Hill Climb Racing APK v1.60.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Fuel, Paints)
Hill Climb Racing APK v1.60.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Fuel, Paints)

Hill Climb Racing APK v1.60.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Fuel, Paints)

With the Hill Climb Racing Premium APK, you get unlimited money and coins. This allows you to fully upgrade your vehicles and maximize your driving distance for high scores.

Name Hill Climb Racing
Publisher Fingersoft
Category Racing
Size 84 MB
Latest Version 1.60.0
MOD Unlimited Money, Fuel, Paints
Get it On Google Play
Hill Climb Racing is the most famous version in the Hill Climb Racing series of publisher Fingersoft
Mod Version 1.60.0
Total installs 1,000,000,000+

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most popular and classic physics-based driving games available for mobile devices. With over 1 billion downloads, this highly addictive and challenging game has captivated players for years with its simplicity, smooth graphics and competitive gameplay.

The objective in Hill Climb Racing is to drive your vehicle as far as possible along hilly, bumpy terrain without crashing. You control the vehicle by using the accelerator and brakes, attempting to navigate hills, bridges, logs and other obstacles. The further you can drive before crashing, the more points you earn.

With the Hill Climb Racing mod APK, you get unlimited money and coins. This allows you to fully upgrade your vehicles and maximize your driving distance for high scores. Let’s take a deeper look at the gameplay and the benefits unlocked with the mod.

Hill Climb Racing

Getting Started in Hill Climb Racing

When you first launch Hill Climb Racing, you’ll have access to just one vehicle – the old rickety Hill Climber bike. Using coins earned from your starting supply and initial runs, you can start upgrading its components like the engine, suspension, tires and chassis.

Upgrades make your bike more durable so it can handle crashes better. Equipping bigger tires and a more powerful engine allows you to drive farther before running out of gas or losing momentum going uphill. Reinforcing the chassis and suspension also smooths out the bumpy ride.

As you play, you’ll also unlock additional vehicles like jeeps, motorcycles, monster trucks and more. Each has their own characteristics and must be upgraded individually. Vehicles with more mass and torque can power over obstacles while lighter ones are faster and more maneuverable.

Hill Climb Racing 1

Game Physics and Controls

The game’s 2D side-scrolling physics are simplified but present many challenges. Careful acceleration, braking and tilting are required to navigate obstacles. The vehicles auto-accelerate, so you mainly need to tap left or right to tilt, along with braking before hazards. Learning when to brake, coast and gun it takes practice.

The physics allow for some wild crashes too! If you hit a hill too fast, you can go flying through the air in spectacular fashion before crashing down. Ragdoll physics take over on crashes, with your character flailing around limply. Crashes look painful, but are also quite funny.

As you reach higher distances and speeds, the levels become more treacherous. Huge hills, rickety platforms and ramps put your tilting skills to the test. Timely braking and accelerator taps are essential to maintain control.

Hill Climb Racing 3

Unlocking New Vehicles

As mentioned earlier, you’ll gain access to new vehicles as you play. Each has different attributes like speed, power and handling. The initial Hill Climber bike is light and fast, but unstable. The next car you unlock, the Jeep, has more durability and traction for tackling trickier obstacles.

Every time you hit a new distance milestone, you’ll unlock the next vehicle. Here’s the full vehicle unlock order:

  • Hill Climber (Starting)
  • Jeep
  • Motocross Bike
  • Monster Truck
  • Tractor
  • Hippie Van
  • Lunar Rover
  • Snow Mobile
  • Super Diesel
  • Race Car
  • Monster Truck 2
  • Quad Bike

Try out each new vehicle as you unlock it to see which you perform best with. They require slightly different driving styles, so experiment to find your favorite.

Hill Climb Racing 4

Upgrading Parts

The key to getting better distance with each vehicle is upgrading parts. You can spend coins on improving the Engine, Suspension, Tires and Chassis. Each part has 5 levels of upgrades.

Higher level parts offer exponential boosts to that attribute. For example, a Level 5 Engine has far greater horsepower and acceleration than Level 1. Invest coins into maxing out each part to optimize vehicle performance.

Prioritize the Engine first, as power is crucial for climbing hills. Next, upgrade Tires and Suspension evenly as they help with stability and handling bumps. Increase Chassis strength last, as it mainly absorbs crash impacts.

Modifying parts also alters vehicles visually, like giving them bigger tires or more tuned engines. This helps demonstrate the performance benefits they provide.

Game Modes and Levels

Hill Climb Racing offers quite a few gameplay modes and level varieties to keep things interesting:

  • Adventure – Regular campaign mode across many unlockable terrain themes.
  • Cups – Short 1-3 run challenges with pre-set vehicles on unique tracks.
  • Multiplayer – Race asynchronously against other players’ ghost runs.
  • Garage – Customize vehicles visually and change parts.
  • Levels – Desert, Arctic, Moon, Jungle, Desert, City and more terrain themes.

The core Adventure mode has over 30 unlockable levels spanning different environments. Each features their own obstacles like loops, jumps, pits of water or lava and moving platforms. Familiarize yourself with each level’s unique layout for the best high scores.

Cups offer quick, replayable challenges to earn rewards. Multiplayer lets you compete on race leaderboards. And the Garage is where all your vehicles reside when not in use.

Hill Climb Racing 4 1

Benefits of the MOD APK

Now let’s look at why the Hill Climb Racing mod is so useful:

  • Unlimited Coins – Instantly gain unlimited coins to spend on maxing out part upgrades and unlocking vehicles. This removes the grinding for coins.
  • Unlimited Fuel – Your vehicle’s gas tank never runs empty, meaning you can keep going and set incredible distances.
  • No Ads – Enjoy uninterrupted ad-free gameplay, fully immersing you in the experience.
  • Free Shopping – All vehicles and upgrades normally requiring in-app purchases become free.

With unlimited coins and fuel from the mod, you can smash even the toughest Hill Climb Racing distance goals. And removing ads and unlocking purchases makes everything available free of charge.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful gameplay tips to maximize your driving distance:

  • Tap gas in bursts to climb hills steadily without losing momentum. Don’t just hold the accelerator down.
  • Tilt up and down to straighten your vehicle when airborne. Landings are smoother when level.
  • Briefly hit the brakes before big impacts or when leaning too far forwards/back. This rebalances the vehicle.
  • Study each level’s layout and know when to brake vs. when to speed up. Consistent speed is key.
  • When upgrading parts, focus on Engine first. Power is more important early on.
  • Adjust your tilt precision in Settings. Find a sensitivity that suits your control style.
  • Equip wings and rotate midair to cover more horizontal distance on big jumps.

Mastering acceleration, braking and tilt timing through each level is extremely satisfying. With practice, you’ll be prepared to tackle any terrain or obstacle that comes your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hill Climb Racing mod APK safe to download?

Yes, the mod APK is safe to download and install as it is created by trusted developers. It does not contain any malware.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

No, you can’t get banned for using this mod in Hill Climb Racing since it only affects offline gameplay. Your account is completely safe.

Does the mod work on both Android and iOS?

The mod APK is designed for Android devices only. iOS users cannot directly install mod APKs.

Do I need to root my device?

No root required! The modded APK works just like a normal app. No special permissions needed.

Is my game progress saved?

Yes, the mod does not interfere with your online gameplay progress, stats or saves. Everything syncs as normal.

How do I install the Hill Climb Racing mod?

Just download and install the APK file like any other app. Make sure to enable install from Unknown Sources if prompted.

Wrapping Up

Hill Climb Racing delivers simple but addictive physics-based driving fun that’s hard to put down. Outlasting numerous newer mobile game hits is proof of how good this classic title still is. And the unlimited money mod takes the experience to new heights.

With every upgrade and vehicle instantly unlocked, you can fully trick out your rides right away and start smashing huge distance goals. Tackle those challenging Adventure levels in style with your fully-kitted monster trucks and race cars! Just try not to faceplant into too many hills.

So strap in, rev that engine, and go have a blast with Hill Climb Racing. A world of physics-defying, crash-filled stunts awaits!

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