Oxigen HD – Icon Pack Premium APK v6.3 (Patched)
Oxigen HD – Icon Pack Premium APK v6.3 (Patched)

Oxigen HD – Icon Pack Premium APK v6.3 (Patched)

Thanks to Oxigen HD - Icon Pack premium apk, you will be able to access all features. Experience the app now.

Name Oxigen HD - Icon Pack
Publisher Cris87
Category Personalization
Size 126 MB
Latest Version 6.3
MOD Patched
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Oxigen HD - Icon Pack is the most famous version in the Oxigen HD - Icon Pack series of publisher Cris87
Mod Version 6.3
Total installs 10,000+

In the Android ecosystem, icon packs reign supreme when it comes to unmatched customization capacities. And Oxigen HD cements its position as an icon pack heavyweight with its ever-expanding app-theming support and intelligent auto-masking utilities.

Let’s get more intimately acquainted with how Oxigen HD enables deeply personalized phone environments for all Android users with its rich icon libraries.

Oxigen HD Icon Pack

Hundreds of Meticulously Designed Icons

At its core, Oxigen HD brings a vast collection of 750+ elegantly crafted icons that lend visual consistency across supported apps. The custom icons have been thoughtfully constructed focusing on symmetry and precise dimensions.

But more vitally, these encompass nearly every app category a user could ask for:

Social Media & Communication

From mainstream apps like Facebook and Twitter to Slack and Snapchat – customize icons for all your chatting and sharing needs.

Media & Entertainment

Get icons for streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, gaming icons for Playstation and Nintendo, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok – you name your hobby, Oxigen HD abides.

Productivity & Tools

The theming spreads to utility software like antivirus apps, password managers, cloud storage, Microsoft Office, ever-reliable Google Suite and more.

And yes, Oxigen HD frequently pushes update packs with new icon additions so the library only grows more extensive.

Vibrant, Minimalist, Gradient – Take Your Pick!

Oxigen HD doesn’t just provide app icons but rather brings entire visual icon suites spanning different aesthetic directions:

Vibrant Colorways

For those favoring a lively punch, color variants like Ruby Red, Hot Pink, Electric Blue inject fun personality.

Minimal Monochrome

Prefer an understated style? The minimalist grayscale theme oozes classy subtlety – devoid of all distractions.

Soothing Gradients

Make that artsy statement with the Gradient icon suite featuring two-tone color mixes like Dawn Gold, Arctic Blue and more.

Outline Styles

Or test the Outline icon variants accentuating that pop silhouette effect across hexagonal and circular borders.

With regular icon additions through updates, you’ll always uncover new artistic takes on icon stylization.

Oxigen HD Icon Pack 1

Tailor Folder Views

We often rely on home screen folders to categorize related apps together – be it work stuff, entertainment suite, creative toolkit.

But the default folder styling lacks any pizzazz. Oxigen HD brings customizable folders enabling users to:

  • Pick background colors from 12 beautiful presets or custom RGB values.
  • Change folder shape from boring Rectangle to more interesting Circle, Triangle.
  • Set number of apps previewed inside folder view from 1 to max 8.

These let deeply personalize folder views to match the home screen ambience.

For instance set Social Media folders Red, Online Shopping folders Green and so on so they stand out as visual categories.

Auto-Magic Icon Masking

Here comes one of Oxigen HD’s most convenience-focused capabilities that establishes it as a premium solution.

The Auto-Mask feature automatically identifies unthemed app icons and intelligently overlays the current pack’s icon style as a mask. Ka-Boom!

What sorcery is this?

In practical terms, you NO longer have to manually theme new app icons one by one as you install them. New apps automatically adopt current icon pack theme with zero effort thanks to auto-masking.

This ensures all app icons harmoniously align to the overarching visual style perpetually – critical for long-term icon pack users juggling upgrades.

Actively Updated Icon Library

Considering app ecosystem dynamism with constant new entrants, even a 750+ icon pack reaches its limits occasionally.

Fret not – Oxigen HD actively engages its community allowing users to request missing icons from within the app itself.

The design team conceptualizes and adds these new icons with monthly update packs. Some recent popular requests included:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Samsung Internet
  • Amazon Shopping
  • PayPal
  • Adobe Lightroom

Knowing your icon requests directly spur creation of new icons provides long-term incentive for users to stick with Oxigen HD as their go-to icon theme.

Oxigen HD Icon Pack 2

No Root? No Problem!

Unlike advanced Android tweaks, Oxigen HD requires no root access for itsicon pack magic.

It functions out-of-box on any mainstream Android phone or tablet – just install the app, browse and apply themes.

Even custom ROM variants like MIUI, OxygenOS, ColorOS all support Oxigen HD without hassle due to this accessibility.

Parting Words

With over 5,000 themed app icons, self-updating libraries, customizable home elements like folders and seamless auto-masking utilities – Oxigen HD cements itself as one of the most versatile icon packs for endless Android customization.

If personalized phone environments excite you, do give Oxigen HD a fair shake to leave your own signature mark. Don’t be startled if you uncover new ways to finesse that home screen even months after installing!

FAQs – Your Most Burning Questions Answered

Do icon packs affect app functionality?

Absolutely not! Icon packs only change the visual icon images. The app features work exactly the same.

How is Oxigen HD different from other icon packs?

The expansive icon library spanning thousands of apps, auto-masking, active new icon updates, no root required access sets Oxigen HD apart.

What Android versions are supported?

Oxigen HD works on Android 8.0 and above – covering over 95% active Android devices.

What if I don’t find an icon for my app?

Submit icon requests from within Oxigen HD app, and the team will design it. So you’ll eventually find every app themed.

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