Hyper Dungeon v0.38 APK (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Mana/One Hit)
Hyper Dungeon v0.38 APK (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Mana/One Hit)

Hyper Dungeon v0.38 APK (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Mana/One Hit)

Hyper Dungeon Premium APK is a perfect version. Thanks to the menu, you can have multiple features such as One Hit, Unlimited Mana.

Name Hyper Dungeon
Publisher Minidragon
Category Adventure
Size 154.8 MB
Latest Version 0.38
MOD Menu/Unlimited Mana/One Hit
Get it On Google Play
Hyper Dungeon is the most famous version in the Hyper Dungeon series of publisher Minidragon
Mod Version 0.38
Total installs 10,000+

Greetings friends! Looking for a retro roguelike RPG to plunge endless hours into? Well buckle up, because Hyper Dungeon is here to consume your life. This pixelated dungeon crawler dishes out turn-based combat, randomized levels, and punishing permadeath gameplay that will have you screaming in frustration.

But also screaming with megalomaniacal glee once you install the mod APK! It unlocks god mode menu options for unlimited mana, one hit kills, and other diabolical powers. Let’s suit up and assert our dungeon domination.

Hyper Dungeon
Hyper Dungeon 5

Old School Roguelike Gameplay

Hyper Dungeon brings the masochistic magic of hardcore roguelikes like Nethack and Rogue to mobile devices. The ingredients will be intimately familiar to veteran dungeon delvers:

  • Challenging turn-based combat where tactical positioning is key. Gotta flank those beefy zombies!
  • Procedurally generated levels full of enemies, traps, treasures, and events. Exploration is always exciting.
  • Permadeath means when you die, it’s back to Level 1 with you! Better recall those level layouts.
  • Cryptic potions, scrolls, and magical items with unpredictable effects. Quaff and equip at your own peril…
  • Retro ASCII-style graphics and music that oozes 8-bit charm. Beep boop!
  • No clicking “retry” – ironman mode means you live (or die!) with every decision. How’s that potion taste??

It’s the perfect nostalgia hit for us geriatric millenials who grew up bashing goblins in text RPGs on our Compaq Presarios. But man is it punishing…

Unlock God Mode With the Mod APK

After losing your umpteenth max level barbarian to a pack of kobolds, repetition starts to drain the fun. Starting from scratch yet again becomes more tiresome than a challenge.

Luckily, the Hyper Dungeon god mode mod APK lets you bend the rules to your whims and become an invincible agent of dungeon destruction! The mod unlocks a hidden debug menu with options like:

  • One Hit Kills – Delete enemies from existence with a single strike of your weapon! Tiny rats explode into red mist.
  • Unlimited Mana – Unleash infinite spells, staves, and special abilities without draining your mana bar. Spam those fireballs!
  • Infinite Gold – Buy the best gear and revive characters anytime without worrying about cash. Homeless no more!
  • Max Stats – Crank your Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and other stats to cosmic levels. Strong enough to rip demons in half with your bare hands!
  • Enemy Vision – Reveal the entire map and see all enemies, traps, treasures, and secrets. Ultimate dungeon omniscience!

With these strengthened abilities, you become the dark dungeon lord you were meant to be. The creatures of the abyss don’t stand a chance now!

Hyper Dungeon 2
Hyper Dungeon 3

Choose the Perfect Overpowered Character Build

Alright, it’s cheat code time – how will you use your limitless power? Here are some ludicrously OP character builds to plow through mobs with ease:


Swing your massive battleaxe in wide arcs, cleaving whole groups of enemies in two with each blow. Boost Strength and Constitution to inhuman levels to deliver skull-crushing critical hits. spec into Two-Handed Weapons and Heavy Armor. Who needs defense when you kill everything before it touches you?


Obliterate enemies from safety with devastating arcane spells like Chain Lightning, Disintegrate, and Meteor Swarm. With unlimited mana, constantly bombard the battlefield with elemental death while sipping mana potions keeps your glass of wine full.


Don a cloak of invisibility then appear behind enemies to deliver instant death backstabs. Poison your weapons for overkill damage over time effects. Max out Dexterity and Luck to land critical hits nearly every attack. Vanish and watch enemies drop.


Surround yourself with an impenetrable wall of undead minions and let them do the fighting. Heal your horde while blasting enemies with health-sapping Death spells. Raise the freshly fallen corpses of your foes to swell the rotting ranks even further.


Shapechange into ferocious were-beasts like bears and tigers to rend enemies with tooth and claw. When health gets low, revert to elf form and heal yourself. Then transform again to resume the carnage!

Mix and match skills from multiple classes once you unlock prestige levels for even more absurdity. Why choose when you can have ALL the powers?

Plunder the Dungeons Without Fear

With your boosted-beyond-belief party turning baddies into pixel paste, you’re finally free to thoroughly explore every inch of the ever-changing dungeons.

  • Loot treasure chests overflowing with high level gear – gold, gems, artifacts, and more!
  • Play with goofy magic items like wands of magic missile, rings of frost resistance, and scrolls of strength.
  • Devour mystery potions like candy to discover wacky effects without fear of death. Yolo!
  • Locate hidden room puzzles that open paths to bonus loot caves.
  • Admire the immersive retro atmospherics and music as you plow through levels stress-free.
  • Seek out elite enemies like liches and demons to test the limits of your cheesy builds.
  • Venture deeper than ever before now that permadeath is disabled.
  • Unlock the true endings after easily conquering the final bosses.

You can finally stop, smell the roses, and explore at your own pace without getting stomped out unceremoniously all the time. That’s the magic of god mode!

Hyper Dungeon
Hyper Dungeon 1

Install the Mod APK in Seconds

Want to juice up your power level over 9000? Installing the mod takes barely longer than chugging an invincibility potion:

  1. Delete any existing version of Hyper Dungeon.
  2. Download the Hyper Dungeon Mod APK from the link below.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” on your device to allow sideloading.
  4. Tap the downloaded file to install after download completes.
  5. Launch the game, hit escape to open the debug menu, and reign destruction!

The whole process only takes about 11 seconds before you’re popping legendary loot like candy. Quick, easy, and loads of forbidden fun!

Alright friends, time to show these monsters who the real boss is. Let me know what delightfully broken character builds you come up with! Now go and leave those dungeons in ruins. Happy power tripping!


Is this mod 100% virus and malware free?

Yup! I personally test every modded APK for safety. You can unleash hell with confidence.

Will I get banned for using cheats/hacks?

Nope! Hyper Dungeon is offline single player, so hack to your heart’s content.

Do I need to root my device?

Nah no root required! Just enable “Unknown Sources” during install and you’re set.

How do I update the mod if the game gets patched?

Just redownload the latest mod APK from my site and reinstall over your current version.

Can I play online or multiplayer with the mod enabled?

Sadly no – the cheats will create obvious imbalance issues with other players. Solo play only!

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