Zero City APK v1.47.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)
Zero City APK v1.47.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)

Zero City APK v1.47.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)

This Zero City Premium Apk offers enhanced features such as damage and defense multipliers, giving players improved combat abilities when compared to the original game.

Name Zero City
Publisher UPWAKE.ME
Category Simulation
Size 99.31 MB
Latest Version 1.47.0
MOD Damage, Defense Multiplier
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Zero City is the most famous version in the Zero City series of publisher UPWAKE.ME
Mod Version 1.47.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Zero City is an immersive zombie survival game for mobile that blends city building, resource management, tower defense, and real-time combat. With deep crafting systems, PvE and PvP multiplayer modes, and an engaging post-apocalyptic story, Zero City offers hours of gameplay within its decaying urban landscape.

This guide will cover Zero City’s core gameplay loop, key features, multiplayer overview and the benefits of using the MOD APK for damage and defense boosts. Let’s dive in!

Zero City Base Building Games

Gameplay Overview

The main Zero City gameplay centers around:

  • Fortifying your home base camp with walls, traps, turrets, and survivors.
  • Venturing into the dangerous city to scavenge for vital supplies and equipment.
  • Managing resources like food, water, wood, metal, and fuel.
  • Researching technologies to develop better weapons, defenses, and gear.
  • Forming alliances with other players to collaborate and participate in events.
  • Fighting off relentless hordes of zombies trying to destroy your base.

It’s a dynamic loop of city exploration, base building, research, crafting, and real-time PvE and PvP battles. An intriguing story also unfolds through dialogue and quests.

Zero City Base Building Games 1

Core Features

Some key features that define the Zero City experience:

City Exploration

  • Travel through subway tunnels and buildings scavenging for critical supplies.
  • Fight zombies and mutated bosses across a decaying open world.
  • Uncover mysteries and complete story quests.

Base Building

  • Create a defended camp with walls, traps, turrets, and survivors.
  • Optimize resource production buildings and research labs.
  • Manage population happiness through facilities like farms and hospitals.

Crafting & Research

  • Loot materials to craft weapons, armor, vehicle parts, and other gear.
  • Research advancements to boost combat abilities and base technologies.

Real-time PvE & PvP Combat

  • Defend against relentless waves of zombies trying to destroy your base.
  • Raid enemy player bases to steal valuable resources.
  • Fight for control of territories in faction vs faction battles.

Alliances & Multiplayer

  • Ally with friends to collaborate and conquer together.
  • Socialize, trade, and compete on world leaderboards.

Zero City succeeds by unifying all these elements into one cohesive post-apocalyptic sandbox.

Zero City Base Building Games 2

MOD APK Benefits

The Zero City MOD APK provides:

  • Increased Damage – Your attacks deal significantly more damage. Easily decimate hordes and bosses.
  • Increased Defense – Greatly reduced damage taken from all sources. Near invincibility.

Together these mods allow you to conquer the harsh landscape with ease. Enjoy the world, story, and base building without frustration.

Zero City Base Building Games 3

Beginner Gameplay Tips

Here are some helpful tips for new players starting out:

  • Complete all tutorial quests to understand basics. They provide useful starter gear.
  • Build resource production buildings like farms, water collectors, and lumber mills early. Resources are essential.
  • Don’t waste rare materials crafting common items. Save them for top tier weapons and armor later.
  • Clear zones slowly and methodically. Don’t let groups overwhelm you. Retreat when needed.
  • Join an active alliance immediately for support and to participate in territory wars.
  • Set up survivor squads with different weapons to defend each side of your base during raids.
  • Only spend gold on purchasing additional Research Slots at first. Research drives progress.

Follow these tips to survive and thrive in the harsh apocalyptic landscape of Zero City!

Zero City Base Building Games 4

Multiplayer Overview

Zero City features both PvE and PvP multiplayer:

PvE Raids

  • Team up with alliance mates to take down superzombie infested zones. Requires cooperation.

Territory Wars

  • Alliances battle for control of strategic areas by destroying enemy bases.

Base Raiding

  • Attack enemy player bases to steal unprotected resources and trophies.

Limited Time Events

  • Alliance leaderboards for holiday events and cross-server tournaments.

Multiplayer provides extra competitive and cooperative depth beyond the main solo campaign.


Is Zero City online only?

Yes, you must be connected online to play as all modes involve multiplayer interactions.

Is PvP required?

No, you can avoid PvP if desired and only play co-op PvE modes with your alliance.

What are the different currencies?

Coins, dollars, badges, gasoline, and gold serve different purposes like buying items, researching, crafting, traveling, and LIMITED special purchases.

How important are Alliances?

Extremely! You miss out on multiplayer, events, shared blueprints and territory wars without an active alliance.

Is there an energy system?

Yes, fuel limits how many zones you can explore until refilling. The MOD APK provides unlimited energy.


With its deep crafting systems, large open world, multiplayer raids, and real-time zombie combat, Zero City offers an engaging mobile survival experience within a decaying zombie-infested city. Construct and manage a defended base camp while scavenging for critical supplies. Sharpen your combat skills against dangerous zombies and raid other players. The MOD APK lets you conquer the harsh landscape with ease. Overall, Zero City provides a fully-featured post-apocalyptic sandbox bolstered by multiplayer and deep base building mechanics for hours of mobile gameplay. The city might be in ruins, but your survival experience certainly isn’t!

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