Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor APK v2.9.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Energy)
Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor APK v2.9.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Energy)

Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor APK v2.9.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Energy)

With this Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor Premium Apk, players can enjoy the benefits of unlimited money and energy.

Name Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor
Publisher SingleStar. LLC
Category Adventure
Size 76.7 MB
Latest Version 2.9.8
MOD Unlimited Money, Energy
Get it On Google Play
Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor is the most famous version in the Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor series of publisher SingleStar. LLC
Mod Version 2.9.8
Total installs 100,000+

Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor is a fun and addictive zombie-themed farming simulation game. In this game, you build and manage your own zombie farm, raising zombies and creating an undead community. With lively cartoon graphics and lots of quirky humor, Zombie Farm offers a unique take on farming sims.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the gameplay, features, and MOD APK version of Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor.

Zombie Farm Ghost Survivor


Zombie Farm gameplay revolves around building and expanding your zombie farm. You start with just a small plot of land and a few basic farm buildings. Your goal is to raise different types of zombies, including mummies, vampires, werewolves, and more.

To build up your zombie farm, you’ll need to:

  • Plant crops – Grow brains, flesh, blood, and other zombie foods to keep your undead creatures fed. Different crops attract different zombie types.
  • Construct buildings – Build homes and community buildings like laboratories, cemeteries, and mausoleums. These provide housing and amenities for your zombies.
  • Raise zombies – Breed and evolve zombies to unlock new zombie breeds. Satisfy their needs to keep them happy.
  • Complete quests – Take on fun quests and challenges to earn resources, items, and rewards.
  • Decorate and customize – Give your zombie farm a unique look by placing themed decorations, roads, fences, and more.

As your zombie farm grows, you’ll unlock new areas and resources. Zombies can also be leveled up to become more powerful. It’s addictively fun managing all the different elements. The cartoon art style and goofy zombie animations add to the charm.

Zombie Farm Ghost Survivor 2

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that make Zombie Farm such an entertaining farming/builder hybrid:

Addictive Gameplay Loop

  • The core gameplay loop of planting crops, building structures, raising zombies, and completing quests is incredibly addictive. There’s always something new to work towards.

Variety of Zombies

  • Raise over 45 unique zombie breeds, including mummies, clowns, nurses, and other ghoulish zombies. Each has distinct animations, designs, and needs.

Lavish Customization

  • Personalize your zombie farm with hundreds of decorations, roads, fences, mansions, and more. Flex your design skills.

Humorous Design

  • From the cartoon visuals to the zombie sound effects, Zombie Farm is packed with quirky personality and humor. It never takes itself too seriously.

Social Elements

  • Visit friends’ farms and trade resources. Join a guild to collaborate and compete in events. The social features enhance the fun.

No Combat

  • Unlike action zombie games, Zombie Farm is purely builder focused. You don’t have to fight zombies, just raise them!

With all these features combined, Zombie Farm creates a farming sim experience unlike any other. Managing your undead farm is morbidly engrossing.

Zombie Farm Ghost Survivor 1

Zombie Farm MOD APK

The Zombie Farm MOD APK is a modified version of the game with some extra perks:

  • Unlimited money – Get unlimited coins to spend on anything without worrying about resources. You can go wild with farm customization.
  • Unlimited energy – Your energy limit is removed so you can play endlessly without waiting.
  • Unlocked zombies/decorations – All zombies, buildings, and decorations are unlocked from the start.

The unlimited money and energy makes gameplay much faster and less restrictive. You can focus on just the fun creative aspects without grind or impatience. If you want a more open-ended Zombie Farm experience, the MOD APK is the way to go.

Tips for New Players

Here are some helpful tips to get you started on your zombie farming journey:

Complete the Tutorial

  • Pay close attention to the tutorial levels. They introduce key concepts at a nice pace. Don’t skip them.

Balance Your Resources

  • Don’t overspend on one resource type. Try to evenly collect brains, blood, flesh and ooze for a balanced farm.

Upgrade Resource Buildings First

  • Focus first on upgrading resource buildings like the Brain Greenhouse and Blood Silos to increase production. This fuels expansion.

Participate in Events

  • Limited time events offer fun quests and exclusive rewards. They are a great way to quickly accumulate resources.

Visit Friends Daily

  • You can “haunt” friends’ farms daily to get free resources. This really adds up, so visit friends regularly.

Join a Guild

  • Being in an active guild lets you request resources and team up on guild events. The social support is invaluable.

Stick with these tips in your first days playing to set yourself up for long-term zombie farming success!

Zombie Farm FAQs

Is Zombie Farm free to play?

Yes, Zombie Farm is completely free to download and play. There are in-app purchases available for buying gems, but these are optional.

What devices is the game available on?

Zombie Farm can be played on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Is an internet connection required?

You need an internet connection to play Zombie Farm, as much of the gameplay is built around online social features and cloud saving.

Are there multiple save slots?

Unfortunately no. Zombie Farm allows only one farm per device. Your farm is connected to your social account.

How can I get more resources quickly?

Completing quests, fully upgrading resource buildings, visiting friends’ farms, and participating in events are the fastest ways to get resources.

Is there PvP combat?

No, Zombie Farm does not have any player-vs-player combat. Gameplay is focused purely on building your zombie community.

So in summary, Zombie Farm is an addictive, free-to-play farming game with a fun zombie theme. If you want a casual builder game that you can play in short bursts, raising your own horde of zombies, give Zombie Farm a try!


Zombie Farm: Ghost Survivor offers a delightfully twisted take on farming simulators. Managing and growing your undead hordes is morbidly engrossing thanks to the variety of zombies, humorous design, and addictive gameplay loop. The MOD APK makes the experience even more open-ended and fun. If you’re looking for something innovative in the casual gaming space, Zombie Farm is well worth sinking your teeth into for an amusingly brain-dead time.

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