Fotor Photo Editor Premium APK v7.4.12.26 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)
Fotor Photo Editor Premium APK v7.4.12.26 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

Fotor Photo Editor Premium APK v7.4.12.26 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

Fotor Photo Editor Premium Apk comes with all features. With the unlocked pro version, all content is open and usable.

Name Fotor Photo Editor
Publisher Everimaging Ltd.
Category Photography
Size 323.9 MB
Latest Version
MOD Pro Unlocked
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Fotor Photo Editor is the most famous version in the Fotor Photo Editor series of publisher Everimaging Ltd.
Mod Version
Total installs 10,000,000+

Fotor Photo Editor is a powerful and intuitive photo editing app that makes it easy to turn ordinary photos into stunning images. With sleek design, robust editing tools, creative effects and built-in learning, Fotor provides a platform for anyone to enhance their photos like a pro.

Fotor Photo Editor

Streamlined Editing Workflow

Fotor offers a smooth editing workflow that allows you to quickly crop, rotate, adjust exposure, colors, and details for multiple photos in batch with just a few taps. The minimalist interface makes edits fast and focused.

Handy undo and redo buttons let you experiment without worry. The streamlined workflow accelerates editing momentum.

Comprehensive Editing Tools

Transform photos using Fotor’s extensive editing tools including:

  • Crop and Rotate – Finetune composition, straighten angles, and trim images
  • Exposure – Adjust highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness
  • Color – Enhance saturation, warmth, and tones
  • Details – Sharpen clarity or add vignettes
  • Healing – Remove unwanted objects and blemishes
  • Dehaze – Add depth and contrast to hazy images

Specialized portrait tools like skin smoothing, teeth whitening and eye brightening help selfies pop. Adjustable gradient and radial masking allow for nuanced local edits.

Creative Filter Effects

Apply pro-designed filters with one click to impart moods and styles:

  • Black and White – Dynamic high contrast monochrome
  • Retro – Vintage faded film styles
  • Portrait – Soft, natural skin enhancement
  • Scenery – Rich, dramatic landscapes
  • Food – Vibrant, appetizing dishes
  • Urban – Gritty, edgy cityscapes

Filter strength can be controlled. Multiple filters can be stacked and blended for truly signature looks.

Artistic Photo Enhancements

Add an artistic flair using Fotor’s enhancement tools:

  • Orton Effect – Dreamy light leak blurs
  • Tilt Shift – Miniature model aesthetic
  • Double Exposure – Blend two photos surreally
  • Dispersion Effect – Prismatic rainbow colors
  • Glamour Glow – Romantic soft highlights
  • Textures – Overlay painted/paper/film textures

The results turn photos into eye-catching works of art. Adjustable blur, vignette, colors, and blending modes provide control over the enhancements.

Powerful Photo Montage Capabilities

Bring multiple photos together in creative montages using Fotor’s collage, blend, and mosaic tools. Adjust spacing, borders and layouts.

Make photo grids, shapes, animated gifs and panoramas. Add backgrounds, text, clip art, and stickers. The possibilities for photo montages are endless.

Built-in Camera and HDR

Fotor has a built-in camera with manual controls like exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, and shutter speed. You can capture HDR photos with a single tap for dynamic range.

Applying edits is faster with photos taken and imported directly in-app. The camera provides freedom when inspiration strikes.

Fun Sticker and Text Elements

Make photos pop by adding playful stickers, emojis, shapes, and text:

  • Text – Headlines, captions, word art
  • Stickers – Decorative icons, flags, badges
  • Shapes – Circles, stars, speech bubbles
  • Emojis – Expressive faces, hand signs, animals

Fotor has 100+ fonts and 1000s of stickers. Place elements anywhere on the image and resize or rotate them freely.

Fotor Photo Editor 1

Powerful Batch Editing

Fotor makes batch editing simple – apply edits and effects to entire albums or batches of selected photos all at once.

Crop, filter, enhance and add elements to up to 30 photos in a single action. Batch editing saves huge time and effort.

Versatile Export Options

export finished images to desired format and size:

  • JPEG – Compressed standard format
  • PNG – Lossless quality retention
  • PDF – Vector-based multipage document
  • TIFF – High quality printing format

Export at sizes optimized for print, social media, desktop, and more. Images can also be shared directly to other apps.

Convenient Cloud Storage and Sync

Photos are stored securely in the cloud and synced across devices when logged into your Fotor account. Edited images can be accessed from desktop and mobile.

Cloud storage enables working seamlessly across computers and phones. Photos upload automatically for editing anytime.

HandyUndo and History

Excellent undo capabilities let you easily correct mistakes and experiment without fear. Tap undo repeatedly to revert one-by-one or Undo All to the original.

The history panel displays all previous saved versions. Reload prior edits or stages of your work in progress with a click. Undo and History offer helpful flexibility.

Built-in Learning Resources

Fotor has many built-in resources to teach photo editing skills:

  • Video Tutorials – Concise videos on editing techniques
  • Tip Articles – Lists of ideas and best practices
  • Indicators – Labels explaining what tools do
  • Community – Ask questions and get inspired

The learning resources onboard new users smoothly while helping veterans refine skills. Achieving editing proficiency is guided.

Fun Social and Contest Components

Fotor has a community feed to share your creations and see edits by others from around the world. Daily contests for certain themes provide creative prompts.

Seeing how people transform photos acts as inspiration to improve your own editing. Social sharing and frienndly contests make learning engaging.

Powerful Performance

Fotor harnesses powerful hardware acceleration allowing it to run edits smoothly. Enhancements like dehaze and double exposure are speedy.

Even on older phones, performance is optimized for lag-free usage. Quickly previewing and applying edits keeps you in creative flow.

Convenient Ad-Free Pricing

The full feature set of Fotor is free to use with convenient ad-free access via monthly or yearly subscriptions at reasonable prices. Subscriptions enable offline use and additional perks.

Unlike some editors, core editing tools are not paywalled. The subscription pricing provides good value.

Fotor Photo Editor 2


Fotor Photo Editor makes powerful editing tools easy to apply for all via an intuitive interface packed with possibilities. One-tap enhancements turn memories into masterpieces.

Automation like batch editing accelerates workflow while rich learning resources onboard users smoothly. Social sharing and contests foster community engagement.

Whether you are growing your photography skills or already experienced, Fotor’s enjoyable editing experience helps unleash creative freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What file types does Fotor support?

Fotor supports JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF and RAW files from over 300 different camera models.

Is there a way to recover accidentally lost edits?

Yes, the history feature lets you revert back to any past auto-saved version, recovering lost edits and changes.

Can Fotor edit RAW image files?

Yes, Fotor provides specialized tools for editing RAW camera files like white balance adjustments and noise reduction.

Does Fotor require a subscription?

No, basic editing features are free. This premium version provides premium benefits such as ad removal, cloud storage, and offline use.

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