Microsoft Opens Its Own Mobile Gaming Store!

by Steve Davis, Saturday, 29 October 2022 (1 year ago)
Microsoft Opens Its Own Mobile Gaming Store!

Microsoft aims to strengthen its position, in the gaming market by acquiring Activision Blizzard. The Competition and Markets Authority in the UK is currently investigating Microsofts bid for Blizzard. However Microsoft is also focused on expanding its presence in the gaming sector.

In an effort to compete with Google Play and App Store Microsoft has developed plans to expand its market share in games by creating its mobile store. According to sources there are indications that Microsoft might introduce an Xbox store specifically designed for platforms.

Microsoft Game 1

Xbox Store to Compete with Google Play and App Store

Following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard Microsoft is expected to develop games specifically tailored for devices. This highlights the seriousness with which Microsoft is approaching this venture as evidenced by their commitment to creating games and establishing a game store accessible via modems.

To further expand the Xbox Store onto devices Microsoft intends to leverage Activision Blizzards existing player base. Additionally they have plans to introduce a Xbox Mobile Platform aimed at attracting players. These details were discovered within leaked files from Microsoft.

Microsoft Game 2

However this strategic move does come with risks as it may be challenging for users who’re accustomed to using Google Play Store and App Store for a period of time. Nevertheless Microsoft aims to appeal to players by offering known and popular content that they are familiar, with.


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