Stunt Car Extreme v1.040 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Stunt Car Extreme v1.040 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Stunt Car Extreme v1.040 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Thanks to Stunt Car Extreme Apk Premium, you will have access to all in-game content. Download to get unlimited money and more.

Name Stunt Car Extreme
Publisher Hyperkani
Category Racing
Size 132.25 MB
Latest Version 1.040
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Stunt Car Extreme is the most famous version in the Stunt Car Extreme series of publisher Hyperkani
Mod Version 1.040
Total installs 10,000,000+

Strap in and prepare for the ultimate thrill ride with Stunt Car Extreme! This over-the-top racing game puts you behind the wheel of a speed machine built for outrageous stunts. With its addictive action and endless customization, Stunt Car Extreme delivers hours of high-octane fun.

Stunt Car Extreme

Jaw-Dropping Stunts

As the name implies, insane stunts are the star of the show in Stunt Car Extreme. The tracks are designed with huge jumps, floating loops, and dizzying vertical climbs perfectly primed for death-defying tricks.

When you hit the boost and launch off a ramp, time seems to slow down as you spin and flip gracefully through the air. Nail the landing, and you’ll get a gnarly speed boost to blaze past rivals. Mess up the trick, and you might find your car rolling down the canyon below.

With over 50 outrageous stunts to master, you’ll be dazzled by the gravity-defying maneuvers this game allows. Corkscrews, backflips, spins – your imagination and reflexes are the limit. Just be ready to pick your jaw up off the floor!

Stunt Car Extreme 1

Electrifying Speed

Of course, going fast is what racing games are all about, and Stunt Car Extreme does not disappoint. These turbocharged rockets max out over 280 mph as you weave through perilous cliffs, forests, and cities.

Zooming by the spectacular scenery in a blur, you’ll feel the adrenaline surge as you drift inches from disaster. One false move means a fiery wipeout – it’s speed teetering on the very edge of control.

When boosting off jumps or drafting competitors, you’ll smash fastest lap records to unlock new vehicles. Stunt Car Extreme captures the death-defying thrill of breakneck racing in all its white-knuckle glory.

Destructible Environments

The environments in Stunt Car Extreme provide more than just eye candy backdrops – they’re totally destructible for maximum mayhem. Smash through billboards, topple trees, and demolish buildings in satisfying explosions of debris.

Leave a trail of destruction in your rearview as you careen uncontrollably through villages, taking out market stalls as pedestrians dive for cover. Then barrel through an airport, sending luggage carts flying as jets barely avoid your hood.

The crumbling, deforming environments add immensely to the eye-popping spectacle. And pulling off big combos creates destruction multipliers for huge bonuses! It’s an adrenaline junkie’s paradise.

Stunt Car Extreme 2

Upgrade and Customize Your Wheels

A big part of the fun in Stunt Car Extreme comes from pimping out your rides with rad customizations and upgrades. As you earn cash from events, you can turn your whips into aerodynamic stunt machines.

Here are some of the awesome upgrades you can deck out your cars with:

  • Engine mods like turbochargers and nitrous oxide boosters
  • Reinforced frames and rollcages for big air
  • Body kits with spoilers, splitters and widebody designs
  • Color changing neon underglow lighting
  • Thumping speakers and sound system amplifiers
  • Flaming exhaust pipes for killer style points

The extensive tuning options let you spec and style each car to match your stunting tastes. Building the ultimate stunt machine is hugely rewarding.

Diverse Event Types

Stunt Car Extreme features a variety of fast-paced event types so the action never gets stale. Here are some of the over-the-top challenges you can take on:

Mega Ramp Jumps

Launch off massive jumps and go for maximum airtime and spins before sticking the landing. Nail a perfect landing to enter the “Stunt Zone”, where any trick earns multiplied cash.

Destruction Challenges

Cause as much monetary damage as possible by smashing up the environment within the time limit. Chain epic combos by downing lampposts, benches and more for huge destruction multipliers.

Outrun Challenge

Weave through heavy traffic and evade the police pursuing you before the time runs out. Sideswipe cars and trade paint to build up your boost meter.

Stunt Runs

Complete stunt challenges like midair spins, loop de loops, and corkscrews to add precious seconds to the clock. Fail the stunts and the clock keeps running – can you reach the finish in time?

With uniquely over-the-top events packing tons of laughs and thrills, you’ll always be itching to try the next ridiculous challenge.

Stunt Car Extreme 3

Physics-Based Stunt Control

What really makes performing outrageous stunts so satisfying is the advanced physics system. Forget canned animations – you have precise, intuitive control over every flip, spin, and trick.

Boosting off ramps at different angles alters your jump trajectory. In the air, you can freely twist and spin the car with the press of a button, then take control of front/rear pitch for perfect landings. Everything behaves just as you’d expect in real life.

Mastering the deeply satisfying driving and stunt mechanics feels incredibly rewarding. Before you know it, you’ll be effortlessly chaining together insane trick combos for huge scores. Now that’s skills!

Multiplayer Stunt Championships

Once you’ve honed your stunt driving skills, it’s time to take the competition online against other trick-loving racers. The asynchronous multiplayer mode lets you compete in daily and weekly stunt championships to climb the leaderboards.

Face off in challenges like highest jump, most spins, and biggest trick combo. With randomly generated courses, no two events are ever the same. See if your custom rides and stunt skills can impress the world.

With constantly changing events and leaderboards, you’ve always got fresh challenges to master. And watching other players attempt to top your outrageous runs never gets old!

Stunt Car Extreme 4

Beautiful Vistas

For all its high-flying action, Stunt Car Extreme is also one gorgeous game. The environments represent some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes on Earth, brought to life with colorful, detailed graphics.

Drift around snowy alpine peaks…flip between ancient palace ruins…plummet down through redwood forests – the diversity is amazing. Dynamic lighting, weather, and day/night cycles further liven up the eye candy. Buckle up for a worldwide tour of scenic stunting!

And if you can tear your eyes from the scenery, look close to see amusing details like bobblehead drivers and toy passengers screaming in your stunt cars. It’s these little touches that make Stunt Car Extreme pop with personality.

Stunt Car Extreme FAQ

How many stunt cars are available in the game?

The game launched with 20 stunt vehicles, and more get added regularly via free DLC car packs. Cars come in a diverse range, from rally racers to tricked out street rods.

What sort of customizations can you add to cars?

You can customize paint jobs, body kits, spoilers, rims, underglow neon, decals, engine upgrades for speed boosts, reinforced frames for stunting, and much more. The options for unique builds are nearly endless!

What camera views can you use when driving?

The game has exterior camera angles like bumper and hood view, as well as interior cockpit views so you can see the dash and your driver. You can switch between them on the fly.

Can you play Stunt Car Extreme with a steering wheel?

Absolutely – the game has excellent force feedback wheel support for an authentic stunt driving experience. All major wheels by Logitech, Thrustmaster and others are compatible.

How many stunts are there to perform in the game?

There are over 50 different aerial stunts like spins, flips, rolls, and all manner of death-defying tricks to pull off. The physics-based system means even more stunts are possible with skill!

Is there a career mode in Stunt Car Extreme?

Yes, the extensive career mode features hundreds of events, championships, and stunt challenges to beat. Unlocking new cars and upgrades by winning events is a big draw.

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