PhotoRoom Premium APK v4.8.0 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)
PhotoRoom Premium APK v4.8.0 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

PhotoRoom Premium APK v4.8.0 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

PhotoRoom Premium Apk is an amazing AI-powered photo editing app that makes it super easy to edit photos like a pro!

Name PhotoRoom
Publisher PhotoRoom Background Editor App
Category Photography
Size 144 MB
Latest Version 4.8.0
MOD Pro Unlocked
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PhotoRoom is the most famous version in the PhotoRoom series of publisher PhotoRoom Background Editor App
Mod Version 4.8.0
Total installs 50,000,000+

PhotoRoom is an amazing AI-powered photo editing app that makes it super easy to edit photos like a pro! With its intuitive interface and powerful editing tools, PhotoRoom helps you create stunning images for social media, print projects, graphics design and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the standout features that make PhotoRoom one of the best AI photo editors out there. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how this app can transform your photos. Let’s dive in!

An Overview of PhotoRoom’s AI Magic

Before we look at specific features, it’s important to understand the AI “secret sauce” that sets PhotoRoom apart. The app uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your photos and make intelligent suggestions to improve them.

Some key aspects of PhotoRoom’s AI include:

  • Automated photo enhancer – With one tap, the AI can automatically adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more to instantly improve photos. It’s like having a professional photo editor polish your images in seconds!
  • Intelligent object removal – Easily remove unwanted objects and distractions from photos. PhotoRoom’s AI understands the image context to seamlessly erase objects and fill the background.
  • Blemish remover – Get natural-looking skin retouching. The AI detects faces and removes blemishes while keeping a realistic skin texture.
  • Sky replacement – Don’t like the sky in your outdoor photo? PhotoRoom makes it easy to swap it out for a more dramatic or colorful sky with a single tap.
  • Batch editing – Apply edits and effects to hundreds of photos at once, thanks to the powerful AI that detects and enhances each photo automatically.

The AI saves you endless time and effort. Now let’s explore the amazing features it enables…


Powerful Editing Tools to Enhance Your Photos

The PhotoRoom editor puts advanced editing controls at your fingertips to take your photos to the next level. Let’s look at some of the top tools:

Photographic Filters

Choose from 15+ gorgeous photographic filters mimicking analog camera effects. Give your photos an instant artistic makeover. Some popular options include:

  • Lomo – Vintage Lomo effect for a retro vibe
  • Vignette – Artistic vignette to draw focus
  • Shadows – Dramatic shadows for moody shots
  • Sepia – Classic sepia tone filter

Color & Tone Adjustments

Fine-tune the colors and tones of your photos with pro-level controls:

  • Exposure – Brighten dark photos or create dim lighting
  • Contrast – Increase to accentuate details or decrease for a flat effect
  • Saturation – Make colors pop or go muted and subtle
  • Temperature – Adjust color balance from warm to cool
  • Tint – Add green, magenta and other color casts
  • Shadows & Highlights – Illuminate shadows and recover blown-out highlights

Retouching Tools

  • Blemish Remover – Already discussed! Fantastic for portraits. :blush:
  • Teeth Whitening – Brighten up those pearly whites.
  • Eye Whitening – Open up tired eyes.
  • Face Slimming – Softer facial sculpting.

And so much more – the retouching tools are incredibly powerful for transforming portraits.

Cropping & Transform

Crop, flip, rotate and fine-tune the orientation of your photos:

  • Crop Tool – Perfect for Facebook profile pics and Instagram posts.
  • Aspect Ratio Presets – Crop to common dimensions like 1:1, 4:5, etc.
  • Straightening – Fix skewed horizons.
  • Flip & Rotate – Creative options to flip or spin your photo.
  • Perspective – Adjust the perspective for buildings and landscapes.

Text & Overlays

Add stylish text captions and graphic overlays:

  • Text – Choose fonts, colors and backgrounds.
  • Stickers – Fun stickers for memes and collages.
  • Shapes – Simple lines, arrows, frames, etc.
  • Blur – Artistic partial blurring.
  • Vignette – Shade the edges.
  • Splash – Dynamic color splash effects.

So many awesome options for unique creations!

Portrait Tools

Specialized tools to enhance faces:

  • Blemish Remover – Already covered!
  • Teeth Whitening – Bright, white smile.
  • Eye Whitening – Remove redness and illuminate eyes.
  • Face Slimming – Subtle sculpting and contouring.

Pro Adjustments

For photography experts, PhotoRoom provides advanced adjustments:

  • Curves – Fine-tune tonal range across highlights, midtones and shadows.
  • Color Balance – Precise calibration of hue and saturation for different tonal regions.
  • HSL – Adjust hue, saturation, luminosity for specific colors.
  • Split Toning – Add dual-color toning for a stylistic effect.
  • Noise Reduction – Minimize grain and unwanted noise.
  • Sharpening – Refine edges and accentuate details.
  • Vignette – Darken the edges to keep focus on the subject.
  • Film Grain – Add an artistic grain effect.

These advanced tools require photography knowledge but allow meticulous refinements.

Batch Editing

The AI allows you to edit hundreds of photos in one batch:

  • Apply preset – Choose an editing preset like Vintage or B&W to batch apply.
  • Auto enhance – Use AI to automatically improve all photos in a second.

This saves endless time and effort!

Non-destructive Editing

All edits in PhotoRoom are non-destructive:

  • Adjustments Layer – Edits are saved to a layer over the original.
  • Revert to Original – Undo all edits to restore the original photo.
  • Save Edit History – Save snapshots to revert to any past edit state.

You always have creative freedom to re-edit images!

Effortless Object Removal

One of PhotoRoom’s signature features is the AI-powered object removal. It works like magic!

No more frustrating manual cloning and erasing. Just select the object you want to remove and PhotoRoom instantly generates a realistic background to replace it.

Some examples:

  • Remove distracting people from a landscape.
  • Delete power lines and street signs to simplify cityscapes.
  • Erase zits and blemishes from portraits.
  • Delete logos and text from product shots.
  • Cut out your subject to paste on a new background.

It handles challenges like hair, trees and irregular shapes incredibly well. The AI fills gaps seamlessly while matching lighting, texture and color.

This is a huge time-saver and opens new creative possibilities for image composition!

Sky Replacement Done Right

PhotoRoom makes sky replacement super easy and believable.

Just tap the sky and choose a new sky image from the options:

  • Dynamic Skies – Stunning sunrises, sunsets, storms and more.
  • Solid Colors – Gradient tones work nicely for product shots.
  • Sky Textures – For a misty or dramatic effect.

The AI handles integrating the new sky with the existing scene – matching lighting, position, perspective and blending edges. Results look natural!

You can tweak things like brightness and blur to polish the composite.

It’s perfect for:

  • Making outdoor photos pop.
  • Correcting an overcast or boring sky.
  • Matching a sky to the mood you want.

Sky replacement opens new creative possibilities with landscapes and outdoor shots. Have fun experimenting!

Powerful Cutout Tool

PhotoRoom has a dedicated cutout tool that lets you extract subjects and cut things out with incredible precision.

Just trace loosely around your subject – the AI automatically finds the edges and creates a mask. Keep refining the edges manually for pixel-perfect results.

You can then paste your cutout onto new backgrounds or creatively composite images.

The tool includes:

  • Smart Edge Detection – AI finds and follows object outlines.
  • Edge Adjustment – Fine-tune edges with smoothing, feathering and contraction/expansion.
  • Background Preview – Toggle the checkered transparency background.
  • Paste to Canvas – Place your cutout onto a new background from Photos.

Overall, it’s an extremely powerful tool for creative composites and extracting imagery.

Photoroom 1

Handy Collage Maker

Make cool pic collages in seconds with PhotoRoom’s collage maker.

Just select your photos, choose from preset collage layouts like grid, framed or mosaic, and the app auto-generates your collage.

Make elegant photo grids for your Instagram feed or fun memories collages. The possibilities are endless!

There are options to:

  • Adjust spacing between photos.
  • Add colored backgrounds.
  • Change the order and rotation.
  • Duplicate/delete photos.

It’s super flexible and easy to customize your design on the fly. Much faster than doing it manually!

Powerful Layers System

For advanced photo compositing, PhotoRoom provides a full layering system.

You can:

  • Import multiple photos as layers.
  • Add text, stickers and shapes as layers.
  • Adjust layer order, position, opacity, etc.
  • Add blend modes like overlay, multiply, etc.
  • Organize with layer groups and locking.

With practice, you can use layers to create complex designs like multi-image collages, text overlays, graphical elements and more.

Handy Resize Tool

Quickly resize photos for different uses like social media, prints, desktop wallpapers, etc.

The resize tool provides:

  • Pixel dimensions – Enter exact sizes like 1080×720 pixels.
  • Aspect ratio presets – Choose 4:5 for Instagram, 1:1 for Twitter pics, etc.
  • Resize by percentage – Shrink or enlarge from 10% to 500%.
  • Crop to new size – Useful to crop and resize in one go.

PhotoRoom’s AI prevents image distortion by intelligently filling new pixels. Results stay crisp at large sizes.

Batch resize hundreds of photos with a single tap too!

Fun Creative Options

PhotoRoom includes extra options for getting creative:

  • Frames – Add stylish borders to your photo.
  • Split Tone – Use two colored gradients for a bold effect.
  • Film Grain – Add a stylish grainy texture.
  • Vignette – Subtly shade photo edges to draw focus.
  • Tilt Shift – Creative blur effect that makes scenes look miniature.

These can add nice finishing touches!

Easy Image Export

When you finish editing a photo, exporting is a breeze:

  • Save to Device – Save a copy to your camera roll.
  • Share to Social – Post directly to Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Export to Files – Save to cloud storage like Dropbox.

Support for transparency makes exporting cutouts simple.

PhotoRoom can also export all edits as an Actions file. Just import it to batch apply the same edits to other photos later!

Handy Photo Utilities

Alongside editing, PhotoRoom includes handy utilities like:

  • Rename – Batch rename photos by sequence, date or custom text.
  • EXIF Editor – Update image metadata like location.
  • Pixelate – Blur private details in photos before sharing.

These help streamline your workflow!

Impressive Performance

Despite the advanced editing features, PhotoRoom still runs smoothly. Enhancements:

  • Photos load quickly – AI processes images rapidly.
  • No lag when applying edits – Interface feels snappy and responsive.
  • Saves edits in seconds – No long export waits.

You can edit efficiently without frustrating hangups.

Even on older devices, PhotoRoom delivers a fluid editing experience. The app is nicely optimized.

Advanced AI delivers professional results in an easy-to-use package!

PhotoRoom’s Awesome AI in Action

Let’s see PhotoRoom’s transformative AI editing tools in action to really appreciate the possibilities!

With a few taps in PhotoRoom, here are some ways we could dramatically enhance this photo:

  • Auto Enhance – Boosted brightness, contrast and vibrance for more wow-factor
  • Background Removal – Cut out the boy and place on a magical new background
  • Sky Swap – Switched the dreary sky with a warm sunset
  • Color Filter – Added a punchy orange & teal color effect

The remarkable AI allows endless possibilities to transform images!

And it all happens in a beautiful, user-friendly interface. PhotoRoom combines pro results with simplicity.

Photoroom 2

PhotoRoom’s Top AI Photo Editing Features

Let’s recap PhotoRoom’s awesome AI photo editor features:

  • Intelligent auto enhance – One-tap photo improvements
  • Powerful editing tools – Filters, adjustments, retouching and more
  • Easy object removal – Automatically erase objects and distractions
  • Magical sky replacement – Swap skies with a single tap
  • Premium filters and effects – Give photos an instant artistic upgrade
  • Fantastic color control – Vibrant colors and enhanced lighting
  • Polished portrait retouching – Blemish remover, teeth whitening and more
  • Pro cutout capabilities – Extract subjects and remove backgrounds
  • Fun creative options – Overlays, tilt shift, vignette, film grain, etc.
  • Non-destructive editing – Revert and adjust anytime
  • Collage maker – Automatically generate collages
  • Layer support – Composite images and textures
  • Resize tool – Export for all purposes
  • Super fast operation – AI optimizes performance
  • Easy sharing – Export and post to social media in seconds

PhotoRoom provides a powerful AI photo editing toolkit in a delightful interface. Transform your images in seconds!

FAQ About PhotoRoom Features

How good is the AI object removal?

The AI object removal gives impressively realistic results considering it’s fully automatic. It does a great job sampling surrounding textures to fill gaps left by removed objects.
It works best on relatively simple backgrounds without intricate repeating patterns. You may need to manually fine-tune some edges, but overall it’s much faster than painstaking manual removal.

What photo types work best?

PhotoRoom is fantastic for common photo types like portraits, landscapes, still lifes, product shots, food pics, and graphics/design elements. The AI tools enhance all these nicely.
It’s less ideal for technical images like architectural line drawings or medical scans that require specialized processing. But for typical photos, PhotoRoom shines.

Can I edit RAW photos?

Currently, PhotoRoom supports the JPEG and PNG formats. It does not directly work with RAW files from DSLR cameras.
But you can easily export your RAWs to JPEG in Lightroom then open those JPEGs in PhotoRoom for editing.

How is PhotoRoom different from Photoshop?

PhotoRoom prioritizes ease of use and AI automation over technical depth. The tools are streamlined so anyone can achieve great results with minimal effort. It’s perfect for casual users.
Photoshop offers far more manual control for experts. But Photoshop’s complexity can also be intimidating for beginners.
So PhotoRoom makes excellent photo editing accessible to all! But advanced users may still prefer Photoshop’s sheer breadth of features.

Is there a PhotoRoom app?

Yes! PhotoRoom is available as a fully-featured mobile app for both iOS and Android. Just search for “PhotoRoom” in the App Store or Google Play Store to download.
The mobile and desktop apps have the exact same editing tools. You can seamlessly work across devices.

Can I use PhotoRoom commercially?

Yes, you can use PhotoRoom to edit photos for commercial purposes like your business, clients, social media, advertising, etc.
Some examples of commercial use cases:
Ecommerce product photos
Food photos for restaurants
Real estate listings
Social media business profiles
Printed ads and flyers
Book covers
CD album artwork

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