CarX Street v1.1.1 Premium APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)
CarX Street v1.1.1 Premium APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

CarX Street v1.1.1 Premium APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

With CarX Street Premium Apk engage in realistic races on highways and city streets where you'll have to navigate tight corners and weave through traffic.

Name CarX Street
Publisher CarX Technologies
Category Racing
Size 1.19 GB
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
CarX Street is the most famous version in the CarX Street series of publisher CarX Technologies
Mod Version 1.1.1
Total installs 1,000,000+

Looking for an engaging street style racing game on mobile? CarX Street delivers adrenaline-pumping gameplay as you customize and race slick whips around twisting urban environments.

With realistic driving physics, tons of customization, an open world to explore, and online multiplayer, CarX Street immerses you in an authentic street racing experience right on your phone.

This in-depth guide will break down CarX Street’s exciting features, overview the benefits of the unlimited money mod, provide gameplay tips, and more. Let’s pop the hood on this must-play mobile racer!

CarX Street

Realistic Driving Physics

At its core, CarX Street aims to simulate authentic street racing physics for mobile. Players will notice right away the attention to realistic driving mechanics:

  • Weighty handling – Cars have a proper sense of weight and drift physics.
  • Inertia and momentum – Vehicles maintain inertia through turns, requiring controlled braking and throttle modulation.
  • Traction challenges – Rear-wheel drive cars are prone to breaking traction when accelerating out of turns.
  • Nuanced control – Throttle, brake, clutch, gear shifting, steering assist and other factors must be balanced.
  • Crash mechanics – Collisions cause realistic damage based on impact speed and angle.

This creates an immersive driving experience closer to actual street racing than typical arcade mobile racers. Controlling high-powered vehicles on the edge of traction is challenging but rewarding. The solid physics provide engaging depth.

CarX Street 1

Extensive Car Customization

A highlight of CarX Street lies in customizing your fleet of rides. As you expand your garage, you can deeply tune and modify each car’s looks and performance through:

  • Visual upgrades – Body kits, wheels, paint colors, vinyls, interior styling and more let you personalize your car’s style.
  • Performance upgrades – Improve various components like intake, ECU, turbo, suspension, brakes, gears and nitrous to boost speed and handling.
  • Tune settings – Fine-tune gear ratios, alignment, steering sensitivity, differential, springs and other parts.
  • Creative freedom – Express yourself by designing your dream street racer.
  • Brand variety – Tune and modify import tuner cars, American muscle, exotics and more.

With almost endless cosmetic and mechanical customization combos, you can create entirely unique rides fine-tuned to your preferences.

CarX Street 6

Open World Map

CarX Street provides a sprawling open world city environment to race through. Key features of the map include:

  • Urban sprawl – Dense interconnected city blocks provide a sense of an authentic metropolis.
  • Day/night cycle – Experience night or day driving through the city.
  • Weather effects – Various weather conditions from sun to rain affect traction.
  • Traffic – Traffic cars populate the streets for avoiding collisions.
  • Backdrops – Cityscapes, commercial districts, parks and other scenery bring the environment to life.
  • Explorable – Discover hidden areas and locations around the city.

This living, breathing city becomes your street racing playground. Driving full throttle down city streets while weaving through traffic under night lights creates an exciting backdrop.

CarX Street 2

Career Progression

As you race through the open world, you’ll engage in a typical racing game career progression:

  • Performance upgrades – Use race rewards to upgrade your car’s components.
  • New car unlocks – Win events to add new vehicles like tuners, muscle and exotics to your garage.
  • Race disciplines – Progress through street racing events focused on drift, time attack and more.
  • Reputation system – Complete sponsor contracts to enhance your street rep.
  • Career events – Challenge rival crews in set piece career events with storylines.
  • Bosses – Take on elite boss drivers who award special cars when defeated.

The structured career provides long-term goals and incentivizes mastering driving skills. Balancing upgrades, taking on jobs, and boosting your rep engages you in the street racing lifestyle.

Drift-Focused Gameplay

While CarX offers various street racing events, it places special emphasis on drifting. Gameplay heavily focuses on mastering the art of drifting through:

  • Drift-centric design – Tracks feature long sweeping turns perfect for sustaining drifts.
  • Drift mechanics – Cars have realistic drift physics – master throttle control and countersteering.
  • Drift events – Career contains drift-focused event types to score points on sustained drifts.
  • Tuning for drift – Upgrade and adjust your car’s handling for longer, more controlled drifts.
  • Showing off style – Successfully drifting corners displays stylistic skill.

Smoke ’em up and get sideways! The drift gameplay tests your car control skills and provides that visceral tire-shredding sensation.

CarX Street 3

Multiplayer Racing

In addition to career mode, CarX Street lets you race against real opponents online:

  • Seamless multiplayer – Instantly match into 6-player online races.
  • Ranked competition – Compete for highest rating and top global leaderboards.
  • Casual play – Join unranked player matches for relaxed gameplay.
  • Event diversity – Race in time trials, drift battles, overtakes and other event types.
  • Social features – Chat with other drivers, join crews, and make new rivals.
  • Leaderboards – Compare your progression and stats against other players.

Online multiplayer adds high-stakes competition and community interaction to the racing experience. Testing your skills against human opponents is far more unpredictable and exciting.

Real-Time Car Damage

A neat touch in CarX Street is real-time vehicle damage modeling. As you crash and trade paint during aggressive street races, your car will progressively get visually damaged:

  • Cosmetic damage – Body panels crinkle, bumpers drag, windows shatter based on impact zones.
  • Affects handling – Collision damage reduces car performance as tires deflate, wheels bend, and body parts drag.
  • Persists between events – Damage is retained on cars even in subsequent races until you get repairs.
  • Repair options – Use earned cash to fix damage and refresh your cars.
  • Destructible environments – Collide into objects like signs, rails, and walls that also damage your car upon impact.

This provides proper consequences for dangerous driving. More recklessly you race, the more battered your car gets, eventually requiring repairs. It grounds the experience in realism.

CarX Street 4

Unlimited Money Mod Advantages

While the core CarX Street gameplay is great fun, you can enhance the experience further with mods. A popular mod provides unlimited in-game cash and gold to maximize customization and progression. Benefits include:

  • Buy any car – Instantly purchase the most expensive cars without grinding for cash.
  • Full customization – Unlock all visual mods and max performance parts immediately.
  • Instant upgrades – Completely upgrade your fleet to the max right away.
  • No grinding – Skip tedious grinding for currency and parts.
  • Easy repairs – Instantly repair damage without waiting or paying.
  • Fast career – Breeze through career events with your tuned hypercars.
  • Pure enjoyment – Focus just on the super fun driving without limitations.

Essentially unlimited money allows you to experience everything CarX Street has to offer faster. If you just want to experience street racing thrills, it’s the way to play.

Gameplay and Drifting Tips

Here are some gameplay tips to handle corners like a pro:

  • Brake before turns – Approach turns slower than you think necessary. Maintain control.
  • Ease throttle – Gently apply throttle coming out of turns. Spinning out is common.
  • Countersteer – When the rear slides, steer opposite to the slide direction.
  • Feather throttle – Regulate throttle when sideways to extend drifts.
  • Use handbrake – Pull the handbrake when entering drifts for instant oversteer.
  • Tune setup – Adjust alignment, differential, springs etc. to balance oversteer/understeer.
  • Pick lines – Take smart racing lines that set up turns and apexes optimally.
  • Limit collisions – Avoid walls, traffic and other collisions which substantially slow you down.
  • Know the tracks – Memorize track layouts, especially upcoming turns and drift sections.

With practice, you’ll be perfectly modulating throttle and steering to sustain controlled high-speed drifts and set blistering lap times. Then it’s just you, the track, and the sheer thrill of pushing these mechanized beasts to their limits!

CarX Street 5

CarX Street – Final Thoughts

With its authentic street racing vibe, expansive customization, drift-focused gameplay, and online multiplayer, CarX Street delivers an immensely engaging experience for auto enthusiasts.

The excellent driving physics provide a technical challenge that continually tests and improves your driving skills. Building up a customized fleet of elite tuned street racers is exciting. And competing against drifting rivals online brings new-age console quality racing action to mobile.

Top it off with an unlimited money mod to unlock gameplay faster, and you have a must-play title. If you like cars, customization, and asphalt-ripping gameplay, start your street racing journey now in CarX Street! This game will have you hooked and begging for just one more race.

CarX Street FAQs

Does the game require internet connection?

An internet connection is required initially to download game assets and for online multiplayer. Single player career is playable offline.

Is CarX Street free to play?

Yes, CarX Street is free-to-download with optional in-app purchases. The unlimited money mod bypasses the need for purchases.

Does progress carry across platforms?

Unfortunately no. Player progress doesn’t transfer across mobile platforms as they have separate save files.

What are the different race types in the game?

Street Race, Speed Snaps, Overtake, Time Attack, Drift Battle, Elimination – each tests a different driving discipline!

How often are new cars added to the game?

The developers regularly add new cars over time through updates. Follow their social media for car pack announcements!

And that concludes this comprehensive introduction to the world of CarX Street and its realistic street racing action. Grab your keys, start your engine, and drift into the streets now!

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