YouTube Music Premium APK v6.29.57 (MOD, Background Play)
YouTube Music Premium APK v6.29.57 (MOD, Background Play)

YouTube Music Premium APK v6.29.57 (MOD, Background Play)

YouTube Music Premium Apk offers huge song catalogue, unique features and options such as background play.

Name YouTube Music
Publisher Google LLC
Category Music Audio
Size 50 MB
Latest Version 6.29.57
MOD Premium, Background Play
Get it On Google Play
YouTube Music is the most famous version in the YouTube Music series of publisher Google LLC
Mod Version 6.29.57
Total installs 1,000,000,000+

• Install MicroG
• Install Youtube Music
• Open Youtube Music
• Log In to your Account
• Enjoy

YouTube Music has quickly become one of the top streaming music platforms, with its massive song catalog, unique features, and tight integration with YouTube. But with so many options and customizable settings, it can be hard to know where to start!

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to become a YouTube Music pro. Learn how to access millions of official songs, albums, playlists, and music videos. Discover powerful tools for finding new favorite tunes and personalizing your experience. Let’s dive in!

YouTube Music Premium

Start in the Regular Version and Try it

YouTube Music is available as a free app on both iOS and Android devices. Here’s how to get set up:

  • iOS: Search for “YouTube Music” in the App Store and tap Get to install. Works on iPhones, iPads and iPods.
  • Android: Search “YouTube Music” in the Play Store and tap Install to download the app. Compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets.

Once installed, open up YouTube Music and log in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, you can quickly sign up for free. Allow the app to access your contacts, location, storage, etc. to enable all features.

And that’s it – start listening! Tap “Explore” to discover new music or use the search bar to find your favorites. Time to start rocking out! 🎸

Browsing and Searching the Massive Song Library 🔎

With over 80 million official songs, YouTube Music offers an absolutely massive music catalog – even bigger than Spotify! Here are the best ways to browse and search:

The search bar at the top lets you directly search for songs, albums, artists, playlists and music videos. Try searching for song titles, lyrics, artists, genres, moods like “happy music” and more.

Browse Tab

Browse through personalized recommendations, new releases, top charts, genres, moods and more:

  • Home – Recommended mix of your favorites and new songs
  • Hotlist – Trending top tracks
  • New releases – Latest album and song drops
  • Charts – Top tracks and videos
  • Genres – Browse by genre like pop, hip hop, jazz
  • Moods – Chill, workout, focus, etc.
  • Artists – Explore artist pages and discographies

Video Tab

Watch official music videos, concerts, lyric videos, and more:

  • Music videos – Official videos from artists
  • Live performances – Concerts and livestreams
  • Lyric videos – Song lyrics over backdrops
  • DJ sets and remixes
  • Short music clips – Vertical videos under 60 secs

With so many ways to access millions of tracks, you’ll never stop discovering new music!

Personalizing Your Experience 👤

YouTube Music offers powerful personalization so you get music tailored to your taste. Use these features:

Smart search automatically learns what you like and makes recommendations. The more you use YouTube Music, the better it gets!

Create Playlists

Make customized playlists around themes, artists, genres or moods. Great for organizing your favorites or planning activities.

Like Songs

Tap the like button on songs to train the algorithm and influence recommendations. Liked songs are easy to find in your library.

Exclude Songs/Artists

Tap the 3-dot menu on tracks and choose “Don’t recommend channel” to exclude songs or artists from suggestions.

Ad-free Listening

With a YouTube Premium subscription, listen ad-free and with the screen locked. Download songs for offline listening too!

Tweak these preferences and YouTube Music will feel like your own personal soundtrack. 🎧

YouTube Music Premium 1

Features for Music Lovers 🎵

YouTube Music is packed with extra features that music nerds will appreciate!

Detailed Song Credits

See all the writers, producers, musicians and teams behind each track. Great for music discovery.

Song Lyrics

Follow along with real-time lyrics that animate in time to the vocals. Tap to jump around the song.

Album/Artist Pages

Dive into full discographies, bios, playlists and more on dedicated artist and album pages.

Discover similar artists on each artist page so you can branch out into new genres.

Music in YouTube Videos

Tap music notes on eligible videos to add songs from YouTube to your library.

For music buffs, these extras enhance your listening and learning experience!

Social Features 👥

In addition to personalized music, YouTube Music lets you connect with others through:

Share Songs/Playlists

Share tracks, albums or playlists easily via messaging apps, social media and more. Spread the musical love.

Collaborative Playlists

Invite friends to contribute to group playlists for parties, workouts, road trips and more!


Your library and preferences sync across mobile, tablet, desktop and web app versions.

Family Plan

Family plans let up to 5 family members access shared playlists, stations and preferences.

Stream solo or sync up group listening with friends using YouTube Music’s social features.

Unique Ways to Discover Music 🔎

Beyond standard browsing and search, YouTube Music offers special tools for music discovery:


Personalized, endless radio stations based on your tastes, activities, genres and artists.

Smart Remote

Use your mobile device as a remote to control music playback on TVs and smart speakers.


Browse upcoming live concerts near you and remotely watch livestreams.

Movie Soundtracks

Find songs from movie and TV show soundtracks easily.

Song Translations

See translated lyrics to expand your global music tastes.

With this many ways to find new tunes, your playlist will be never-ending!

YouTube Music Premium 💰

For $9.99/month, a YouTube Music Premium subscription removes ads, lets you play audio offline, and keeps playing when the app is closed or phone is locked. Additional benefits include:

  • Ad-free, background/offline listening
  • Download songs to your device
  • Listen to audio from YouTube videos ad-free
  • Uninterrupted music when screen is off
  • Higher audio quality (256 kbps AAC)

The free version still offers full access to the entire music catalog with ads. But Premium provides the ultimate listening experience without limits.

Try out the Premium free trial to test drive the upgrades before subscribing.

YouTube Music Streaming Capabilities

YouTube Music is compatible with a wide range of devices and supports background listening and offline downloads:

Online listening
Background audio
Offline listening
Audio quality128 kbps256 kbps

Stream seamlessly on your smartphone, tablet, computer, smartwatch, smart TV, speakers and car. Take the music with you everywhere!

YouTube Music Premium 2

Tips for Mastering YouTube Music 🎚

Become an expert YouTube Music user with these pro power-user tips:

  • 🔎 Dig into artist radios for similar music from related artists.
  • 📈 Use playlists to train recommendations and shape your homepage.
  • ❤️ Like liberally to better personalize your experience.
  • Follow artists to get notified of new releases and exclusive videos.
  • 🔔 Enable notifications to find out when favorite artists go live or drop new albums.
  • 📻 Use stations for endless music based on your specifics tastes and moods.
  • Use auto-generated queues after songs or videos to continue music discovery.

Take your YouTube Music skills to the next level with these expert tips!

YouTube Music Frequently Asked Questions❓

Is YouTube Music really free?

Yes! The core features of the mobile and desktop apps are 100% free including the full catalog of songs. Premium just removes ads and adds extras.

Can I use YouTube Music offline?

Listening offline requires a paid YouTube Music Premium subscription. However, you get access to YouTube Music premium features with the mod version.

Where is YouTube Music available?

YouTube Music can be used in over 95 countries globally! Available on both iOS and Android plus web browser.

Can I find any song on YouTube Music?

The library has over 80 million official songs, so chances are very high your favorite tune is on there! But some rare tracks may not be available.

What happens if I already subscribe to Google Play Music?

Google Play Music is being discontinued and rolled into YouTube Music. Your playlists, preferences, purchases, etc. will automatically transfer over.

Conclusion: Start Jamming with YouTube Music! 🎸

Thanks for reading this in-depth guide to mastering YouTube Music! We covered how to:

  • Download and setup the mobile or desktop apps
  • Search, browse and discover new music
  • Personalize your experience with likes, playlists, stations and more
  • Use social features to share music
  • Take advantage of unique discovery tools
  • Consider Premium benefits like offline listening
  • Apply pro tips and tricks for better recommendations

Now you have all the knowledge to unlock the full potential of YouTube Music. With a massive catalog, clever personalization, and deep connectivity with YouTube, this music service has so much to offer.

Time to start listening on repeat! Download YouTube Music, create your perfect playlists, and let the tunes play on.

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