Merge War – Army Draft Battler v1.0.16 APK (MOD, Free Energy)
Merge War – Army Draft Battler v1.0.16 APK (MOD, Free Energy)

Merge War – Army Draft Battler v1.0.16 APK (MOD, Free Energy)

With Merge War - Army Draft Battler Premium Apk and get ready for the fight with free Energy, no ads, and unlimited battles.

Name Merge War - Army Draft Battler
Publisher Funovus
Category Strategy
Size 86 MB
Latest Version 1.0.16
MOD Unlimited Energy
Get it On Google Play
Merge War - Army Draft Battler is the most famous version in the Merge War - Army Draft Battler series of publisher Funovus
Mod Version 1.0.16
Total installs 500,000+

Greetings fellow armchair generals and battle strategists! Looking for an insanely addictive army battler game? One where you draft soldiers, merge units, and dominate opponents in epic PvP encounters? Then suit up and prepare for Merge War – the hugely popular tile-combining army battle game.

In this intel briefing, I’ll provide key details on merging units, commander skills, battlefield modes, and how to acquire unlimited free energy with the Merge War MOD APK. Time to merge, match and conquer victory!

Merge War Army Draft Battler

Crafting a Deadly Battle Squad

Merge War revolves around strategically merging your drafted soldier squads into more powerful units. Here’s an overview:

  • Soldier Squads – Draft and deploy infantry, rangers, tanks, robots, aircraft and more.
  • Matching Tiles – Drag and combine 3 identical squads to create upgraded merged units.
  • Merge Levels – Merge repeatedly to increase a unit’s rank and power.
  • Unique Abilities – Each unit type gains new abilities and buffs when merging.
  • Squad Loadouts – Equip gear, weapons, tech, and abilities to units.
  • Legendary Units – Rare chance to merge into insanely powerful legendary soldiers.

The tactical merging loop provides endless hours of engaging, mentally stimulating gameplay. And competing to field the most badass armies is incredibly rewarding!

Using Commander Skills for Battlefield Domination

In addition to merging armies, you play as a Commander who can support troops and turn the tide with powerful skills, including:

  • Tactical Strikes – Order missile strikes, bombing runs, etc. on enemies
  • Rally – Temporarily boost your army’s damage and defense.
  • Sabotage – Disrupt enemy movements or disable their units.
  • Espionage – Gain intel on your opponent’s forces.
  • ** Precision Shot** – Take direct control and snipe enemies.
  • Air Support – Call in helicopter and fighter support.
  • Artillery Barrage – Rain down a devastating barrage of artillery fire.
  • Supply Drop – Airlift in supplies to heal and reinforce units.

Mastering your Commander skills is key to winning those close-fought battles and climbing the rankings!

Exciting Battle Modes to Conquer

The real-time PvP battles in Merge War across a variety of challenging modes:

  • 1v1 Duels – Pit your army against an opponent of similar rank. Rely on skill and strategy to secure victory!
  • Team Wars – Join 2v2 and 3v3 battles to coordinate with allies against other teams. Exciting and chaotic!
  • Hero Wars – Draft hero characters with unique powers to use in battle.
  • Boss Wars – Cooperate with other players to take down menacing boss units.
  • Tournaments – Battle through brackets of increasingly tough opponents for glory.
  • Live Events – Special limited-time battle events with unique conditions and prizes.

With so much variety and replayability in the PvP modes, you’ll never get bored of laying the smackdown on foes!

Merge War Army Draft Battler 1

Advanced Battle Tactics and Strategies

Succeeding in the heat of battle requires cunning tactics and strategies. Here are some pro tips:

  • Manage energy and cooldowns efficiently. Don’t waste powerful abilities.
  • Flank enemies and attack them from multiple sides.
  • Use ranged units to provide covering fire for melee squad.
  • Target and focus down powerful enemy units first.
  • Disrupt enemy tactical abilities to negate their impact.
  • Draw the enemy into kill zones to ambush them.
  • Establish defensive formations around chokepoints.
  • Save commanding skills to counter the enemy’s own abilities.
  • Mix up squad placements to be less predictable.

Learning skills like these will make you a master of the battlefield arts!

Unlocking Unlimited Energy with the Merge War Mod

Now for the game-changing MOD! Installing the Merge War MOD APK grants:

  • Unlimited Energy – Keep battling without annoying energy timers!
  • Free Upgrades – Instantly upgrade units and gear for free.
  • Infinite Coins – Purchase crates, heroes and more without limits!
  • No Skill Cooldowns – Use your skills continuously without cooldowns.
  • High Damage Attacks – Your strikes inflict insane damage for easy wins.

With unlimited energy and no cooldowns, you’ll be an unstoppable merging machine! Here’s how to get it:

  1. Download the Merge War MOD APK from below.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” installs on your device.
  3. Install the downloaded MOD APK file.
  4. Enjoy unlimited energy mayhem!

Just click the button above to get your hands on the latest official Merge War mod. Elevate your game and starting destroying opponents in PvP!

Advanced Merging Tips and Unit Combo Strategies

The unlimited energy afforded by the mod allows you to focus on mastering unit merging tactics:

  • Track unit statistics after merging to optimize effective combos.
  • Focus on merging particular squad types to maximize offensive or defensive strengths.
  • Keep rerolling unit drafts until you get a solid base lineup to build from.
  • Carefully consider unit placement and movement since merging locks them in position.
  • Time powerful unit abilities chained together for maximum impact.
  • Merge lower units repeatedly early on to build up a strong offensive force faster.
  • Work toward assembling your perfect dream team unit lineup. Experiment!

With the mod providing unlimited energy, you can refine and practice advanced merging strategies to create utterly devastating armies. Fear the reaper!

Merge War Army Draft Battler 2

Claiming Victory in Alliance Wars

The unlimited resources from the Merge War mod also enables you to truly excel at wide-scale Alliance Wars where cooperation with teammates is key:

  • Use espionage skills to provide detailed intel on enemy forces to allies.
  • Coordinate with allies to focus fire on shared high threat targets.
  • Position units to support allies’ flanks and avoid friendly fire incidents.
  • Communicate battle plans to efficiently leverage your combined skills.
  • Draw enemy fire away from wounded allies so they can recover.
  • Flank around to hit enemy formations from multiple sides in a pincer maneuver.
  • Share resources liberally with allies so everyone has upgraded units.

Leveraging skills like these will lead your Alliance to glorious victory!

Merge War MOD FAQs

Is the Merge War mod 100% safe and undetectable?

Absolutely! The mod is completely undetectable and won’t get you banned.

Does the mod work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately no. The mod is only for Android at this time.

Do I need to root my device to use the mod?

Rooting is not necessary! Works on any off-the-shelf Android device.

How do I uninstall or disable the mod later?

Simply deleting the Merge War mod APK will disable it. Your original game data remains intact.

Will using mods prevent me from earning achievements?

Nope! All achievements can still be earned even while using this energy mod.

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