Idle Lumber Empire APK v1.8.5 (MOD, Free Purchase, VIP)
Idle Lumber Empire APK v1.8.5 (MOD, Free Purchase, VIP)

Idle Lumber Empire APK v1.8.5 (MOD, Free Purchase, VIP)

Free Purchase and VIP feature offered by Idle Lumber Empire Premium APK allows players to have in-game items.

Name Idle Lumber Empire
Publisher Game Veterans
Category Simulation
Size 103 MB
Latest Version 1.8.5
MOD Free Purchase, VIP
Get it On Google Play
Idle Lumber Empire is the most famous version in the Idle Lumber Empire series of publisher Game Veterans
Mod Version 1.8.5
Total installs 50,000,000+

Idle Lumber Empire is a fun and addictive idle clicker game where you build and manage your own lumber empire. As the name suggests, the main focus is on cutting down trees, processing logs, and selling lumber to expand your business. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, cute graphics, and incremental progression system, Idle Lumber Empire is a great casual game to play whenever you have some free time.

In this game, you start out with just an axe and a few coins to hire your first worker. By tapping on trees, you can cut them down to obtain logs. These logs can then be processed at your sawmill to make planks, which sell for more money. Using the coins earned, you can hire more loggers and sawmill workers to automatically harvest trees and make planks for you. The more workers you have, the faster your lumber empire will grow.

As your money and resources increase, you can unlock new upgrades and automation features to boost your profits. This includes things like powerful machinery to cut down more trees at once, warehouses to store more logs and planks, trains and ships to transport your lumber, and managers to boost worker productivity.

Eventually, you can expand to multiple forests across the world to dominate the lumber industry. The progression from a small woodsman to lumber tycoon is simple yet immensely satisfying.

Idle Lumber Business Empire

Key Gameplay Features

Here are some of the key gameplay features that make Idle Lumber Empire so fun and addictive:

Incremental Progression

At its core, Idle Lumber Empire utilizes incremental progression mechanics. You start small, but with just a little effort, your empire grows quickly. Every new worker, upgrade, and manager doubles, triples, or even quadruples your profits. Numbers skyrocket from thousands to millions to billions. Seeing the rapid growth and big numbers tick up is an irresistible dopamine hit that keeps you coming back.


The name says it all – this is an idle game at heart. Once you’ve hired workers, they will automatically harvest trees and process logs without you having to do anything. You can leave the game running in the background or while doing something else and your profits will continue to roll in. Opening the app later provides immense satisfaction from seeing how much your empire has grown.

Prestige System

To further boost progression, there is a prestige system that allows you to reset your game in exchange for permanent bonuses. This means you never truly stop progressing. The first few runs might feel slow, but with each reset, you accumulate boosts that power up your efficiency. Eventually, your lumber empire becomes an unstoppable force.

Multiple Forests

As you progress, more forests around the world will open up containing richer resources. Unlocking new regions provides a sense of exploration and expanding your lumber empire onto the global stage. Transporting goods from different forests introduces logistics and supply management elements.

Events and Achievements

Random events and achievements help keep the experience fresh and rewarding. Events like storms might damage your supply lines but completing repairs provides bonuses. Achievements reward you for milestones like hiring a set number of workers, which incentivize further progression.

Offline Earnings

You continue to accumulate resources even when the app is closed so you never feel like you need to be glued to your phone. This creates a compulsion to check back as often as possible to see how much your empire has grown in your absence.

Idle Lumber Business Empire 1

MOD Features (Unlimited Money/Gems)

While the base Idle Lumber Empire game is quite enjoyable on its own, there are also some modded/hacked versions that offer unlimited money and gems. This effectively provides you with free rein to buy anything you want without worrying about costs.

With unlimited resources, you can:

  • Instantly hire dozens of workers, managers, etc.
  • Unlock all upgrades and automations right away.
  • Open new forests immediately without waiting.
  • Purchase the best gear, transportation, warehouses, etc.
  • Speed through the game progression faster.

Essentially, it allows you to build your lumber empire at an exponential pace. Instead of slow and steady incremental growth, you can experience a huge idle gaming power trip by becoming a lumber tycoon in no time.

While some may view this as cheating, others enjoy the satisfaction of fast progress unhindered by grinding or waiting. If you want a quicker dopamine rush from exponentially growing profits and unlocking everything, the unlimited money and gems mods are a great option.

Idle Lumber Business Empire 4

Free Purchase/VIP Mod Features

Other common mods add free purchase and VIP features normally only available for real money through in-app purchases. This includes:

  • Remove ads – Play without irritating ads interrupting your game.
  • VIP status – Access special VIP bonuses and rewards.
  • Unlimited buffs – Get permanent boosts like 2x production speed, etc.
  • Special skins – Unlock cosmetic skins for your buildings and trucks.
  • Premium workers – Hire elite workers with higher productivity.

The free purchase mod essentially makes all current and future IAPs free. It’s like having an unlimited premium account. This allows you to experience the full extent of what the game offers without spending real cash.

Together with unlimited money, the free purchase mod really maximizes the idle gaming experience. You get to enjoy everything the game has to offer without hindrances or waiting times designed to incentivize monetization. It’s idle gaming bliss!

Step-By-Step Gameplay Walkthrough

Now let’s walk through actual Idle Lumber Empire gameplay to see how the mechanics come together:

Early Game

You start the game with an axe and a few coins. Chop down a few trees manually to get your first logs.

Open the hire menu and recruit some loggers. They will start harvesting trees automatically. Each logger boosts your idle wood income.

Once you have enough logs, build a sawmill. Hire sawmill workers to process logs into planks automatically.

Keep hiring more loggers and sawmill workers to boost production. Upgrade their tools for increased efficiency.

Chop trees manually too since early on your workers are still few. Manually play as much as possible to progress faster.

Mid Game

After resetting a few times via the prestige system, you’ll have permanent bonuses to boost automation. Your workers will chop trees and mill planks automatically, even while offline.

Focus on unlocking more forests which contain richer resources. Build trains and trucks to transport goods between forests.

Upgrade to machines and tools like harvesters, bulldozers, conveyor belts to radically increase output.

Hire managers to boost worker productivity. Research technologies to further optimize logistics.

Wealth will now rapidly snowball thanks to automation and upgrades. You are well on your way to becoming a lumber tycoon!

Late Game

In the late game, your empire has expanded across the world. You have a huge workforce manning complexes of harvesters, processors, and transportation fleets.

New mechanics enter like researching techs to enablefuturistic tree capsules and lunar logging. This pushes production to astronomical levels.

Unique resources can be discovered that offer massive permanent buffs when collected. Managing global distribution becomes more important.

At this stage, tapping your net worth increases millions per second! You have succeeded in building a utopian lumber empire. All that’s left is to optimize production even further through end-game systems.

The journey from axe to tycoon is immensely rewarding. And through events, achievements and resets, there is always something new driving you onwards.

Idle Lumber Business Empire 2

Tips and Strategies

Here are some useful tips and strategies to build your lumber empire faster:

  • Prestige often – Don’t be afraid to reset early and often to gain permanent bonuses. This accelerates progression.
  • Automate ASAP – Hire workers for idle income even before claiming upgrades. Offline earnings are key.
  • Manage balances – Split funds between workers, upgrades, new buildings, etc. Don’t spend all on one thing.
  • Claim offline earnings – When away for a while, make sure to open the app and tap your offline earnings.
  • Watch ads for bonuses – Opt to watch ads for free boosts and rewards to speed things up.
  • Participate in events – Events provide special limited-time bonuses that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Focus research – Priority tech upgrades that boost automations or unlock new features.

Expanding Your Lumber Empire

Here are some key milestones you’ll aim for when expanding your lumber empire:

  • Hire first worker – First logger unlocks idle harvesting.
  • Open sawmill – Unlocks planks production for more profits.
  • Unlock new forest – Expanding to new regions with richer resources.
  • Get first manager – Boost to worker productivity.
  • Build train – Allows transporting goods between forests.
  • Upgrade to machines – Bulldozers, conveyors, etc. for automation.
  • Establish shipping – Unlock ships to access overseas forests.
  • Research technologies – Advanced techs like AI and automation.
  • Discover special resources – Unique easter egg resources give super bonuses.
  • Complete events – Limited-time events for big rewards.
  • Prestige for permanent bonus – Reset with massively increased productivity.
  • Reach end-game systems – Endless progression via artifacts, enchantments, etc.

Reaching these milestones result in huge upticks in profits. Each unlocks the next phase of exponential empire growth.

Idle Lumber Business Empire 3

Final Thoughts

That covers the main gameplay elements and progression flow of Idle Lumber Empire. With its simple but crunchy mechanics, this incremental idle clicker perfectly encapsulates the “just one more upgrade” addictiveness of the genre.

Seeing your empire grow from a single lumberjack to a global logging juggernaut is immensely satisfying. Unlocking new forests and transportation methods expands the scope. Events and achievements provide fun bonuses to pursue. And the prestige system ensures there is always progress even after resetting.

While the base game is great, mods that add unlimited money and free purchases take the experience to another level. If you enjoy idle games, building up an empire from nothing, and big number progression, Idle Lumber Empire is a must-try. Just beware of how addictive it can become!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install the game?

You can download Idle Lumber Empire for free from the Google Play Store on Android devices. Just search for “Idle Lumber Empire”, click install, and open the app to start playing. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device for the game files.

Is there a way to play on iOS or PC?

Unfortunately Idle Lumber Empire is only available officially for Android devices currently. There are no PC or iOS versions. However, you may be able to access the game on these platforms using Android emulators like Bluestacks.

How can I speed up progress in the game?

Focus on automation through hiring workers and managers. Prioritize upgrades that boost idle production like new tools and technologies. Take advantage of events, achievements, and the prestige system. Watch ads for free bonuses. And you can use money mods to accelerate progress exponentially.

Is there a way to play offline?

Yes! A major benefit is that your idle workers continue producing resources even when offline. Just make sure to open the app regularly to collect your accrued offline earnings. Having good automation setup before closing the app maximizes offline progress.

How can I get the free purchase and VIP mods?

Those require downloading a modified version of the game, which can only be found on certain websites. We can’t link directly to those here, but you can search online for “Idle Lumber Empire mod apk unlimited” and you may find options. Download mods at your own discretion.

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