My Town World APK v1.0.48 (MOD, Unlocked All Content)
My Town World APK v1.0.48 (MOD, Unlocked All Content)

My Town World APK v1.0.48 (MOD, Unlocked All Content)

Build the town of your dreams in My Town World Premium Apk with all content unlocked! Construct homes, decorate, and explore with unlimited money and no ads.

Name My Town World
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Category Educational
Size 1.08 GB
Latest Version 1.0.48
MOD Unlocked All Content
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My Town World is the most famous version in the My Town World series of publisher My Town Games Ltd
Mod Version 1.0.48
Total installs 10,000,000+

My Town World is a super cute dollhouse city builder game that lets you construct intricately detailed miniaturized cities. With tons of buildings to place, residents to house, and creative decorations to add, you can build your very own thriving doll metropolis!

This guide will provide an overview of My Town World’s core gameplay, tips for rapid growth and collecting resources, strategies for maximizing population happiness, creative design ideas, and secrets for unlocking all the game has to offer. Let’s jump in!

My Town World

An Overview of My Town World Gameplay

The main goal in My Town World is to build and expand a bustling doll city by placing buildings, decorations, and amenities while keeping doll residents happy. Core gameplay elements include:

  • 🏘️ Buildings – Homes, shops, services, plants that dolls use. More buildings means more population.
  • 👥 Residents – Cute doll citizens that move into homes and work in buildings. Keep them happy!
  • 💰 Resources – Coins, gems, keys, hearts. Needed to build structures and make purchases.
  • Missions – Complete daily missions to earn resources for expansion.
  • 🎨 Decorations – Trees, roads, vegetation, furniture. Make your city visually appealing.
  • 🏅 Achievements – Milestone goals reward you with resources for continual growth.

By combining smart city planning, resource management, and keeping residents satisfied, you can build the doll metropolis of your dreams! Now let’s dig deeper into gameplay elements and strategy.

Building Your City: Optimal Construction Tips

The foundation of your city in My Town World is carefully placing buildings and planning efficient roads and layouts. Follow these tips for ideal construction:

Zone Districts

  • Group similar buildings together in zones (residential, commercial, utilities).
  • Build power plants away from homes due to pollution.
  • Ensure coverage of fire/police stations citywide.


  • Use straight roads between zones for quick doll transportation.
  • Include some small roads within neighborhoods.
  • Build bridges and tunnels to cross rivers and train tracks.

Efficient Layouts

  • Houses should be near parks and services like fire stations.
  • Factories and power plants work best on city edges.
  • Leave space between zones for future expansion.

Eye Appeal

  • Align roads neatly on a grid. Curving roads also add flair.
  • Decorate zones with vegetation, benches, fencing.
  • Include city monuments like statues in central spots.

Keep these tips in mind when laying out zones, roads, and structures to create an efficient yet beautiful doll city. Plan ahead!

My Town World 1

Supplies and Resources: Generate Income to Fund Growth

Expanding your doll city requires a steady income of resources like coins, gems, hearts, and keys. Here are effective ways to generate resources:

  • Construct resource buildings – More coin banks, gem mines, etc earns more over time.
  • Complete missions – Daily and achievement goals provide lumpsums.
  • Watch ads – Earn free gems, keys and even speedups from video offers.
  • Level up – New player levels award coins and gems.
  • Decorate smartly – Certain decorations like fountains boost income.
  • Keep residents happy – Happy dolls earn you coins and gems.
  • In-app purchases – Buy resource packs if you prefer instant boosts.
  • Open chests – Chests contain random free resources. Invite friends for more!

With a balanced production from buildings, strategic decoration boosts, and goal grinding, you’ll have the steady income needed to expand quickly.

Population Happiness: Keeping Your Doll Citizens Content

Your doll citizens need to be kept happy by providing jobs, services, leisure activities, decorations and fulfilling needs. Here’s how to keep them satisfied:

Provide jobs

  • Construct shops, factories, and services to employ dolls. Unemployed dolls become unhappy.

Supply services

  • Build fire/police for safety, parks for fun, schools to educate. Access to services boosts happiness.

Decorate and add leisure

  • Benches, hedge sculptures, gardens make leisure areas for recreation.

Fulfill needs

  • Check doll thought bubbles and colored faces to see needs. Provide requested buildings.

Reward good work

  • Tap happy hard working dolls to give gifts and boost happiness further.

Keeping your doll citizens content ensures a smooth running society and generates more income too. Address needs and issues promptly!

My Town World 2

Customization: Designing Your Unique Doll City

A major part of the fun in My Town World is customizing your city’s look with decorations, themes, paint jobs, textures and arranging everything just how you like it.

Creative Decoration Tips

  • Use paths, vegetation and decor to create park spaces between buildings.
  • Customize houses with paint colors and mailbox designs that match.
  • Arrange furniture on home lawns like garden sets, toys, cars.
  • Add flavor with themed decorations – beach, farm, magical, etc.

Design Inspiration

  • Browse other player creations for ideas. Remix their designs!
  • Map out plans on paper first before building.
  • Search Google images for real world city plans.

The decorating options are so vast, you can craft any style city you can imagine – modern, historical, futuristic and more. Let your creativity run wild!

Optimization: Strategies for Rapid Expansion

To grow your doll city faster, you need to optimize resource production and smartly prioritize the most important structures.

Production Tips

  • Upgrade resource buildings early to increase output
  • Build multiples of keygenerators like coin banks
  • Maximize decoration boosts like fountains
  • Only build new residential when you have surplus jobs

Construction Priorities

  1. Resource production buildings
  2. Fire/police for safety
  3. Homes and jobs
  4. Leisure services
  5. Beautification/decorations

With savvy planning, you can build a metropolis much faster than expanding aimlessly. Keep production flowing!

My Town World 3

Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

After covering the major gameplay elements, here are some pro tips and tricks to master My Town World:

  • TapMayor’s Mansion daily for a free chest of resources.
  • Enable email notifications for free bonus upon installations.
  • Only speed up long 8+ hour constructions, not short builds.
  • Unlock district expansions by fully saturating existing zones first.
  • Pause expensive decorations to bank up coins for important production buildings.
  • Watch tons of ads for resources! The video offers are very generous.
  • Prioritize heart generation to fuel resident thought bubbles and gift giving.

With these expert tips, you’re ready to create the doll city of your dreams! Let us know if you have any other My Town World tips or questions.

My Town World FAQs

Should I build all available residential at once?

No, build homes gradually to match job availability. Unemployed dolls will become unhappy.

How can I increase population quickly?

Focus on constructing resource generator buildings to fund rapid residential expansion. Upgrade stores to add more jobs.

What happens when a doll’s thought bubble turns red?

It means their happiness is critically low. Tap them to see their request, then build the requested building.

Is there a way to remove buildings?

Yes! Tap any built structure then tap the bulldozer icon to demolish it, refunding some of the build cost.

Do dolls automatically work in commercial buildings?

Yes the dolls will automatically work in any shop or facility connected by roads. Make sure jobs are available.

Start Building Your Doll City Now!

That covers the core gameplay elements and strategies for mastering My Town World. From efficient city layouts to keeping doll residents happy, you have all the tips needed to create a thriving doll metropolis.

The most rewarding part is letting your creativity run wild while designing something uniquely your own. With so many decoration and customization options, no two cities ever look the same.

So start growing your mini doll city today! We can’t wait to see the amazing creations you come up with. Just remember – keep your doll citizens happy and your resource production flowing. With some strategic city planning, you’ll be running an unstoppable doll utopia in no time!

Have fun, and happy building!

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