Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK v6.80.8 (MOD, Free Shopping, Mega Menu, VIP)
Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK v6.80.8 (MOD, Free Shopping, Mega Menu, VIP)

Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK v6.80.8 (MOD, Free Shopping, Mega Menu, VIP)

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Premium Apk offers a comprehensive gaming experience with Free Shopping and VIP options.

Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Category Racing
Size 176.4 MB
Latest Version 6.80.8
MOD Free Shopping, Mega Menu, VIP
Get it On Google Play
Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the most famous version in the Extreme Car Driving Simulator series of publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Mod Version 6.80.8
Total installs 500,000,000+

Extreme Car Driving Simulator delivers intense high-speed racing action, detailed vehicle physics and huge open world environments to explore. Master street racing, off-road rally driving, parking challenges and more across over 100 vehicles.

This in-depth guide covers all the essential gameplay features, modes, cars, customization options and pro tips you’ll need to rule the roads. We’ll also look at useful mods that unlock free shopping, the mega car menu and VIP status for the best experience. Start your engines and prepare for adrenaline-pumping driving excitement!

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Overview and Gameplay

Extreme Car Driving Simulator excels at delivering realistic driving dynamics and racing gameplay tailored for mobile. Core features include:

  • Huge open world cities and off-road environments to explore.
  • Smooth realistic driving physics and detailed car mechanics.
  • Tons of licensed vehicles from leading manufacturers.
  • First and third person driving camera perspectives.
  • Customizable controls including tilt/accelerometer steering.
  • Diverse game modes from racing to movie stunt chasing.
  • Extensive tuning and customization for your ride.
  • Multiplayer racing and traffic for endless fun.
  • Constant new content updates with cars and features.

Whether you’re tearing up downtown, hitting jumps off-road, or precision parking, the intuitive driving feels great with tight steering, weighty acceleration/braking, and realistic mechanics. Get behind the wheel of exotic supercars, rugged Jeeps, semis and more!

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 1

Driving Modes and Features

Extreme Car Driving Simulator provides diverse gameplay driving modes and extras that keep the fun going:

Free Ride

  • Freely cruise around massive open world maps.
  • Discover cities, highways, off-road trails, parking garages and more.
  • Hundreds of miles of terrain to master driving on.

Story Missions

  • Play through an engaging career progression.
  • Complete driving challenges, races, stunts and mini-games.
  • Unlock new vehicles and upgrades as you advance.


  • Race head-to-head against real people online.
  • Roam around together or compete in competitions.
  • Chat to coordinate meetups and starting points.


  • Closed circuit races and time trials.
  • Drift events to showcase car control skills.
  • Win trophies and top global leaderboards.

Movie Challenges

  • Recreate epic movie chase scenes and stunts.
  • Action-packed levels inspired by films.
  • Unlock vehicles featured in the movies.


  • Test your precision maneuvering skills parking in tight spaces.
  • Score based on speed and how centered you park.
  • Master reversing into spots and parallel parking.

With huge maps to cruise in alone or with friends, structured races, movie homages and parking puzzles, Extreme Car Driving squeezes endless hours of interactive driving fun out of mobile.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 3

Realistic Driving Physics and Controls

One area where Extreme Car Driving Simulator shines is its remarkably realistic driving physics and handling.

Detailed Physics

  • Weighty vehicle mass affects acceleration, braking and handling.
  • Advanced tire friction, suspension and damage modeling.
  • Inertia and momentum influence how vehicles move.
  • Dynamic part and engine simulation.

Control Options

  • Tilt/accelerometer steering or touch controls.
  • Fully customizable placement of buttons.
  • Manual gear shifting or automatic available.
  • Adjust steering sensitivity and assist levels.
  • First or third person perspective.

Hop into a nimble coupe, heavy duty truck or slippery sports car and you’ll instantly feel the difference in how each handles. You can fine-tune control options for the most comfortable experience.

This driving realism amps up the immersion and skill needed to control these beasts at high speeds through busy streets or uneven off-road terrain. Strap in and master the mechanics!

Huge Open World Maps

One amazing feature is the ginormous open world maps provided to cruise through while undertaking events and challenges:

Los Angeles

  • Sprawling city with urban, coastal and highway areas.
  • Landmarks like the beach, Hollywood sign, pier and mansions.
  • Perfect for street racing, movie stunts and multiplayer meetups.

MudPlay Arena

  • Massive off-road playground.
  • Dirt trails, wood ramps, muddy pits, hills and more.
  • Push your off-roading skills over rugged terrain.


  • Towering cityscape with skyscrapers, traffic and urban details.
  • Dense urban environment for racing and exploration.
  • Iconic downtown setting.

San Francisco

  • Hilly streets, winding roads and landmarks like Golden Gate bridge.
  • Combined urban and coastal environments.
  • Amazing recreation of the iconic city.

Each map has unique features to discover and terrain to master driving over. You’ll easily spend hours tearing around these incredibly detailed worlds!

Huge Car Selection

With over 100 licensed vehicles from top brands, you’ll find the perfect ride to suit your driving style:

Everyday Cars

  • Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Golf – Ideal for new drivers to handle.

Off-Road Trucks & SUVs

  • Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150 Raptor, Land Rover Defender – Rugged vehicles built for uneven terrain.

Sports Cars

  • Lamborghini Huracán, Porsche 911, Ferrari 458 – Lightning fast cars with sublime handling but challenging to master.


  • Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Agera, McLaren P1 – Insane speed and acceleration in scenic supercars.

Classic Cars

  • 1969 Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, AC Cobra – Vintage beauties with timeless style.

Whether you’re a rally fan, vintage collector, or just want a reliable commuter, the massive garage ensures you’ll find ideal cars for all occasions that suit your personality.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 2

Customization and Upgrades

Take personalization of your vehicles to new heights with extensive cosmetic and performance options.


  • Paint colors and textures
  • Custom decals and liveries
  • Interior fabrics and gauges
  • Wheels, tires and suspension
  • Window tints
  • License plates
  • Underbody neon lighting

Make your car look unique with sleek body kits, wild vinyls that pop, or more subtle touches like leather seats.


  • Engine power mods
  • Improved brakes and suspension
  • Handling and traction upgrades
  • Gear ratios for acceleration
  • Reinforced chassis and rollcages
  • Weight reductions

Beef up components to increase speed, handling and safety. Fine-tune your vehicle for races and challenges.

The deep customization system lets you craft an extension of your personality while also mechanically enhancing your rides for events. Pimp your rides out!

Mod Features

Mods allow enhancing Extreme Car Driving Simulator in ways not possible in the base game. Handy ones include:

Free Shopping

  • All cars, upgrades and customization unlocked.
  • Avoid grinding for currency to progress.
  • Focus only on your dream builds and driving.

Mega Car Menu

  • Access to all vehicles in one menu.
  • Skip unlock requirements to test them all instantly.
  • Quickly swap between different cars on the fly.

VIP Status

  • Display VIP tag and unlocks in online multiplayer.
  • Stand out from non-paying players.
  • Gain access to exclusive VIP character clothing.

These well-designed mods let you bypass repetitive grinding to try all vehicles, outfits, and custom builds right away. Recommended for impatient gearheads who want it all immediately!

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 4

Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful tips and strategies for victory:

  • Initially choose easier cars with good handling to master driving fundamentals. Work your way up to fast exotics.
  • Brake before turns, not during. Slow in, fast out of corners.
  • For off-roading, use wider arcs in turns to avoid obstacles and maintain speed.
  • Make camera adjustments like extending field of view for better situational awareness while driving.
  • Use first person perspective for precision parking challenges to perfectly center the vehicle.
  • Pay attention to gear ratios – lower gears provide more torque for off-road and hill climbs.
  • Equip off-road tires and raised suspension for rally races and trail blazing. Street tires work best on pavement.
  • Customize control schemes to best fit your preferences – buttons placement, tilt steering, etc.
  • When possible, blueprint and test races/challenges before trying them seriously.

Learning the intricacies of each car while developing smart racing techniques will propel you to victory against the pack. Now get behind the wheel and start your engines!

Extreme Car Driving Review

Overall, Extreme Car Driving Simulator delivers a robust driving experience that captures the thrill of high speed racing combined with unparalleled customization options.

The sprawling open world city and off-road environments are a joy to simply explore and cruise through. Intense cop chases, epic movie stunt recreations and competitive multiplayer races will get your adrenaline pumping.

While the microtransactions for purchasing currency and cars are fairly aggressive, the mods help bypass that completely for free instant access.

With its accessible mechanics but high skill ceiling, Extreme Car Driving satisfies all appetites – from casual players looking to relax with scenic drives to gearheads hungry for mechanical complexity and competitive racing against friends.

For an immensely enjoyable automotive playground that you can fine-tune and tailor extensively to your desires, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an absolute must-play. Now grab the keys, strap in, and floor it on a wild ride you won’t forget!

Some Common Questions About Extreme Car Driving Simulator

How are cars unlocked?

Vehicles are unlocked by completing races, challenges and missions in the career mode. Currency from wins can also purchase new rides.

Is steering customizable?

Yes, you can choose between touch, tap, tilt, and other control schemes. Buttons can also be repositioned.

Are there damage effects?

Yes! You’ll see realistic visual damage like dents and scratches appear dynamically during impacts. Too much will wreck and total vehicles.

Will my game progress carry across devices?

If you login with Google Play or Facebook, your progress including vehicles will be saved and transferable.

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