ZEPETO APK v3.41.000 (MOD, Free Rewards, No ADS)
ZEPETO APK v3.41.000 (MOD, Free Rewards, No ADS)

ZEPETO APK v3.41.000 (MOD, Free Rewards, No ADS)

ZEPETO Premium APK is a modified version of the popular avatar creation and socializing app ZEPETO. You can enjoy Free Rewards and an ad-free experience.

Publisher Naver Z Corporation
Category Entertainment
Size 273.5 MB
Latest Version 3.41.000
MOD Free Rewards, No ADS
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ZEPETO is the most famous version in the ZEPETO series of publisher Naver Z Corporation
Mod Version 3.41.000
Total installs 100,000,000+

ZEPETO is a popular metaverse app that lets you create a custom 3D avatar and explore a virtual world full of mini games, hangout spots, and user-created worlds. With its vibrant anime-inspired graphics, deep avatar customization, and diverse social gameplay, ZEPETO provides a fun gateway into the metaverse.

This guide will cover ZEPETO’s core features, gameplay overview, customization options, worlds, and the benefits of using the MOD APK for free in-game rewards and no ads. Let’s dive in!


Introduction to ZEPETO

ZEPETO is a social metaverse app developed by Naver Z originally launched in Korea in 2018, later expanding worldwide. Here’s an overview:

  • Create fully customizable 3D avatars
  • Explore the ZEPETO World with friends
  • Play minigames and interact with players globally
  • Design your own worlds and share creations
  • Join community events and contests
  • Earn in-game coins and level up

With its easy onboarding and accessibility on both mobile and PC, ZEPETO makes jumping into the metaverse fun for everyone.

Creating Your Avatar

The first step in ZEPETO is creating your unique 3D avatar. You can customize:

  • Hairstyle, hair color, and hair accessories
  • Facial features like eyes, nose, mouth and makeup
  • Skin tone, tattoos, and face accessories
  • Fashionable outfits spanning various styles
  • Additional props, poses, gestures and more

Advanced editing tools like morphing, scaling, and texture controls enable you to really personalize your look. Preset styles and trends are also available to quickly style your avatar.

Your avatar is your representation in the ZEPETO world, so take your time to create an avatar that reflects your individuality!

Gameplay Overview

Once your avatar is complete, you can explore and play in the ZEPETO metaverse:


  • Explore areas like Seoul Square to shop, chat, and take photos
  • Play minigames and complete quests to earn ZEM (in-game currency)
  • Emote and use props, poses, and camera features to express yourself

Multiplayer Spaces

  • Hang out and chat in social spaces like the Cafe
  • Play games like zombie tag in Arena with other players

User-Created Worlds

  • Enter amazing worlds designed by other players
  • Roleplay and explore user worlds themed after real or fictional places

Profile Customization

  • Flex your style by equipping items, pets, frames, and backgrounds
  • Show off your avatar and creations on your customized profile

There’s so much to do in ZEPETO with new content and events added regularly to keep the metaverse feeling fresh.


In-Depth Customization

ZEPETO goes way beyond basic avatar creators with incredibly deep customization options:

Thousands of Items

  • Dress up with tons of stylish clothes, accessories, poses, pets, props and more.
  • New item packs released frequently based on current fashion trends.

Advanced Editing

  • Fine tune each facial feature with morphing, scaling, and texture controls.
  • Adjust body proportions and custom makeup patterns.

Style Community Creations

  • Browse and buy user-created items curated by the ZEPETO team.
  • Support talented community creators.

Custom Animations

  • Animate your avatar with custom movement cycles and poses.
  • Make hilarious emotes for flavorful self-expression.

ZEPETO provides all the tools you need to let your creativity run wild!

Social Experience

ZEPETO connects you with a large community:

  • Explore and play alongside others in real-time public spaces.
  • Customize your profile page to show off your individuality.
  • Friend people and visit their personal spaces.
  • Chat using text, audio, and emojis.
  • Form groups and clans to hang out and coordinate.
  • Participate in events and clan battles for exclusive rewards.

The social features let you make new friends from around the world!

Creation Tools

ZEPETO also allows you to design your own worlds:

World Editor

  • Build structures, add interactive items, and landscape terrain.
  • Customize world settings like gravity, lighting, and more.

Item Editor

  • Model and texture new 3D items and clothing.
  • Import creations from programs like Blender.

Effect Editor

  • Create visual effects like portal distortions and fireworks.

Quest Editor

  • Make games and quests with objectives, NPCs, and rewards.

ZEPETO provides full development toolkits for you to build interactive worlds limited only by your imagination. Play games in your worlds and get feedback from others!

MOD APK Benefits

The ZEPETO MOD APK offers:

  • Unlimited Zems and Gold
  • Free Package Rewards
  • No Ads

This means you can purchase any avatar items, animations, and world creation components for free. No more grinding Zems! Unlimited free Gold removes the wait when opening Reward Packages. And no pesky ads during play.

The mods let you fully focus on socializing and expressing your creativity rather than worrying about constraints.


Tips for Getting Started

Here are some helpful tips for new ZEPETO players:

  • Complete the fun onboarding tutorial and new user events.
  • Style both your avatar and profile to stand out. First impressions matter!
  • Interact with players in social hubs to make friends. Join an active clan for community.
  • Take your time learning the world editor. Start small and iterate.
  • Check the menu daily for new events and freebies to redeem.
  • Change up your avatar outfit regularly to try new styles. Fashion is endgame!

Follow these tips to quickly get settled in the ZEPETO metaverse as you start your virtual social journey!


Is ZEPETO completely free to play?

Yes! The core app is free, with in-app purchases for premium avatar items. But free items are plentiful.

What devices can I play ZEPETO on?

ZEPETO is available on iOS, Android, and Windows so you can play on mobile or PC.

Can I use a controller?

Yes! ZEPETO supports controllers on mobile and PC for easier gameplay.

Is ZEPETO only in English?

No, ZEPETO supports multiple languages including English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

For a uniquely rich and social metaverse experience that you can dive into for free, ZEPETO is definitely worth checking out!


ZEPETO provides an accessible entry point into the metaverse, allowing you to create a personalized 3D avatar and immerse yourself in a vibrant virtual world. With deep customization, social gameplay, user-created worlds, and creation tools, you have endless options for self-expression and fun. The MOD APK removes grind, granting free premium currency and items so you can focus purely on creativity. For a next-generation social experience, ZEPETO delivers an engaging platform to connect with friends both virtually and globally. Download ZEPETO today and step into the future of social interaction!

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