Subway Surfers APK v3.21.1 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Everything)
Subway Surfers APK v3.21.1 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Everything)

Subway Surfers APK v3.21.1 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Everything)

This Subway Surfers Apk has a mega menu, all characters/hoverboards unlocked, and unlimited keys and coins. Outrun the inspector and his dog to earn high scores.

Name Subway Surfers
Publisher SYBO Games
Category Arcade
Size 168.1 MB
Latest Version 3.21.1
MOD Mega Menu, Unlimited Everything
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Subway Surfers is the most famous version in the Subway Surfers series of publisher SYBO Games
Mod Version 3.21.1
Total installs 1,000,000,000+

Grab your hoverboard and get ready to dodge trains, trams, tunnels, and more in the insanely addictive Subway Surfers Mod Apk! This free mobile game is all about reacting fast, collecting coins, and outrunning the cranky Inspector and his dog.

With colorful graphics, easy swipe controls, and endless generated levels, it’s easy to see why Subway Surfers became one of the most downloaded games ever with over 2 billion installs.

This ultimate guide will dive deep into Subway Surfers gameplay, covering how to play, strategies for high scores, tips to go the distance, and secrets to master this legendary endless runner!

Subway Surfers 2

An Overview of Subway Surfers Gameplay

The goal in Subway Surfers is simple: Run as far as possible through the train tracks and tunnels while dodging obstacles and collecting coins to earn the highest score.

Here are the key gameplay elements:

  • Swipe Controls – Swipe up, down, left, and right to jump, roll, switch lanes to avoid obstacles.
  • Reaction Time – With speeds increasing, you need lightning quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination.
  • Obstacle Dodging – Vault over barriers, slide under holes, sidestep oncoming trains, and more!
  • Grinding – Hop onto trains and rails to grind for big scoring combos.
  • Hoverboards – Activate temporary hoverboards to fly over obstacles entirely.
  • Powerups – Grab super sneakers, magnets, score multipliers and other powerups for an advantage.
  • Missions – Complete daily and special missions to earn prizes and level up faster.
  • Customization – Unlock new characters, hoverboards, and costumes to freshen up the look.
  • Coins/Keys – Grab these to unlock new gear and abilities.

Now let’s explore some key Subway Surfers strategies and tips for avoiding the inspector, racking up high scores, and sprinting your way to success!

Master the Basics: Running, Jumping, Dodging

Success in Subway Surfers starts by getting a feel for the core gameplay mechanics. These essential skills include:


  • Swipe up, down, left, or right to change lanes and avoid obstacles.
  • Time lane changes smoothly to maintain a flow without crashing.
  • Avoid tapping too early or too late by watching obstacles closely.


  • Swipe down to slide under overhanging barriers and hole obstacles.
  • Time your slides well. Slide too early and you’ll bump your head!


  • Swipe up to jump over barriers, tracks, and other ground obstacles.
  • Double jump by swiping up twice for extra height to clear tall objects.


  • Swipe up at angle ramps to perform a parkour style vault over the obstacle.
  • Vault when the angle indicator appears for a smooth clear. Mistime the vault and you’ll crash!


  • Jump onto trains and rails and balance automatically.
  • Grinding earns you big scoring combos!

Once you have the core running, jumping, sliding, and grinding mechanics down, it’s time to work on…

Subway Surfers

Crucial Skills: Observation and Reactions

While mastering controls is important, the real skills that separate decent and top runners in Subway Surfers are observation and reaction time.

Here are some tips for honing these crucial skills:

  • Look further ahead – Don’t just focus on the immediate obstacles in front of you. Scan ahead to spot what’s coming from a distance.
  • Note obstacle types – Identify whether upcoming obstacles require jumping, sliding, or lane switching.
  • Time properly – Hesitate or mistime a jump even slightly and it can mean a crash. Jump just before reaching the barrier.
  • Tap repeatedly -Spam taps as you approach an obstacle to reduce reaction time for the proper swipe direction.
  • Listen to sounds – Different sounds indicate vaults, slides, distance tokens, and hoverboards. Learn them!
  • Enter the zone – Ignore everything else and get hyper focused. The more you play, the more you’ll get in a rhythm.

Developing quick observation skills and lightning fast reactions will help you react instantly to anything the game throws at you. This finesse comes with experience!

Hoverboards: When to Use Your Get Out of Jail Free Card

Hoverboards are extremely valuable in Subway Surfers, allowing you to completely avoid hazards for a short distance. Use them wisely!

Here are tips on making the most of hoverboards:

  • Save for emergencies – Don’t waste hoverboards just to collect a few coins. Wait for sticky situations.
  • Use when trapped – If you get cornered by a train and barrier, activate the hoverboard to fly to safety!
  • Fly through tunnels – Some tricky tunnels are full of hazards. Hoverboard makes them easy.
  • Combo with super sneakers – Activate both simultaneously and blast through levels at insane speeds!
  • Get distance for missions – Hoverboard is great for quickly achieving distance missions.
  • Pause before using – Pause for a split second before activating to ensure you fully clear dangers.
  • Disable before jumping – Turn off hoverboard a bit before obstacles so you can jump. Crashes end hoverboard prematurely.
  • Conserve supplies – Only activate when truly needed. Collect more from mystery boxes when low.

Saving hoverboards for the right make-or-break moments is key. Use them sparingly as a get out of jail free card when you have no other options!

Subway Surfers 1

Powerups: Seizing Every Advantage

Beyond hoverboards, there are numerous powerups scattered through levels that give you big advantages and high scores when used properly.

Here are some of the top powerups and tips for utilizing them effectively:

Super Sneakers

  • Builds up a x2 scoring multiplier the longer you run.
  • Stack with hoverboard to move blazingly fast for huge combos.
  • Don’t grab until current sneakers powerup starts wearing off.

Coin Magnets

  • Automatically draw in coins from a wide radius around you.
  • Make sure to jump and change lanes normally. Crashing ends magnet prematurely.
  • Time effectively for highest coin yield when coin swarm is approaching.

2x Multiplier

  • Doubles your coin score for its duration.
  • Best paired with combos, missions, and magnets for maximized earnings.

Mystery Boxes

  • Provides random powerups, hoverboards, keys, and coins.
  • Open these immediately when they appear for time advantage.

Head Starts

  • Awards a set distance head start after you die.
  • Conserve for tricky missions you keep narrowly failing.

Learn the strengths of each powerup so you can strategically seize their advantages at the opportune moments!

Subway Surfers 3

Scoring Big: Chaining, Combos, and Multipliers

Racking up coins and getting a high score requires more than just surviving. You need to master chaining together moves, extending combos, and utilizing multipliers.

  • Keep running – Never stop swiping. Maintain your run combo at all times for score growth.
  • Hit all coin sequences – Don’t miss single coins. Missing even one coin breaks sequence combos.
  • Grind rails – Grinding on trains gives higher scoring combos than running.
  • Perfect landings – Stick your vaults and maintain combos. Crashing squanders your run.
  • Collect powerups – Coins collected under magnets and multipliers count extra, so stack powerups together.
  • Do missions – Complete missions to earn big coin bonuses to spend on upgrades.
  • Upgrade – Buy score multipliers and magnets in the shop. Equip scorer outfit.

It takes practice getting in a groove of unbroken runs, sticky landings, and utilizing powerups, but chaining together big combos results in huge scores!

Upgrades: Improving Your Odds of Survival

As you collect coins from your runs, you can spend them in the upgrade shop to permanently improve your abilities and odds of survival.

Some key upgrades to prioritize first:

  • Additional life – Extra life means more mistakes allowed per run.
  • Score boosters – Upgrade scoring multipliers for bigger coin hauls.
  • Head start – Awards distance when you die so you don’t have to start from zero.
  • Hoverboards – Carry more hoverboards to use per run.
  • Powerups – Increase magnet and multiplier durations for better advantage.
  • Outfits – Special outfits that provide specific bonuses.
  • Board upgrades – Improve hoverboard speed and handling.

Make smart upgrade purchases that complement your playstyle and weaknesses. They stack up run to run for a noticeable difference!

Surviving Longer: Tips for Dodging Hazards

While high scores require fast reactions and optimal use of powerups, the key to simply surviving longer and leveling up is avoiding hazards completely.

Use these tips to dodge obstacles masterfully:

  • Memorize spawn points – Note where obstacles spawn on each route to anticipate dangers ahead of time.
  • Listen for audio cues – Different sounds indicate upcoming hazards. Train your ears.
  • Pause before tunnels – Stop swiping briefly before entering tunnels to spot dangers inside better.
  • Jump early – When in doubt, jump a bit sooner than you think necessary to be safe.
  • Slide under last second – Wait until the very last moment to slide under obstacles for narrow clearance.
  • Save hoverboards – Refrain from using hoverboards to collect coins. Reserve them for emergencies.
  • Change lanes – If a train is coming in one lane, switch lanes early to have ample time avoiding it.

With practice, you’ll be ultra precise in reacting to exactly what each hazard requires to avoid it. Precision dodging leads to high scores!

Subway Surfers 4

Customization: Style Your Character

A fun side element of Subway Surfers is customizing your character’s look with unlockable costumes, boards, and characters.

You can change these at any time in the customization menu:

  • Characters – Choose from Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Yutani, and others. Each has their own trick animations.
  • Outfits – Dress your character up with stylish costumes unlocked through gameplay and missions.
  • Hoverboards – Select cool hoverboard designs that match your style.
  • Paint jobs – Alternate color schemes and patterns for characters.

While cosmetic only, choosing a look you love adds to the enjoyment. It’s also fun seeing your character decked out in new gear as you unlock more goodies!

[FAQ Section] Subway Surfers Gameplay Questions

How do you get keys in Subway Surfers?

Keys can be earned by completing daily missions, leveling up your runner, and as random drops from mystery boxes. They unlock new characters, boards, and outfits.

Is there a way to earn free unlimited keys?

Unfortunately not – real money is the only way to purchase unlimited keys. But you can earn a steady flow of keys for free by regularly completing missions.

How do you win in Subway Surfers?

There is no way to truly “win” the endless game. The goal is to run as far as possible and earn the highest score you can before eventually crashing!

What happens when you reach the end of the Subway Surfers tracks?

The tracks continue endlessly generating so you can’t actually reach the end. The game keeps going until you eventually crash and reset.

Is there a 2 player or multiplayer mode?

Not currently – Subway Surfers can only be played solo controlling one character. There is no co-op or competitive multiplayer option.

What can I get with Subway Surfers Mod Apk?

Thanks to Subway Surfers Mod Apk, you will have access to the Mega Menu. You also get all the in-game content.

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