Space Shooter APK v1.747 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)
Space Shooter APK v1.747 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Space Shooter APK v1.747 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Space shooter Premium Apk is a thrilling game that entices gaming enthusiasts like you into the vast cosmos, putting your skills to the test.

Name Space Shooter
Category Arcade
Size 170.3 MB
Latest Version 1.747
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
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Space Shooter is the most famous version in the Space Shooter series of publisher ONESOFT GLOBAL PTE. LTD.
Mod Version 1.747
Total installs 100,000,000+

Space shooter – Galaxy attack Premium Version is an exhilarating space shooter game for Android. With stunning 3D graphics and over 100 action-packed levels across 12 unique worlds, this game offers endless hours of entertainment. In this article, we’ll dive into the core gameplay, controls, enemies, bosses, tips and strategies, and the amazing benefits of the unlimited diamonds MOD. Let’s blast off!

Space Shooter Galaxy Attack

Overview of Gameplay

Space shooter is a horizontal scrolling shooter where you take control of a space fighter craft. Your goal in each level is to survive waves of enemies while scoring as many points as possible.

You automatically fire your main weapon continuously as you steer left and right. Tapping the bomb icon unleashes a screen-clearing super attack. Defeated enemies drop gems and power-ups like health packs, extra bombs, and shields.

The action starts off fast and only gets more intense. The hordes of enemy ships come in all shapes and sizes, requiring tactical decisions on which ones to focus fire on. Agile fighters swarm the screen while juggernaut battleships flank you with heavy artillery.

It’s an exhilarating battle for survival, with explosions and lasers flying everywhere. One wrong move could spell instant death later on. You’ll need quick reflexes, steady nerves, and plenty of upgrades to fend off the alien onslaught. Are your skills up for the challenge?

Intuitive Touch Screen Controls

Piloting your fighter in Space shooter is easily handled through intuitive touch screen controls on mobile:

  • Directional pad – Located on the lower left, steering your ship left and right to avoid threats.
  • Main Weapon – Fires automatically. Just steer your ship to aim at targets.
  • Bomb button – Tap this icon on the lower right to activate your ship’s bomb weapon, clearing the screen.
  • Pause button – Pauses the game if you need a quick break.

That’s all there is to it! The simplistic and responsive controls make maneuvering a breeze. You can focus on blasting aliens rather than wrestling with a complicated control scheme.

Hordes of Menacing Enemies

Space shooter throws a wide variety of deadly enemies at you, each with their own attack patterns. Here are some of the key enemy types:

Swarming Fighters

Small, nimble ships that attack in large groups. They individually pose little threat, but become dangerous in swarms.

Kamikaze Bombers

Larger enemies that get in close and detonate devastating bombs when shot down.

Agile Raiders

Extremely fast ships that flank your position and attack in zig-zag motions. Hard to hit.

Hulking Battleships

Massive heavily-armored warships with overwhelming firepower. Priority targets.

Epic Bosses

At the end of each world awaits a deadly boss. These guys have multiple forms and devastating attacks.

You’ll need to learn their attack patterns and quickly prioritize the biggest threats. Are you up for the challenge? It’s kill or be killed in the depths of space!

Power-Ups and Ship Upgrades

Defeating enemies causes them to drop useful power-ups to aid in your survival:

  • Shields – Grants temporary protection, absorbing several hits.
  • Health Packs – Replenishes armor lost from enemy damage.
  • Extra Bombs – Allows more frequent use of your screen-clearing bomb attack.
  • Magnet – Pulls in gems and power-ups towards your ship for a short period.

You’ll also collect gems that can be spent between levels to upgrade your ship’s capabilities:

  • Main Weapon Damage – Increase your DPS against enemies.
  • Bomb Capacity – Carry more bombs for clearing masses of foes quickly.
  • Armor – Raises your HP to survive more hits.
  • Move Speed – Improves maneuverability for dodging threats.
  • Magnet Time – Extends Magnet power-up duration.

Proper upgrades are crucial to overcoming the insane enemy waves later on. Choose wisely!

Space Shooter Galaxy Attack 1

Hazardous Worlds

Space shooter boasts over 100 levels across 12 visually stunning worlds. Each features unique hazards and environments:

Arilon Asteroid Belt

A dense meteor shower complicates navigation and provides cover for enemies.

Kandria Nebula

Bright colorful plasma clouds and light beam obstacles fill this vivid nebula.

Vulna Volcanic Zone

Caustic lava, raining fireballs, and extreme heat bombard your fragile ship.

Gelida Ice Fields

Frigid crystalline asteroids and freezing icicle storms make maneuvering tricky.

Solus Sun Zone

Solar flares, melting heat, and sun beam hazards threaten to fry your ship’s systems.

The variety of volatile environments keeps the action fresh and challenging. It’s not just enemies you’ll be worrying about!

Survival and Campaign Game Modes

Space shooter includes two main gameplay modes:

Campaign – Blast your way through over 100 story-driven levels across the 12 unique worlds. Defeat bosses, upgrade your ship, and ultimately defeat the alien overlord!

Survival – Fend off endless waves of enemies for as long as possible as the difficulty slowly ramps up. Compare high scores on global leaderboards.

Both offer exciting gameplay with plenty of replay value. You’ll be coming back again and again.

Tips and Strategies for Success

Ready to hop into the pilot seat and take on hordes of hostile aliens? Here are some key tips and strategies:

  • Prioritize large enemies like bombers and battleships – take them down quick!
  • Move constantly and erratically to dodge dense bullet hell.
  • Save bombs for large waves and boss encounters. Don’t waste them.
  • Collect every gem possible for buying crucial ship upgrades.
  • Learn enemy attack patterns for optimal evasion.
  • Upgrade weapons and bombs early for maximum damage output.
  • Activate magnets to easily gather nearby gems and power-ups.
  • Use your ship’s strengths – some excel in speed, others in armor.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be blasting through the alien armada in no time. It takes skill, perseverance, and technique – but the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands. So get out there and shoot some aliens!

Unlimited Diamonds MOD Features

For an even more thrilling gameplay experience, a modified MOD version of Space shooter is available. This unlocks unlimited diamonds for upgrading your ship without restraint. Some key features include:

  • Unlimited Gems – Normally used for purchasing upgrades, allowing you to maximize all ship systems instantly.
  • Infinite Bombs – Never run out of your crucial screen-clearing bomb attack, even on bosses.
  • One Hit Kills – Destroy any enemy or boss with a single shot.
  • Max Stats – All ship systems like weapons, speed, and armor are maxed out from the start.
  • God Mode – Become invulnerable to all enemy attacks.

The unlimited diamonds MOD delivers insane firepower and defense right from the start. You can enable god-like power at the tap of a button for casual players who want to enjoy the spectacle without a harsh difficulty.

However, be aware of potential risks with any unofficial mods. But for enhanced fun and excitement, it’s hard to beat unlimited diamonds in Space Shooter!

Top Five Ships

With a fleet of 12 unique ships to unlock, you have lots of options for dishing out punishment. Here are 5 of the best:


Blazing fast with good handling. Upgraded speed and agility help you outmaneuver anything.


Weak initially, but bonding provides big stat boosts. Max it out to become nearly invincible.


Balanced stats make it versatile. Recharges bombs quickly for endless screen clears.


Heaviest armor and firepower, but lacking speed. A formidable floating fortress.


Grants shield regen with each kill. Makes you near invulnerable under heavy fire.

Each ship has pros and cons. Find your favorites and turn them into devastating forces of destruction!

Space Shooter Galaxy Attack 2

Massive Boss Battles

What’s a great shooter without larger-than-life boss battles? These epic encounters put your skills to the ultimate test:

DragonBot – A mechanical 3-headed monstrosity spewing flames and charging with alarming speed.

Hive Brain – Protected by endless small fighters, it attacks with devastating psychic blasts.

Drill Bot – Armed with excavation drills and seismic waves that trigger eruptions.

Queen Insectra – Commands swarms of bugs and launches acid egg projectiles.

Mega Gunship – Pummels you with cannons, beam weapons, mortars, and more.

Nebula Demon – Uses the cosmic energies of space itself to assault you with black holes.

These battles are intense tests of endurance and firepower. But the satisfaction of overcoming these giant foes is immense!


With its gorgeous 3D graphics, heart-pounding bullet hell gameplay, massive boss battles, and tons of ships and upgrades, Space shooter – Galaxy attack provides hours of exhilarating arcade action. It’s easy to pick up but challenging to master.

The unlimited diamonds MOD opens up new options for casual players to feel empowered destroying endless aliens with ease. But veterans will relish the intense challenge of higher difficulties and survival mode high score chasing.

Strap yourself in and prepare for a breathtaking thrill ride through the cosmos. Your lasers are ready and the alien menace won’t destroy itself. So jump into the cockpit today and experience Space shooter – Galaxy attack!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Space shooter free to play?

Yes, Space shooter is completely free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases but they are not required.

What devices is it available on?

Space shooter can be played on Android smartphones and tablets, along with iOS iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Can I play Space shooter on PC?

Officially Space shooter is mobile only. You would need to use an Android emulator on PC to try to run it unofficially.

Can I replay levels to grind upgrades?

Yes, you can replay any completed campaign levels to grind for gems and upgrade your ships further.

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