House Flipper APK v1.360 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
House Flipper APK v1.360 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

House Flipper APK v1.360 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

With this House Flipper Premium Apk you can own and design stylish houses in an ever-growing virtual world with unlimited money and all features unlocked!

Name House Flipper
Publisher PlayWay SA
Category Simulation
Size 325.9 MB
Latest Version 1.360
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
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House Flipper is the most famous version in the House Flipper series of publisher PlayWay SA
Mod Version 1.360
Total installs 10,000,000+

Ever dreamed of renovating rundown homes and flipping them for profit? House Flipper lets you live out those home reno aspirations in incredible detail. With its intuitive design tools, realistic maintenance work, and freedom to remodel at your pace, House Flipper provides the perfect virtual house flipping experience.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into everything House Flipper has to offer. We’ll cover core gameplay elements like cleaning, repairing, remodeling, expanding, and more. You’ll also learn how to maximize profits through smart staging, budgeting, and appeal maximization. We’ll also explore how money and item unlock mods can provide a major boost. Let’s get started flipping some houses!

House Flipper

Gameplay Overview

House Flipper gameplay revolves around systematically improving decrepit homes to raise property value. Key activities include:

  • Buying old, damaged houses at low cost
  • Thoroughly cleaning gross messes and grime
  • Repairing broken items like windows, appliances, etc
  • Remodeling with better floors, fixtures, paint colors, and decor
  • Expanding living space by moving walls and building additions
  • Optimizing appeal through staging, lighting, and landscaping
  • Selling for profit once market value is sufficiently raised

Everything is accomplished via intuitive click and drag controls. No complex blueprints or construction knowledge needed! Satisfying before and after transformation sequences really highlight your hard work.

With the core loop down, let’s explore gameplay in more detail across four key areas: cleaning, repairing, remodeling, and selling.

House Flipper 1

Deep Dive into Gameplay Elements

Cleaning Up Messes

Each abandoned home starts cluttered with dirt, trash, and all manner of nastiness. Here are some cleaning fundamentals:

  • Use your mop, vacuum, brush, and more to scrub floors, walls, appliances until sparkling.
  • Toss out piles of garbage, debris, and unwanted items scattered about.
  • Clean graffiti, dust, cobwebs, and wipe down all surfaces for a germ-free finish.
  • Yardwork like mowing overgrown lawns, trimming hedges, and clearing leaves.
  • Power wash outdoor siding and sidewalks covered in grime.
  • Remove mold, stains, and scrub toilet bowls/showers until immaculate.
  • Replace stained carpeting and completely outdated flooring if needed.

Scrubbing away layers of filth until everything is spotless clean makes a world of difference, both visually and for property value. Deep cleaning is always the crucial first step.

Repairing Broken Items

After cleaning, it’s time to make mechanical repairs:

  • Fix any broken windows, doors, or furniture items throughout the home.
  • Repair faulty electrical wiring and outlets that are shorting out.
  • Replace leaky plumbing pipes, shower heads, sinks, and toilets.
  • Install new kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers if needed.
  • Mount new lighting fixtures andensure all bulbs are functioning.
  • Patch holes, cracks, and damage in walls, ceilings, and flooring.
  • Troubleshoot HVAC issues and restore heating/cooling.
  • Address any roof, gutter, or chimney trouble spots.

Restoring appliances and features to full working order adds vital property value while making the home livable again.

House Flipper 5

Remodeling and Expanding

This is where you customize the layout and style to your creative vision:

  • Knock down or move walls to open up floorplans.
  • Construct new room additions and extra floors where feasible.
  • Install new flooring options like hardwood, tile, or carpet.
  • Give a fresh coat of interior and exterior paint in appealing colors.
  • Swap in modern fixtures like stylish sinks, tubs, toilets, lights, etc.
  • Decorate with furniture, artwork, shelves, plants and decor.
  • Optimize exterior appeal with patios, garages, landscape design.
  • Add bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens and more living space.

Remodeling allows maximizing desirable amenities, square footage, and styling suited to buyer preferences in the area.

Staging and Selling

To sell quickly and at a premium, you’ll need to stage and list the property smartly:

  • Price homes competitively based on market comps in the neighborhood.
  • Stage furniture and decor to tell a lifestyle story buyers connect with.
  • Ensure adequate photography and virtual tours to entice potential buyers.
  • Market broadly on MLS listings and local social media real estate groups.
  • Highlight upgrades and recent improvements compared to neighbors’ outdated homes.
  • Be flexible on negotiations within reason to close quicker.
  • Build rapport and stay in regular communication throughout the sale process.

Proper staging, pricing, listing marketing, and buyer interactions result in an efficient sale and higher profit.

With this full insight into the core house flipping gameplay loop, you have what it takes to start renovating. Now let’s explore some of House Flipper’s supplementary modes and features.

House Flipper 2

Supplemental Modes and Features

Beyond the main career flipping mode, House Flipper contains extra modes adding more variety:

Interior Design Jobs

Take on one-off jobs for clients designing and decorating specific rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc rather than full houses. Provides fun creative challenges.

Open House

A free build sandbox mode to experiment with no budget limitations or time pressure. Try out design ideas easily.

Apocalypse Survival

A zombie apocalypse has struck! Fortify and transform a bunker into a safe house while securing provisions to hunker down. Fend off zombies trying to breach in an exciting alternate game mode.

House Flipper 4

Furnish Anywhere

Use this tool to place furniture and décor anywhere outside of standard jobs. Add your own creative touch.

House Recycling

Demolish condemned and irreparable homes that are unsafe to live in. Recycle debris for cash to fund flips.

Real Estate Investment

Once sufficiently profitable, invest earnings into additional rental properties. Rent money provides recurring passive income.

With all these included modes, House Flipper contains ample variety and freedom to play at your own pace beyond the main career progression. Now let’s explore handy mods!

House Flipper 3

Game-Enhancing Mods (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Mods allow enhancing House Flipper in ways the base game doesn’t permit. Two extremely useful mods are:

Unlimited Money Mod

Money mods eliminate cash restrictions, granting unlimited wealth:

  • Download the money mod and activate before loading your save.
  • You’ll immediately have max cash. All items will be affordable.
  • Buy any property, supplies, furniture, and improvements without budgets holding you back!

This enables bringing your wildest design visions to life without grind. Focus purely on creativity and enjoyment!

All Items Unlocked Mod

This mod unlocks all objects and materials immediately:

  • Any décor item, furniture, appliance, building material or tool is available from the start.
  • You won’t need to play in order to gain access to higher end items.
  • Skip the unlock progression and start designing with all assets available upfront.

A must-have for builders eager to access everything without artificial gates. Install both mods to unlock House Flipper’s full creative potential!

5 Pro Tips

  1. Focus on curb appeal – first impressions matter!
  2. Hire helpers to clean and repair faster.
  3. Salvage and sell old removed materials.
  4. Expand small homes adding bedrooms and baths.
  5. Add basements when possible for hidden value.

Now let’s wrap up with some super helpful tips and FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell houses furnished?

Yes! Furnishing adds a premium markup value for buyers.

Is there a day/night cycle?

No, time remains static. Feel free to work at your own pace.

Can walls be moved anywhere?

Walls can only be placed precisely on the existing grid layout.

Do homes require maintenance after selling?

Nope, you can walk away once sold with cash in hand!

Is the game online-only?

House Flipper does not require an internet connection and can be played fully offline.

And there you have it – everything you need to excel at renovating, designing, and selling phenomenal dream homes in House Flipper. Grab those toolbelts, put on some comfy overalls, and get ready to start flipping! Just beware of getting too attached to your creations to part with them in the end. Happy house flipping!

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