesting. Upgrade buildings for better output over time.
  • Arrange buildings strategically on the island for optimal benefits and synergy.

Battle Bosses

  • Mighty bosses like Tempest Golem and King Slime await at end of stages.
  • Boss battles test your skills. You need high DPS, healing and strategy to emerge victorious.
  • Defeating bosses unlocks new game features, modes and advancement.

With idle grinding, hero collection and stage progression, Summoners Greed offers in-depth gameplay variety for RPG fans!

Summoners Greed 3

Key Features

Let’s look at some of the standout features that make the gameplay experience even better:

Simple Controls

  • Summoners Greed uses simple tap controls. You don’t need complex inputs or combos.
  • Tap to summon heroes, engage skills, collect loot, upgrade buildings etc. The interface is intuitive.
  • Battles are automatic. Just strategize hero placement and upgrading.
  • The simple controls make grinding the stages and battles smooth. Easy to play on the go!

Offline Progression

  • Your village keeps generating resources and materials even when offline.
  • Heroes automatically battle waves and earn gold in your absence.
  • Returning after offline, you gain significant loot and materials to boost progress.
  • No need to keep the game running always. Check back at convenience to upgrade.

Multiple Game Modes

  • Alongside the main campaign stages, there are special modes like dungeons, expeditions and joint revenge.
  • Dungeons have unique objectives like protect the mine cart. Expeditions are time limited challenges.
  • Joint revenge has co-op boss battles. Modes add more variety to gameplay.

Smooth Animations

  • The 2D visuals are highly polished with smooth animations.
  • Heroes, monsters and effects are animated beautifully. Battles feel alive.
  • Building upgrades and skill attacks have pleasing visual flair.
  • Detailed animations enhance the gameplay experience.

Regular Events

  • Time-limited events like Halloween, Christmas, Lunar New Year etc. bring themed gameplay.
  • Events have exclusive heroes, skins and stages to unlock by completing challenges.
  • Limited time bosses and leaderboard competitions spice up events.
  • Enjoy fresh content through rapid events and updates.

No Energy Limits

  • There is no energy meter or stamina system. You can play continuously.
  • Grind waves and upgrade heroes without forced breaks and waits.
  • Uninterrupted gameplay allows faster progress. Especially useful for idle grinding.

With many things to do, rewarding progression and player-friendly features, Summoners Greed strikes an ideal balance of casual, addictive fun!

Summoners Greed

Mod Features (Mega Menu, Money, Resources)

Here are the awesome enhancements provided by the mod:

Mega Menu Unlocked

  • The mega menu is initially locked and requires an insane amount of gems to unlock in the original game.
  • The mod gives instant access to the mega menu with all features enabled.

Unlimited Gems and Gold

  • Two most valuable currencies – gems and gold are unlimited.
  • Spend lavishly on upgrades, summons, crafting without worrying about costs.
  • Unlock everything and max out heroes faster.

Max Resources

  • Resources like stones, crystals, essence etc. required for crafting and upgrading are set to unlimited.
  • Freely craft new gear, evolve heroes and buildings.
  • Removed the grinding and waiting time for farming resources.

All Heroes Unlocked

  • Get access to all heroes from the start, including super rare ones.
  • Tier lists and rarity no longer limits which heroes you can acquire and use.
  • Experiment freely with different hero combinations.

One Hit Kill Enemies

  • Enemies die with just a single tap. Makes grinding easy and fast.
  • Blaze through waves and stages effortlessly. Defeat bosses in seconds!

100% Safe

  • The mod is 100% safe to use. Tested and confirmed to be free of malware.
  • It does not affect your device or data in any way.

Automatic Updates

  • Get the latest mod version automatically through easy updates in-game.
  • No need to manually download updates each time from websites.

With the mega menu unlocked and unlimited resources, the mod allows you to experience the full extent of what Summoners Greed has to offer!

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Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips and strategies for new players:

Prioritize Specific Heroes First

  • Focus on leveling up and evolving these heroes initially – Slime King, Mighty, Speedy, Kevin, Felina. They will carry your progression.
  • Do not spread your resources upgrading every hero you get. Prioritize the powerful meta ones first.

Optimize Hero Placement

  • Arrange heroes properly to maximize their potential. Place melee heroes like Kevin in front to tank damage.
  • Put high DPS ranged heroes like Slime King in the back protected by tanks.
  • Use support heroes like Mighty strategically to buff other heroes.

Upgrade Resource Buildings

  • Consistently upgrade resource buildings like the farms, mines and banks. This generates more materials over time.
  • Level up the Tavern and Forge to keep heroes powered up for battles.
  • Manage production chains smoothly. Never let material flow stop.

Join a Clan Asap

  • Being part of an active clan gives you access to the joint revenge mode for extra loots.
  • You also earn clan points to obtain special chests and items.
  • Trade materials with clan mates when you have excess of something. Request items you need.

Save Gems for Summons

  • Use gems primarily to purchase new hero summons once you have a stable base.
  • Only Spend on other things if absolutely needed. Summons give the best value.
  • Do bulk summons during events with higher chances for rare heroes.

Using these tips will help fast track your summoner’s journey and get the most out of this addictive game!

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Here are Some Common Questions About The Game

Is the game completely free?

Yes, Summoners Greed is completely free to download and play. All the core content can be accessed without spending real money. There are no ads either. Optional in-app purchases exist for convenience.

Can I play offline?

No, you require an active internet connection at all times to play. There is no offline mode support since user data is saved on remote servers. The game won’t function offline.

Can I play on multiple devices?

You can play the same account simultaneously on a maximum of 2 devices only. The game will detect invalid logins beyond 2 devices, and you may be locked out. So link it carefully.

How pay-to-win is the game?

Summoners Greed is actually very F2P friendly. There is no VIP system or pvp where spenders get an advantage. You can realistically max out as F2P with steady play. Spending only speeds up progress slightly.

Is there a stamina system?

No, Summoners Greed does not have any stamina or energy limits for grinding. You can play stages and upgrade heroes indefinitely without waiting for refills.

What happens when you prestige?

Prestiging resets your campaign progress, but you keep all heroes, upgrades and resources. It lets you replay stages to grind more loots. Prestige during bonus events for the best results.

Final Thoughts

With varied gameplay, deep idle progression and colorful graphics, Summoners Greed perfectly blends casual fun with long term motivation. There is always something to do and upgrade. The mod removes annoyances for a smooth experience while still keeping progression steady. For RPG fans looking to dive into an immersive summoner’s journey filled with heroes, monsters and action, this is certainly a gacha game that will consume many hours!

Download the latest Summoners Greed mod today and step forth on an addictive adventure!

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