Castle Cats APK v4.3.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)
Castle Cats APK v4.3.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

Castle Cats APK v4.3.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

This Castle Cats Premium Apk offers players enhanced features such as free shopping and unlimited money, providing a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Name Castle Cats
Publisher PocApp Studios
Category Adventure
Size 145.5 MB
Latest Version 4.3.0
MOD Unlimited Money/Free Shopping
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Castle Cats is the most famous version in the Castle Cats series of publisher PocApp Studios
Mod Version 4.3.0
Total installs 5,000,000+

Castle Cats is a charming mix of RPG, collector game, and light strategy that provides hours of enjoyment. Build your cat army, take on enemies, gather loot, and expand your cuddly kingdom!

This guide will cover all the key gameplay features, modes, customization options, tips and tactics in Castle Cats. We’ll also look at how the unlimited money and free shopping mods can enhance the experience. Time to rule the cat kingdom!

Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG


Here’s a quick overview of Castle Cats:

  • Collect over 90 adorable cat heroes to recruit.
  • Battle monsters and enemies in turn-based combat.
  • Mix and match cat types to create powerful teams.
  • Explore a big overworld and conquer territories.
  • Gather resources to upgrade your castle and gear.
  • Lots of customization and costumes to discover.
  • Simple tap controls optimized for mobile.

Whether you’re battling, building, collecting or dressing up cats, there’s so much to enjoy!

Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG 1

Gameplay Modes

Castle Cats has a variety of gameplay modes to master:

Story Campaign

  • Journey through fantastical lands battling enemies.
  • Follow the main story to unlock new areas.
  • Boss fights feature at end of chapters.

This is the core PvE adventure – fight through levels to progress.

Infinity Tower

  • A tower with 100 enemy-filled floors to conquer.
  • Floors get progressively more challenging.
  • Unlocks strong late-game gear and heroes.

Test your limits against the tower’s endless armies!

Battle Arena

  • Face off in 1v1 battles against player teams.
  • Earn trophies and climb the global leaderboards.
  • Daily rewards for participating.

Prove your feline fighting prowess in PvP!

Limited Events

  • Special events on rotation with exclusive rewards.
  • Themed events like holidays, cross-overs and more.
  • Chance to earn rare heroes and items.

Fun variety that keeps gameplay fresh!

With so many modes, there’s endless content to enjoy.

Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG 2

Heroes and Combat

Collecting and battling with tons of unique cat heroes is at the heart of the game.

Hero Types

Heroes are sorted into types like:

  • Mighty – Well-rounded damage dealers.
  • Agile – High crit and evasion chances.
  • Tough – Bulkier tanks that can absorb damage.
  • Cunning – Debuffer/crowd control abilities.
  • Mystic – Long range elemental magic attacks.

Mix and match types to build your dream team!


Combat features turn-based, formation-based battles:

  • Each hero takes their turn attacking based on speed.
  • Position heroes carefully to protect squishies.
  • Use special abilities and combo attacks.
  • Defeat all enemies to win and gather loot.

With hundreds of levels and enemies, combat stays exciting for ages!

Hero Progression

As heroes battle, they gain:

  • XP to increase their level and stats.
  • Skill Points to upgrade unique abilities.
  • Gear like weapons and armor equipped for bonuses.

Leveling up and gearing your cats is vital to tackle tougher challenges.

With tons of quirky heroes to discover, collecting and battling with them is incredibly fun and addicting.

Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG 3

Castle Customization

Your castle is your home base that can be customized and expanded.

Key Buildings

  • Hero Lodge – Recruits new furry warriors to your cause.
  • Training Gym – Level up heroes and upgrade their skills.
  • Smithy – Craft powerful gear and weapons for your cats.
  • Resource Buildings – Collect important upgrade materials from these.


  • Place buildings, decorations and amenities however you like.
  • Tons of cosmetic items to craft for unique looks.
  • Customize background, terrain, sky, filters and more.

Let your creativity run wild designing your castle!

Continually upgrading buildings and expanding your stronghold provides a satisfying sense of progression.

Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG 4

Gear and Equipment

Equipping your cats with gear gives them huge stat boosts in battle:


  • Swords, daggers, axes, staves, bows and more.
  • Adds substantial attack and other bonuses.
  • Special effects like life leech or critical hit chance.
  • Can be upgraded to increase power.


  • Helmets, chest plates, gauntlets and shoulder guards.
  • Boosts defense and HP significantly.
  • Set bonuses for equipping multiple pieces.
  • Resistance to certain damage types.

Weapons and Armor are crafted at the Smithy.


  • Rings, necklaces, boots, belts and cloaks.
  • Provide stat increases like speed, evasion and XP gain.
  • Offer unique benefits such as extra skills uses.

Trinkets add a whole extra layer of customization and power.

Decking out your cats with awesome gear will take them from fluffy housecats to lethal battle beasts!


Beyond gear, Castle Cats has great visual customization:


  • Special outfits you can acquire for heroes.
  • Changes their appearance and animations.
  • Holiday themed skins like Santa outfits.
  • Badass skins like cyborg and astronaut.


  • Hats, glasses, wings, halos and more accessories.
  • Fancy collars for your kitties.
  • Show off your style with fun add-ons.


  • Unlock cool dyes for fabrics and fur.
  • Match wardrobe colors for bonus stats.
  • Rainbow, pastel, metallic and more unique dyes.

From gear, to skins, to dye jobs, you have endless cosmetic options to make your cats look fabulous as they crush enemies under paw!

Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips and strategies for dominating Castle Cats:

  • Have at least one tanky Tough hero to soak damage.
  • Use Cunning cats to inflict crowd control like stuns, snares or disorient.
  • Mix AoE and single target attacks to takedown groups.
  • Time skills properly – don’t blow them all at once!
  • Upgrade your Training Gym and Smithy as soon as possible.
  • Balance upgrading heroes equally so you don’t fall behind.
  • Save gems for guaranteed hero draws when available.
  • Complete events and daily quests for extra rewards.

Take time to learn your heroes strengths and weaknesses. With smart strategy, your cuddly cats will hack and slash their way to adorably feline dominance!

Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG 5

Unlimited Money and Free Shopping Mod

Like most mobile games these days, Castle Cats incentivizes in-app purchases with premium currency. Luckily, mods exist that add unlimited premium currency and free shopping.

Unlimited Gems

  • Eliminates gem grinding and waiting.
  • Buy any hero, loot box, item or skin instantly!
  • Focus on fun gameplay, not managing gems.

Free Shopping

  • All market items are free with mod.
  • Grab loot boxes, heroes, gear, resources and more!
  • Saves tons of gems.

These well-made mods let you enjoy Castle Cats to the fullest without paywalls or timers getting in the way. Highly recommend!

Review and Summary

In summary, Castle Cats is a polished, content-packed RPG that will consume hours of your time in the best way. With so many heroes to collect, gear to loot, territories to conquer, and cats to dress up, you’ll always have goals driving you onward.

The combat strikes a nice balance between depth and accessibility. There are plenty of modes and events that provide variety. Building and customizing your kingdom also adds a strategic layer. And the monetization/grind is easy to bypass with mods.

While the story is merely serviceable, the sheer wealth of charismatic cats with unique abilities is the driving force that keeps you tapping. Unlocking new furry companions and nurturing them never gets old!

For cat lovers, RPG fans, or really anyone looking for a solid casual game with personality, Castle Cats comes highly recommended. Now grab some catnip tea and begin your feline-filled journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a stamina or energy system?

No, you can play as much as you want with no stamina limits!

Is PvP real-time or turn-based?

PvP fights are asynchronous turn-based battles, not live real-time.

Can I play on multiple devices with my save?

Yes, cloud saving lets you sync progress across iOS and Android devices.

Are the microtransactions necessary?

No, they just speed up progress. Mods can bypass them entirely.

Does it work on low-end or older devices?

Yes, Castle Cats can run smoothly on most modern devices thanks to simple graphics.

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