Zombie Tsunami APK v4.5.128 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Zombie Tsunami APK v4.5.128 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Zombie Tsunami APK v4.5.128 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

The Zombie Tsunami APK provides users with unlimited money, allowing them to buy upgrades that help in their zombie horde's progress.

Name Zombie Tsunami
Publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Category Arcade
Size 73.2 MB
Latest Version 4.5.128
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Zombie Tsunami is the most famous version in the Zombie Tsunami series of publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Mod Version 4.5.128
Total installs 100,000,000+

Zombie Tsunami is a fun, addicting endless runner game that’s taken the mobile world by storm. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, funny cartoon art style, and constantly evolving action, it’s easy to see why Zombie Tsunami has been downloaded over 100 million times.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Zombie Tsunami. We’ll cover the basics of gameplay, core features, tips and strategies, and how to utilize mods like unlimited money to enhance the experience. Whether you’re brand new to the game or looking to improve your high scores, you’ll find plenty of valuable information ahead. So grab your running shoes and let’s outrun some zombies!

Zombie Tsunami

An Overview of Zombie Tsunami Gameplay

Zombie Tsunami gameplay is centered around one core mechanic – running! Here are the basics:

  • You control a single survivor, dashing left and right to avoid obstacles.
  • Tapping the screen makes your character jump over gaps and barriers in the endless road.
  • A relentless horde of zombies chases you from behind. If they catch up, you’re zombie food!
  • The farther you run, the bigger the chain of zombies behind you grows.
  • Your goal is to survive as long as possible across randomly generated terrain.
  • Various items and power ups help fend off zombies or smash through obstacles.
  • Challenge friends and competitors on global leaderboards for the highest scores.

It’s an immediately recognizable formula – but with a twist. Your zombie crowd also acts as a weapon for clearing obstructions and toppling buildings! Let’s explore how this works.

Zombie Tsunami 1

Utilizing Your Zombie Horde as a Weapon

While you want to avoid letting your zombie mob catch you, they can also be used strategically to your advantage. Here’s how to turn the zombies to your side:

Plow Through Vehicles

Cars, trucks, bulldozers and more will hurtle towards you. Let the zombies take the hit! They’ll eat the driver and clear a path. Just make sure to jump beforehand.

Topple Buildings

Guide your undead friends into buildings to knock them over sideways into the street. Then trot through the rubble remains.

Smash Through Billboards

Billboards and signage blocking your way? No match for dozens of zombies barreling into them at full speed. Down they go!

Trample Other Zombies

Sometimes rival zombie mobs get in the mix. Use your own zombies to mow through them like bowling pins.

With practice, you’ll learn to alternate between dodging obstacles yourself and harnessing the zombie crowd crushing everything in its path. It’s an essential skill for racking up long runs. Now let’s talk about power ups!

Zombie Tsunami 3

Power Ups for Survival

Power ups randomly appear along your sprint and provide useful boosts. Make sure to grab them when able!


The jetpack enables temporarily flight to easily clear hazards and massive gaps in your path. Take advantage while it lasts to make a clean getaway from the zombie throng.

Head Starts

Snagging a head start warp gives you a few precious seconds further ahead of the mob. Use the lead to avoid forthcoming barriers. Every second counts!


The magnet attracts all zombies backwards, further increasing distance between you and their gnashing teeth for a little while. Enjoy the breathing room.


Hitting a reverse spin makes your zombies abruptly turn around and run the opposite way. Again, more separation to work with.


Coins collected during runs can be spent in the store on upgrades and unlocks between play sessions. Grab them!

With these power ups and your zombie crowd under control, you’re ready for serious high score runs. Now let’s talk about the rest of Zombie Tsunami’s features.

Zombie Tsunami 2

More Game Features and Modes

Beyond the main endless runner, Zombie Tsunami contains other fun modes and extras:


Daily and weekly missions with specialized goals award coins upon completion. These range from specific run lengths, zombie crowd sizes, obstacles destroyed and more. Great way to earn upgrade money.


Unlock and choose from multiple playable survivor characters with the coins you earn. Each has slightly different gameplay attributes. Find one that fits your style.


Spend coins on permanent upgrades to stats like run speed, jump height, magnet duration and more. Level them up for bigger benefits.


Personalize your character with funny hats, costumes, accessories and more cosmetic options. Show off your own style.


Occasional running mini-games provide quick bursts of fun. Like dashing down slopes, leaping over fiery pits, and other rapid scenarios.

With all of these features combined, no two runs ever play the same. There’s always something new to experience in Zombie Tsunami as you strive for that perfect run. Now let’s jump into playing with mods!

Zombie Tsunami 4

Enhancing the Game with Mods (Unlimited Money)

The Zombie Tsunami experience can be taken to new heights by utilizing mods – specifically ones that grant unlimited coins. Let’s explore why:

How Unlimited Money Mods Work

These mods hack the game code to set your coin amount to essentially infinite. You’ll max out coins.

  • Download the mod file and enable on device
  • Launch Zombie Tsunami and your balance will show max coins
  • Spend away on anything in the shop without worrying about cost

This gives you full access to purchases allowing enhancing your character and talents.

Benefits of Unlimited Coins

You can power up your character and earn items way faster than normal:

  • Max out ALL stat upgrades immediately
  • Obtain the coolest character skins right away
  • Own every playable character in the roster
  • Buy and upgrade every consumable item fully
  • Removes the coin grind completely!

While this reduces the challenge, it enables you to start experiencing 100% of the game’s content without artificial limits. Great for casual players who want to relax and just enjoy the full breadth of features with less frustration.

Using Mods ethically

Of course, mods that enable cheating elements could be considered unethical by some. A few smart ways to keep things moral if you enjoy unlimited money mods:

  • Avoid competing on leaderboards where you’d have an unfair advantage
  • Don’t enable OTHER non-cosmetic hacks like invincibility, speed, etc
  • Play privately offline rather than showing off cheated gains in public matches
  • Encourage others to earn their upgrades fairly and don’t boast

If you mostly play for fun in a solo relaxed environment, unlimited money can be an enticing way to bypass frustrating coin grinding and enjoy everything Zombie Tsunami has to offer. But do use prudently.

5 Pro Gameplay Tips

  1. Memorize stage layouts – Being able to anticipate hazards coming helps reaction time immensely.
  2. Time jumps carefully – Wait until the last possible second before hopping over barriers for maximum clearance.
  3. Weave left and right – Dart side to side to keep zombies guessing. Don’t run in a straight line.
  4. Use zoomed out camera – The widest zoom lets you see dangers and power ups earlier.
  5. Try every character – Each survivor has slightly different stats you may vibe with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does collecting coins each run matter without upgrading?

Yes! Coins still go towards unlocking characters, costumes, and items in the shops.

Should you always utilize the zombie crowd?

While they can clear stuff, don’t blindly plow them into everything. Still dodge when needed.

Is there a pause or end to stages?

Nope, it’s endless running! Stages randomly generate until you eventually get caught.

Does the scenery change?

Over time you’ll notice background scenery like cities, forest, deserts, etc change themes.

Should you use consumables right away?

Conserve them for when you really need an emergency boost 30+ seconds into a run.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about enjoying Zombie Tsunami to the fullest! Whether you’re playing vanilla or with mods, it’s an infectious good time. Now get out there are start racking up some high scores! Good luck staying ahead of the zombie tsunami.

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