PK XD APK v1.44.0 (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked)
PK XD APK v1.44.0 (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked)

PK XD APK v1.44.0 (MOD, Menu/Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked)

Are you ready to unlock the best gaming experience possible? Check out PK XD Premium APK and get unlimited money, gems and all features unlocked!

Name PK XD
Publisher Afterverse Games
Category Adventure
Size 495 MB
Latest Version 1.44.0
MOD Menu/Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
PK XD is the most famous version in the PK XD series of publisher Afterverse Games
Mod Version 1.44.0
Total installs 100,000,000+

Howdy folks! PK XD has exploded onto mobile as one of the hottest social hangout games for tweens. With its cute 3D world, mini-games, pets and character customization, PK XD bringsvirtual hanging with friends to life.

In this no-nonsense guide, I’ll take you through everything PK XD has to offer. From exploring the world and making new buddies, to unlocking slick outfits and mod menu cheats, you’ll gain the insight to thrive in PK XD. No need for time machines here – my knowledge will teleport you to pro player status lickety-split! Let’s get into it.


Gameplay Overview

PK XD gameplay centers around hanging out and exploring a vibrant, constantly expanding 3D world. You can create a customized character, interact with other players, collect pets, play mini-games together and express yourself with emotes.

The social element lies at the heart of the experience. Walk around meeting new people, checking out their profiles and making friends. Play cooperatively or competitively in wacky mini-games that test skills like speed, accuracy and memory.

With new areas, clothes and pets releasing every week, there’s always something fresh. PK XD delivers lighthearted virtual hanging in a friendly, welcoming environment. Plus it’s 100% free-to-play!

Customizing Your Character

One of PK XD’s big draws lies in expressing your individuality by customizing a 3D avatar. As a new player, you’ll design your starting look by choosing:

  • Hairstyle & Color – Everything from mohawks and afros to ponytails and braids. Go natural or wild with rainbow hues!
  • Face & Skin Tone – Decide your avatar’s face shape and complexion.
  • Outfit Style – Dress casual, fancy or sporty right off the bat.

But that’s just the beginning! As you progress, you’ll unlock tons more cosmetic options including outfits, accessories, poses, pets and emotes. We’ll dive deeper into customization later. For now, put thought into your initial style – this represents you!

PK XD Character

Exploring the World

The world of PK XD serves as your virtual hangout hub. After designing your character, you’ll start in your home. Exit outdoors to begin exploring!

Use the left joystick to walk around neighborhoods, parks, restaurants and shops. There’s always new areas and hidden secrets being added, so keep adventuring!

You’ll encounter other players either chilling or engaging in activities. Walk up to them and tap to view their profile. Send a friend request if you want to buddy up!

Public Spaces

Popular public spaces to explore include:

  • Plaza – The central plaza with fountain, steps and benches. People watch here!
  • Beach – Soak up the sun and views along the golden beach.
  • Campsite – Have a bonfire singalong in the great outdoors.
  • Dance Club – Bust moves on the neon dance floor with other avatars.
  • Track – Zip around the running track and climb playground obstacles.


Various mini-games spawn randomly around the world. Interact to start playing cooperatively or competitively! Tests of skill include:

  • Freeze Dance – Dance when the music plays, freeze when it stops. Last to stop dancing loses!
  • Memory Match – Flip over matching card pairs in sequence. Memorize placements!
  • Target Toss – Throw balls at moving targets for points within the time limit.
  • Race Ramps – Rush down on-board ramps faster than opponents.
  • Strike a Pose – Replicate random poses like superhero stances. Fool your friends!

There’s many more mini-games adding all the time too. They provide quick bursts of fun with other players. Group up and get your game on!

Profile & Social Features

Profiles let you learn more about new friends. Check their outfit, trophies, recent activities and mood status.

You can also express yourself on your own profile. Customize with:

  • Profile Pic & Frame – Show off your style.
  • Status Message – Share your mood or thoughts.
  • Trophy Case – Display earned achievements.

Social actions for interacting include:

  • Wave & Chat – Start conversations.
  • Add Friends – Build your network.
  • Follow – Keep updated on their activities.
  • Emotes – Use emoticons and reactions during chat.
  • Trade – Exchange collected pets and items.

Make connections and express your individuality through profiles. It’s a core part of the social experience!


Who doesn’t want an adorable virtual pet companion? PK XD offers tons of cute critters to collect, including dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys and fantasy creatures.

Pets follow you around the world. To get new ones, check the pets menu and browse ones available to adopt. Select your favorites to take home!

Each pet has a rarity level:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Fantasy

Rarer pets cost more gems to adopt. But they look unique, so it’s worth the price to fancify your collection!

Pets don’t do much apart from adding cute flair. But you can feed them snacks to watch them nom nom! Collect all your favorite animals.



PK XD has two currencies used to purchase cosmetics, pets and powerups:

Coins – The standard currency earned from playing mini-games and completing tasks. Use coins to buy affordable goodies!

Gems – Premium currency purchased with real money or earned slowly through gameplay. Gems allow you to speed up purchases.

Coins are very plentiful if you play actively. Save gems for ultra rare items or if you’re impatient!


Dressing up your character with fun outfits lies at the heart of PK XD’s customization. There’s categories for tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and more.

Hit up any Shop to browse outfits. New items cycle into the stores weekly. Prices range from coins for common clothes to gems for ultra rare.

Or get outfits by competing limited-time events. Events feature exclusive themed clothing as rewards!

Mixing and matching items lets you define your avatar’s look. Pursue whatever style fits you – trendy, sporty, punk, girly, sophisticated and tons more. Why not change outfits daily?


Take your style further with decorative accessories. These include:

Hats – Top it all off with caps, crowns, wizard hats and more.

Face Items – Glasses, masks, beards – customize your facade!

Hand Items – Wield weapons, wands or bling in your hands.

Back Items – Backpacks, angel wings, katanas strapped to your back.

Neck Items – Scarves, headphones, chains and ties around your neck.

Earrings – Studs, hoops and more. Because ear swag is important!

With so many options, you can really get creative accessorizing. Try unusual combos – wear a crown with techno glasses and angel wings! Accessorize to impress.


Emotes let you express emotions and actions through character animations. From dances to hand gestures, emotes add flare to your social interactions.

Unlocking new emotes expands your communication options. Bust out emotes during conversations or mini-games!

Standard emotes include:

  • Dances – Floss, moonwalk and other flashy moves.
  • Gestures – Wave, point, shrug, high-five and more.
  • Reactions – Clap, laugh, cry, cringe, cheer and other responses.
  • Greetings – Say hello, goodbye, thank you and greet with emojis.

Emotes liven up your interactions. And with new ones rotating into the shop weekly, your repertoire is always expanding.


After adventuring outside, come home and decorate your own space! When you first start PK XD, your home will be a blank canvas.

Add furnishings like tables, chairs, beds and shelving to make your pad pop. Go for modern, industrial, girly – whatever vibe you want! There’s hundreds of decor items to unlock.

Your home also has an outdoor yard. Access it through the door and landscape with plants, pools, art sculptures and outdoor furnishings.

You can redesign and expand your home as you progress in the game. Max out the square footage and fill it with your wildest decor ideas!


Mini-Game Worlds

In addition to the main world, portals around town will transport you to special mini-game worlds. Want more competitive challenges? Dive into:

Blitz Races

Zip around racetracks loaded with boost powerups and obstacles. Dodge beach balls and pies! Unlock faster vehicles to dominate the competition.

Paintball Wars

Duck and take cover as you wage brightly-colored paint battles! Fire splatter rounds across various maps. Team up for 2v2 or free-for-all matches.

A sugary realm with cookies growing on trees! Plant seeds to harvest cookie crops. Grow and collect all the varieties. Just watch your restraint here.

Map & Transportation

PK XD’s world is pretty huge – but you’ll get around quickly with the in-game map and transportation options.

Map Screen – Tap the location icon anytime to open your map. View the world layout and any points of interest. You can also fast travel to any discovered areas.

Transportation – Zip around town with speedy transport! Unlock options include:

  • Skateboards – Grind rails and get airborne with tricks!
  • Scooters – Less flashy, but good speed.
  • Wings – Fairy wings to take flight across the sky.
  • Pogo Sticks – Bounce down roads or trails high in the air.
  • Surfboards – Ride waves and pull off hang ten stunts. Cowabunga dude!

No need to hoof it everywhere – vehicles make travel fast and fun. Unlock your favorites to blaze through town in style!

Purchasing & Customization

Now let’s talk about acquiring pets, outfits, furniture and other goodies to customize your experience. There’s a few ways to shop:

Shops – Various shops around the world sell items for coins and gems. Check them regularly for new stock.

Reward Pods – Spin these capsule dispensers to win random prizes. If you get doubles, trade them with friends!

Battle Pass – Complete themed challenge lines on the pass to earn cosmetics.

Events – Limited-time events provide exclusive outfits and items. Play to collect them before they disappear!

Crafting – As you progress, you can unlock crafting blueprints. Gather resources from mini-games to craft unique gear.

Trading – Don’t need something? Offer trades with friends to exchange items. Great for filling your collection!

Shop smartly to build your perfect avatar and home. Show off your style and creativity.

Multiplayer Activities

While you can play solo, PK XD really shines when playing with others. Almost all activities support multiplayer – adventure together and hit up these popular social spots:

  • Dance Parties – Gather at the club and bust moves with other players. Emote together!
  • Fashion Runways – Dress up and strut your stuff on the catwalk. Rate others’ outfits.
  • Hide & Seek – Classic fun. One person hides, then everybody else in the server searches them out.
  • Photoshoots – Pose together and snap pics in scenic spots. Share on social media!
  • Roleplaying – Act out stories and characters using emotes. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Mini-Games – Compete or cooperate in mini-game worlds. Team up for max fun!

Playing socially expands the experience tenfold. PK XD lets you hang with friends both old and new.



Now for anyone looking to get ahead, you can access some sweet cheats with the PK XD mod menu! By installing the mod apk, you unlock options like:

  • God Mode – Invincibility baby!
  • Unlimited Gems – Buy everything in sight.
  • Free Pets – Adopt any pet instantly.
  • Free Clothes – Fresh duds daily.
  • Max Level – Instant high rank.
  • Stats Multiplier – Super speed and strength.
  • Unlimited Energy – Keep playing forever!

To download the mod apk, just click the button below and install on your device. Enable cheats in the new mod menu.

But heads up – using mods could get you banned. Rock the cheats at your own risk! Alright, let’s wrap up with some FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PK XD work offline?

Nope, it’s an online-only game! You need an internet connection to explore areas, meet players and check shops.

How can you chat in PK XD?

Tap speech bubbles over players’ heads to open chat. Type messages or use quick emotes to communicate. Make new friends!

Can you date and marry in PK XD?

While you can make friends, there’s no official dating or relationships. It’s designed as a kid-safe social space.

Will PK XD eventually shut down?

No signs of shutting down anytime soon. The game receives regular updates and has an active playerbase. Just dive in and have fun!

And that covers everything you need to thrive in PK XD! From customizing your character to dominating mini-games with mod menus, use my tips to unlock maximum fun and style. Now get on out there and start exploring, playing together and forging friendships. The vibrant world of PK XD awaits – your adventure starts now!

Welp, that wraps up this high-speed guide to PK XD. Hopefully these tips help you design an awesome avatar, make fantastic friends and become the ultimate PK XD pro. Just dive in with a social spirit and positive attitude – the rest comes naturally. Alright partners, let’s ride on into the horizon! Happy gaming to all.

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