Bazaart Premium APK v2.3.4 (MOD Unlocked)
Bazaart Premium APK v2.3.4 (MOD Unlocked)

Bazaart Premium APK v2.3.4 (MOD Unlocked)

Bazaart Premium Apk is a modified version of the app that offers premium features for free.

Name Bazaart
Publisher Bazaart Ltd.
Category Art & Design
Size 48 MB
Latest Version 2.3.4
MOD Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Bazaart is the most famous version in the Bazaart series of publisher Bazaart Ltd.
Mod Version 2.3.4
Total installs 1,000,000+

Bazaart is a powerful yet easy-to-use photo and video editing app for mobile devices. With professional editing tools and quick customization options, it makes creating stunning graphics and videos simple for anyone.

In this guide, we’ll explore the varied features that make Bazaart such a versatile creative platform. We’ll also look at how unlocking the full premium version with mods can supercharge your editing abilities even further. Let’s dive in!


Core Editing Tools

At its core, Bazaart provides all the editing essentials you’d expect in a mobile creative app:

  • Crop & rotate – Trim images and adjust orientation
  • Photo filters – Instantly change the look and feel with one tap
  • Text overlays – Add text captions and stylize with fonts, colors etc.
  • Stickers – Select from tons of illustrated and animated stickers
  • Drawing – Freehand doodle or add shapes on your images
  • Background changer – Easily replace and customize backgrounds
  • Blemish remover – Remove unwanted spots or objects
  • Contrast adjustment – Fix lighting issues and enhance image clarity

These tools cover the basics for quick everyday edits and enhancements. But Bazaart packs way more advanced capabilities too:

Layer Editing

A key aspect that sets Bazaart apart is its powerful layer editing system. This allows applying edits and effects to individual layers separately.

You can:

  • Add unlimited layers to a project
  • Reorder layers to control composition
  • Adjust opacity and blend modes per layer
  • Group layers and apply edits to the group
  • Hide or delete layers as needed
  • Import images and stickers as new layers

Complex edits become simple by separating elements into layers. For example, you can apply filters to just the background or text overlays separately for more control.

The robust layering system unlocks limitless creative possibilities.

Camera and Video Editing

In addition to static images, Bazaart also fully supports editing video clips and camera photos:

  • Trim video – Shorten clips and cut unwanted sections
  • Merge video – Combine multiple clips into one video
  • Add audio – Overlay music or record voiceovers
  • Ken Burns effect – Add cinematic pan and zoom movements
  • Chroma key – Change video background with green screen effects
  • Opacity – Fade video clips in and out
  • Frame export – Export individual frames as photos
  • Aspect ratio – Change orientation from square to portrait, etc.

Being able to edit videos right within the same app provides an all-in-one workflow. The codec support allows lossless trimming and merging without quality loss too.

Bazaart removes the need to juggle multiple separate apps for photo, video and graphics work.

Animation Effects &GIF Creation

In addition to static images and video, Bazaart includes tools specifically for bringing photos to life with animation:

  • Cinemagraphs – Isolate and animate selective motion areas on a still photo. Great for partial looping animations.
  • Parallax – Add a 3D motion tilt effect with gyroscope control.
  • Zoom animation – Automated path-based zooming animation.
  • GIF exporter – Export creations as animated GIFs.
  • Frame manager – Fine-tune and reorder frames for smoother animation.
  • Onion skinning – View previous frames as reference to assist animation.

These tools make adding impressive cinemagraphs, parallax and motion graphics a breeze. Share your designs as next-level GIFs that will mesmerize friends and social media followers.

Bazaart 1

Drawing & Painting Tools

Bazaart includes a versatile set of drawing and painting tools too for freehand artwork creation:

  • Pressure-sensitive brush – Vary brush stroke weight based on stylus pressure.
  • Layer painting – Paint on layers without touching other content.
  • Selections and masking – Limit paint to specific regions.
  • Brush customization – Change size, hardness, opacity and smoothing.
  • Color palettes – Create and save custom color swatches for quick access.
  • Vector shape tools – Add editable shapes like lines, curves and polygons.
  • Text tool – Add artistic text that can be styled and warped.

The advanced selection, masking and layer tools mean you can paint directly on photos non-destructively. For digital artists, Bazaart can often replace the need for a separate drawing app.

Premium Unlock with Bazaart MOD APK

The features covered so far are just the completely free tools. But Bazaart also offers a premium unlock with additional perks:

  • No ads – Ad-free editing experience.
  • 100+ extra fonts – More typography options.
  • 200+ more stickers – Additional animated and illustrated stickers.
  • 100 more templates – More design templates for fast customization.
  • Multi- armed eraser – Erase multiple areas simultaneously.
  • Clone tool – Duplicate and mirror content within the image.

The premium unlocks are absolutely worth the upgrade cost for power users. But casual users may not need them as urgently.

Thankfully, there’s a way to get all the premium benefits for free via modded APKs.

How To Get Bazaart Premium MOD APK

If you search for “Bazaart MOD APK”, you can find hacked versions that unlock the full premium feature set for free.

The premium MOD APK provides the following cracked benefits:

  • Unlock premium mode with all advanced tools
  • Remove in-app offers to purchase premium
  • No ads for interruption-free editing
  • All extra sticker packs and fonts included
  • Unlimited template downloads – more styles to explore

With the premium unlock MOD installed, you have full access to absolutely everything Bazaart offers for powerful mobile editing and creation.

Just be sure to download mods safely from here. Getting the premium version for free is a huge perk for any creative hobbyist.

Final Tips for Mastering Bazaart

Here are some final pro tips for getting the most out of Bazaart’s tools:

  • Use layers to edit specific parts non-destructively
  • Adjust layer opacity rather than erasing for non-permanent changes
  • Save your favorite elements like textures as stickers for reuse
  • Use animation effects sparingly for impactful accents
  • Export shareable GIFs using convert to video > trim > convert to GIF
  • Enable high quality renders for big crisp final exports
  • Stack similar edits into groups on hidden layers to reduce lag

With techniques like these, you’ll be creating professional graphics and animations in no time. Bazaart removes all complexity from powerful editing tools.

Bazaart 2

Wrapping Up

Bazaart manages to package professional creative features in an accessible mobile app perfect for casual hobbyists and power users alike.

Some key takeaways:

  • Robust editing tools like layer editing, video editing and drawing
  • Animation effects to create cinemagraphs, GIFs and more
  • Premium mode unlocks bonus features for serious creatives
  • MOD APK provides full premium access for free
  • Streamlined mobile interface yet packing serious editing power

Whether you’re looking for everyday photo filters or leveraging advanced layers for compositing, Bazaart is the perfect hybrid creation app for mobile. Unlock all its potential with the premium MOD!

So download Bazaart and unlock your inner artist today – the only limit is your imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Bazaart premium upgrade cost?

The Bazaart premium upgrade is a one-time in-app purchase that unlocks all advanced features permanently. It usually costs $4.99 USD.

Does Bazaart have any subscription fees?

Nope! Bazaart is a pay once model – no recurring subscriptions required even for premium features.

Will my creations have a watermark without premium?

Fortunately, no ugly watermarks are added to your Bazaart creations. The free and paid versions are identical.

Can I use Bazaart on an iPad or Android tablet?

Definitely! The Bazaart app is fully optimized for Android tablets and iPads. The extra screen space is great for creating.

Does Bazaart have color isolation editing like RNI Films?

Not currently. But the selection tools can achieve similar results through masking. More creative filters are planned for future updates.

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