Hungry Shark Evolution APK v10.6.0 (MOD, God Mode, Mega Menu, Money)
Hungry Shark Evolution APK v10.6.0 (MOD, God Mode, Mega Menu, Money)

Hungry Shark Evolution APK v10.6.0 (MOD, God Mode, Mega Menu, Money)

Hungry Shark Evolution Premium APK then amplifies the fun tenfold by providing invincibility and unlimited resources for flat-out chaos.

Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Arcade
Size 136.7 MB
Latest Version 10.6.0
MOD God Mode, Mega Menu, Money
Get it On Google Play
Hungry Shark Evolution is the most famous version in the Hungry Shark Evolution series of publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Mod Version 10.6.0
Total installs 100,000,000+

Live out your underwater predator fantasies by embarking on an aquatic eating frenzy in Hungry Shark Evolution! This action-packed mobile game lets you terrorize the ocean ecosystem as sharks ranging from nimble reef whites to legendary megalodons!

With its expansive 3D environments, evolution mechanics, and endless feeding, Hungry Shark Evolution captures all the satisfying joy of causing oceanic carnage as these iconic apex killers.

Let’s sink our teeth into everything this mobile shark simulator has to offer:

Hungry Shark Evolution

Introducing Hungry Shark Evolution

In Hungry Shark Evolution, you control a constantly hungry shark determined to devour everything around you. Starting as a small reef shark, you EXPLORE open world maps while eating as much as possible, evolving into an enormous beast!

Core gameplay elements include:

🦈 10 shark species – Each with different sizes, stats, and abilities to evolve into.

🌊 Open world maps – Hunt prey and explore coral reefs, arctic glaciers, volcanic lava and more!

🐟 Dynamic aquatic life – Schools of fish, crustaceans, jellyfish and even whales swim about providing food.

🔥 Boss battles – Take on deadly creatures like the “Moby Dick” white whale.

🧬 Shark evolution – Unlock new traits and greater size as you gain XP from eating.

The satisfying underwater physics and diverse marine life provide an addictive environment for causing shark mayhem!

Hungry Shark Evolution 1

Shark Species and Evolution

A major highlight is the variety of shark species you can play, each with unique capabilities. They include:

Blacktip Reef Shark

The starter shark – nimble and can access shallow reefs.

Mako Shark

A powerful fast predator perfect for open waters hunting.

Hammerhead Shark

Slow but destructive – its unique head shape helps find hidden prey.


The fearsome ancient apex predator – huge size devours everything. Surface boats aren’t safe either!

And more like glowing radioactive sharks, ancient Chinese dragons, and silly holiday sharks wearing festive costumes!

Evolving your shark by eating provides new traits like faster speed, more health, special attack boosts, and more teeth to chew harder prey. Seeing your shark transform is rewarding!

Hungry Shark Evolution 2

Open World Environments

The expansive and diverse 3D ocean maps provide loads of room to explore and hunt:

Pacific Islands

  • Lush warm coral reefs full of tropical fish, sea turtles, rays and dolphins.

Arctic Ocean

  • Freezing waters with huge glaciers, orcas, and whales like humpbacks. Survive sub-zero temperatures!

Arabian Sea

  • Exotic creatures like lion fish amid Islamic architecture sunken ruins and active volcanos.

South China Sea

  • Over-fished region with floating markets and ancient temples. Some endangered species.

Gulf of Mexico

  • Caribbean vibes with historical shipwrecks, pirate treasures, and abundant marine life.

No matter your location, there’s always plenty of unsuspecting sea creatures to snack on! The visual details make each area feel alive.

Hungry Shark Evolution 3

Feeding Frenzy Gameplay

The core frenzied fun comes from how it feels to move and eat as a constantly hungry shark. Gameplay aspects include:


  • Flowing underwater physics let you glide, breach, dive, and chase prey naturally.


  • Binge on anything and everything from tiny fish to massive whales by tapping. More food equals faster growth.


  • Smash scuba divers, boats, submarines and other threats by ramming them.


  • Each animal has distinct AI for fleeing, schooling, fighting back. Keeping them in your sight takes skill.


  • Avoid evolving too fast. Bigger sharks get slower, need more food, and environmental hazards become dangers!

Careful balance is required to manage health by eating while avoiding threats that can kill you rapidly. That tension makes playing skill-based.

Hungry Shark Evolution 4

RPG Progression and Upgrades

As you eat more and complete challenges, your shark gains experience to become stronger:

  • 💕 Health boost – Increases survivability against bosses and environmental hazards.
  • 🏊‍♂️ Speed increase – Swim faster to catch more prey and avoid danger.
  • 🦷 Bite force upgrade – Needed to destroy certain objects blocking paths.
  • 🧠 Ability upgrades – Unique buffs for each shark species to customize playstyle.
  • 💎 Gem upgrades – Apply gems to your shark for perks like overshields and lifesteal.

Progression makes you feel attached to your shark, eager to keep evolving into an ultimate oceanic predator!

MOD Features

The base Hungry Shark Evolution experience is great on its own. But the MOD APK amplifies the overpowered fun even further by including:

  • 💸 Unlimited money – Buy any shark or upgrade without grinding for coins.
  • 💎 Unlimited gems – Obtain the best gem buffs immediately.
  • 🥋 One hit kills – Instantly eat any creature with just one bite!
  • 😎 God Mode – Your shark becomes invincible against all damage.

By removing the resource and survival limits, the MOD enables you to focus purely on the satisfying oceanic destruction and exploration without annoying timeouts or death penalties. Feel free to go wild across the seas to your heart’s content!

Hungry Shark Evolution 5

Top Tips for Ultimate Predators

Here are some helpful pointers for mastering the art of being a hungry shark:

  • Prioritize speed and bite force upgrades first – these open up gameplay possibilities quicker.
  • Explore aggressively early on while you still have low requirements. Discover lucrative areas.
  • Breach the ocean surface periodically for birds and oxygen. Don’t drown!
  • Certain tough prey become easy pickings when isolated from their schools. Be patient.
  • Equip special gems that compliment your playstyle – extra speed, overshields, etc.
  • During boss battles, strike quickly then retreat to recover before attacking again.

Follow these tips and you’ll develop killer shark instincts in no time on your quest to rule the seas!


Does it require always online?

You only need to be online for initial Google Play account linkage. After that, Hungry Shark Evolution works completely offline!

Will progress reset if I uninstall the game?

No, your shark evolution progress is linked safely to your Google Play account. You can seamlessly pick up where you left off when reinstalling.

Is the game appropriate for kids?

Hungry Shark Evolution is pretty family friendly, with just cartoon violence against sea creatures and humans. Appropriate for ages 8+ with mild parental guidance.

Is the Megalodon shark worth buying?

Absolutely! The hulking Megalodon is a fan favorite for its insane size and devastation potential. Well worth striving to unlock it through play. Or you can unlock it for free with the Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk.

Feed Your Predatory Urges!

Few mobile games capture the fantasy of becoming a dangerous aquatic predator like Hungry Shark Evolution. With its addictive progression loop, expansive underwater worlds, and satisfying eating mechanics, you’ll relish embodying a shark’s power and instincts.

The MOD APK then amplifies the fun tenfold by providing invincibility and unlimited resources for flat-out chaos. Whether you prefer a purer survival experience or totally overpowered destruction is up to you!

So jump in and savor the thrill of causing oceanic mayhem today. Those schools of fish won’t know what hit them once you begin your eating spree. Just watch out for harpoons and other underwater hazards in your animalistic quest to ascend the marine food chain!

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