Psiphon Pro APK v391 (MOD, Premium Subscription)
Psiphon Pro APK v391 (MOD, Premium Subscription)

Psiphon Pro APK v391 (MOD, Premium Subscription)

You will have a premium subscription with Psiphon Pro Premium APK. Thus, you will get lock-free and easy use.

Name Psiphon Pro
Publisher Psiphon Inc.
Category Communication
Size 21.04 MB
Latest Version 391
MOD Premium Subscription
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Psiphon Pro is the most famous version in the Psiphon Pro series of publisher Psiphon Inc.
Mod Version 391
Total installs 100,000,000+

Psiphon Pro is one of the most powerful and full-featured VPNs available today. With robust encryption, stealth connectivity, and bypass capabilities, Psiphon Pro lets you access the open Internet no matter where you are.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the key features of Psiphon Pro that make it the top choice for privacy-conscious users across the globe. Whether you’re looking to secure your online activity or access blocked content, Psiphon Pro has you covered. Let’s dive in!

Psiphon Pro

Encrypted Connections for Ultimate Privacy

One of the core features of Psiphon Pro is its strong encryption. Psiphon Pro uses best-in-class cryptographic protocols like TLS and SSH to secure your connections. All your network traffic is fully encrypted, preventing snooping by ISPs, WiFi operators, and other parties.

Some key aspects of Psiphon Pro’s encryption include:

  • AES 256-bit encryption for traffic flowing through Psiphon servers. This military-grade encryption ensures your data remains completely private.
  • TLS 1.2+ support across the network, securing connections from your device to Psiphon servers. Offers robust security against man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Perfect forward secrecy (PFS) for additional protection. Unique encryption keys are generated for each session, preventing decryption of past communications.
  • Encrypted DNS requests to prevent DNS hijacking and spoofing attempts. Your DNS queries stay private.
  • Encryption of app traffic for security against local network snooping attempts. All app data is securely tunneled.

With Psiphon Pro, you can rest assured that your online activity, location, and identity remain hidden from prying eyes. No more worrying about who might be spying on your web browsing or other Internet use!

Stealth Capabilities to Bypass Blocking

Another major benefit of Psiphon Pro is its ability to evade censorship and bypass Internet blocking.

Psiphon Pro uses obfuscation techniques to disguise your traffic, making it very difficult to detect and block. Some key stealth capabilities include:

  • Domain fronting to route traffic through CDNs and hide the true endpoint. Circumvents IP blocking and deep packet inspection.
  • SSH handshake obfuscation to mimic and blend in with normal SSH traffic. Defeats DPI blocking while maintaining robust encryption.
  • Common protocols like HTTP to blend in with normal web traffic. Goes under the radar of basic blocking methods.
  • Rotating IP addresses from diverse residential and data center sources to avoid IP-based blocks.
  • Traffic shaping algorithms intelligently replicate real user traffic patterns, evading signature detection and machine learning models.

With these stealth mechanisms, Psiphon Pro provides one of the highest success rates in countries with extreme censorship like China, Iran, and Russia. Users can bypass geo-restrictions and access global content.

Psiphon Pro 1

Powerful Proxy Network for Global Access

At its core, Psiphon Pro leverages a distributed network of high-performance proxy servers located around the world. With thousands of servers in over 60 countries, Psiphon Pro offers:

  • High availability – Servers are continuously monitored and optimized for maximum uptime. There is always a working server available.
  • Low latency – Abundant servers near your location reduce lag and improve speeds. gaming and streaming.
  • Global access – Broad international server network lets you choose an exit point anywhere. Route traffic through a specific country or region.
  • High speeds – Psiphon Pro proxies fully saturate your Internet link with fast speeds up to hundreds of Mbps. No slowdowns.
  • Unrestricted access – Proxies are located in permissive jurisdictions, allowing access to any content. No more filters and geoblocks!

Psiphon Pro has a vast constellation of proxy servers to meet the needs of any user. Whether you require low latency for gaming, exit nodes in certain countries, or high speeds for HD streaming – Psiphon Pro delivers.

Psiphon Pro 2

Circumvention Capabilities

A major advantage of Psiphon Pro is its ability to circumvent Internet censorship at the network level. Psiphon Pro not only encrypts your traffic, but actively evades blocking and filtering to connect you to the open Internet.

Some key circumvention capabilities in Psiphon Pro:

  • Deep packet inspection circumvention – Psiphon Pro disguises and obfuscates traffic to avoid DPI blocking. Advanced DPI systems are rendered ineffective against Psiphon Pro.
  • Active probing circumvention (APC) – Sophisticated blocking systems are dynamically detected and evaded on-the-fly using intelligent APC techniques. Zero-day blocks are bypassed automatically.
  • China circumvention – Psiphon Pro maintains high success rates in China thanks to custom protocols tailored specifically to its Great Firewall.
  • Iran circumvention – Powerful circumvention keeps Psiphon Pro users connected in Iran despite growing censorship.
  • Russia circumvention – Psiphon Pro proxies remain highly effective against Russia’s SORM system and blacklist-based blocks.

Psiphon Pro can reliably tunnel Internet traffic no matter how restrictive the blocking system. Users gain access to unfiltered Internet, no matter their location.

Psiphon Pro 3

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Psiphon Pro offers complete cross-platform compatibility, with apps available for all major desktop and mobile platforms:

  • Windows – Fully-featured Windows client with customizable VPN-style routing.
  • macOS – Native Mac client with auto-connect and system proxy support.
  • Linux – Command-line and Qt-based UI options for Linux distros.
  • Android – Robust Psiphon Pro app for Android with split tunneling.
  • iOS – Firewall-friendly iOS client with on-demand circumvention.
  • Browser extensions – Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions available. Easy one-click proxying.

With broad platform support, Psiphon Pro provides seamless connectivity across all your devices. The apps share a common core and UI for ease of use. Set it up once and stay protected everywhere.

Beyond Borders Mode

Psiphon Pro offers a unique Beyond Borders mode that combines:

  • State-level circumvention – Applies advanced techniques to bypass national firewalls like China’s Great Firewall.
  • Multiple hop routing – Bounces traffic through multiple servers across different countries, hiding your trail.
  • TOR integration – Optionally routes traffic through the TOR network for maximum anonymization.

Beyond Borders mode enables users to access geo-restricted content and defeat extreme censorship. Your Internet traffic enters a shredded, encrypted tunnel that emerges only at the final Psiphon Pro endpoint server. Truly invisible browsing.

Psiphon Pro 4

Other Notable Features

Some other great features offered by Psiphon Pro:

  • Zero-config setup – Get protected immediately with no complex settings to adjust. Psiphon Pro auto- tunnels your traffic with optimal performance by default.
  • Split tunneling – Configure which apps send traffic through the VPN tunnel versus your regular connection for flexible control.
  • Unlimited speeds – No artificial speed caps. Max out your link speed with high performance proxy servers.
  • No activity logs – Psiphon does not record or store any usage logs or personal information at all. You remain anonymous.
  • No malware – Software is open source, digitally signed, and routinely audited for maximum trust.
  • Free version – Psiphon also offers a fully functional free version with the same core VPN technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Psiphon completely free?

Psiphon has a fully functional free version. Psiphon Pro offers premium speed and features for a small subscription fee. Thanks to the premium apk you downloaded from here, you will have all the content.

Does Psiphon Pro work in China?

Yes, Psiphon Pro is able to reliably circumvent China’s Great Firewall and bypass Chinese Internet censorship due to its sophisticated stealth protocols.

Can Psiphon Pro unblock streaming sites?

Yes, Psiphon Pro can unblock geo-restricted streaming sites like US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more by tunneling your traffic through an exit server in the appropriate country.

Does Psiphon keep logs?

No, Psiphon has a strict no-logging policy for both free and Pro users. No personal usage data or traffic is ever recorded.

What are Psiphon’s encryption standards?

Psiphon Pro uses military-grade encryption including AES 256-bit and supports the latest protocols such as TLS 1.2 and 1.3 for optimal security.

Is Psiphon safe and legitimate to use?

Yes, Psiphon is completely safe and trusted by millions worldwide. The open source codebase is routinely audited for safety and security.

Can I torrent with Psiphon Pro?

Psiphon does not restrict traffic types. You can use torrenting and P2P filesharing while connected.


In summary, Psiphon Pro is an elite VPN tool that offers unparalleled privacy and censorship circumvention. With military-grade encryption, stealth network protocols, a vast proxy server network, and multi-hop configurations like Beyond Borders mode – Psiphon Pro is one of the most robust and secure tunnels available.

Whether you need to access regional content, secure public WiFi, or just keep your browsing activities private – Psiphon Pro has you covered. With cross-platform clients and unlimited speeds, you can enjoy open Internet access on all your devices.

Ready to exercise your digital freedom and get complete online privacy? Download Psiphon Pro today and take back your Internet liberty!

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