ToonApp Premium APK v2.6.50 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)
ToonApp Premium APK v2.6.50 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

ToonApp Premium APK v2.6.50 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

ToonApp is an excellent application with which you can create your own cartoons. With this Premium version, all content is unlocked.

Name ToonApp
Publisher Lyrebird Studio
Category Photography
Size 41.8 MB
Latest Version 2.6.50
MOD Pro Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
ToonApp is the most famous version in the ToonApp series of publisher Lyrebird Studio
Mod Version 2.6.50
Total installs 50,000,000+

ToonApp packs a robust set of features into an easy-to-use interface. Here are some of the highlights:

  • AI Cartoonizer – The app’s AI engine analyzes your photo and automatically converts it into a cartoon, keeping the finest details intact. can adjust the cartoon art style as well.
  • Sketch Effects Choose from pencil sketch, pen sketch and more to turn your photo into an artistic masterpiece. The effects retain facial features remarkably well.

Artistic Filters – Apply oil painting watercolor, dot art, other filters to give your photo a painted look. The hand-drawn style is.

  • Background Editor – Replace or customize the background in your cartooned photo with solid colors, patterns your own photos.
  • Stick & Text – Decorate your creations with fun stickers, emojis, and. Add speech bubbles to make your cartoon come alive!
  • Collage Maker – Combine multiple cartooned photos into creative collages and grids. Perfect for group photos.
  • Stylish Frames – Frameoons with sleek, customizable frames to give them a complete hand-drawn look.
  • Share Easily – Save your cartoons to your camera roll or share directly on social media. Export HD images without any watermarks.

With this stellar feature set, ToonApp provides endless options for cartoonizing your photos with a professional flair. Let’s look at some of the key features in greater detail.

ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor

Magical AIoonizer

The AI Cartoonizer is undoubtedly ToonApp’s star attraction. This smart feature lets you convert photos to cartoons a single tap, while keeping the finer details intact.

To use it, simply import a and select the AI Cartoonizer option. The app automatically analyses facial features using artificial and transforms the photo into a vibrant cartoon. It accurately identifies elements like hair, eyes, nose shape to render a realistic hand-drawn effect.

Impressively, you can also adjust AI model to create different art styles. Choose from options like Cartoon, Sketch, Disney Style, Anime and more to make photo look like it belongs in a comic book or graphic novel!

The AI Cartoonizer preserves skin tones, emotions, and expressions remarkably well. This gives you cart that feel like an artistic extension of your photos. For dazzling results every, it is undoubtedly ToonApp’s crown feature.

Realistic Sketch Effects

In addition to cartoons, ToApp lets you convert photos into sketches that look like they were hand-drawn by a professional artist.

The app offers sketch effects like Pencil Sketch, Color Sketch, Pen Sketch, Halftone Sketch and more. Each effect has its own artistic style – pencil sketches a grey shaded look, color sketches add a chromatic touch, while pen sketches have clean black lines.

These effects maintain facial proportions accurately, thanks to the integrated AI. This makes the sketches look remarkably lifelike. Small details like hair strands, eyel stubble are retained too.

You can also control the thickness and opacity of the sketch lines. This lets you achieve different styles, from subtle minimal sketches to dramatic sketches with bold outlines.

For creative photo edits that look straight out of an artist’s pad, ToonApp’s sketch effects hit mark every time.

Artistic Filters for Painted Effects

ToonApp allows you to unle creative spirit with artistic filters that can transform your photos into paintings.

You can choose from Oil Painting, Watercolor and more to give your photos a hand-painted look. The filters intelligently identify facial features and colors to render a very painted effect.

Oil painting adds rich, layered brushstrokes that make look a classic oil portrait. Watercolor creates a trans wispy effect like a watercolor painting. Dot art adds a pointillism effect with dotted accents.

You can also control the thickness of brush strokes and the wet of the paint to customize the effect Add granular noise for a textured painting.

These powerful filters open limitless creative possibilities for making your photos look like works of. They are much more advanced than filters on other editing apps.

ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor 1

Customize Backgrounds for Fun Scenes

ToonApp allows you to get creative with your cartoons and sketches by customizing their backgrounds.

The app provides two easy ways to change backgrounds you pick a solid color, choose funky patterns and textures. This lets you create fun cartoon scenes by making the background green for a meadow, blue for the sea etc.

Even better, you can replace the entire background with your own photos. Just import a background photo, adjust it using tools like pan, zoom and perspective shift, and apply it behind your cartoon.

This opens up endless possibilities. Place your cartoonified selfies in exotic locations, fantasy worlds or pop culture scenes! Composite your portrait into famous paintings or movie posters for humorous results.

Thanks to the background editor, you can create imaginative cartoon scenarios limited only by your creativity.

Decorative Elements to Develop Stickers, Texts and Edited Cartoons

The app offers a wide selection fun stickers and emojis you can add to your creations. Put speech on your cartoons to make them look conversational. Add symbols, shapes and text with different fonts to highlight elements or get creative with captions.

You can also choose from stylish frames in various shapes, colors and patterns. Pick a bold comic, vintage film strip or colorful painted frame to complete the cartoon effect

These embellishments make it easy to customize your ToonApp creations and make them pop. Your cartoons will stand out with these decorative touches.

Collage Maker for Group Photos

ToonApp has built-in collage maker that lets you combine into one frame. This is perfect for converting group or family portraits into cartoon collages.

Simply create cartoon versions of each photo using the AI Cartoonizer. Then open the collage maker and add your cartoons to a grid template. You can adjust each photo’s position, size spacing.

Share Your Cre with Ease

ToonApp share cartoon creations or save them to your device.

The app lets you directly export your cartooned to your phone’s camera roll. You share them to social media or messaging apps as well.

The exported images are high without any annoying watermarks. You can adjust the aspect ratio before exporting

ToonApp also has builtin social sharing options. Just tap the share button to directly post your cartoons on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

With its hassle-free sharing options, ToonApp lets you spread smiles by sharing your cartoonized photos on social media or with friends.

Fun Stickers, Text Options

ToonApp provides plenty of decorative like stickers, text and frames to enhance your edited cartoons.

The app offers a wide selection of fun stickers and emojis you can add to your. Put speech bubbles on your cartoons to conversational. shapes and text with fonts to highlight elements or get creative with captions.

You can also choose from stylish frames in and patterns Pick a bold comic book frame, vintage film strip or colorful painted frame to complete the cartoon effect.

These embellishments make it easy to customize yourations and make them pop. Your cartoons will really stand out with these decorative touches.

ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor 2

An Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Despite its professional-grade features, ToonApp sports an interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

The clean layout makes all options clearly accessible. Creating cartoons is as simple importing a photo and tapping the Cartoonize. The editing tools are straightforward to use as well.

ToonApp provides handy tips and tricks through its onboarding screens and tutorials. These help you quickly learn the ropes of the app.

With its well-designed interface, ToonApp lets you create stunning cartoon effects with minimal learning curve. Even beginners can master it in no time.

FAQs About ToonApp

Is to use?

ToonApp offers a free version with limited features. You will be able to access all content with the premium version here.

Does it work on both iOS and Android?

Yes,onApp is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Can I cartoonize videos too?

At present, ToonApp can convert only photos into cartoons. Video cartoonization not yet supported.

Does it require internet access?

You need internet access when installing registering the app. After that cartoonization works offline.

Can I use my own cartoon filters?

Currently ToonApp has pre-set filters. The option for custom user filters is not yet.

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