My Singing Monsters APK v4.1.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Diamonds)
My Singing Monsters APK v4.1.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

My Singing Monsters APK v4.1.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

This My Singing Monsters Premium APK gives you unlimited money and diamonds to speed up breeding, building, and expanding your island.

Name My Singing Monsters
Publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc
Category Music
Size 65.6 MB
Latest Version 4.1.1
MOD Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Get it On Google Play
My Singing Monsters is the most famous version in the My Singing Monsters series of publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc
Mod Version 4.1.1
Total installs 50,000,000+

My Singing Monsters is a world-building game that challenges you to construct a magical island filled with adorable singing monsters. With unique monster designs, fun music compositions, and plenty of customization, it’s easy to lose hours breeding monsters and expanding your musical empire.

This guide will dive deep into everything My Singing Monsters has to offer. We’ll cover breeding, islands, decorating, optimizing your monster orchestra, secrets, and tips to create your perfect monster paradise!

My Singing Monsters

An Overview of My Singing Monsters Gameplay

The goal in My Singing Monsters is to breed, feed, and raise a wide variety of musical monsters. Each monster contributes vocal sounds that combine into songs. The more monsters you collect, the richer the music compositions become.

Key Gameplay Elements:

  • Breeding – Combine monsters to discover new species and elements.
  • Feeding – Feed monsters to level them up and evolve forms.
  • Songs – Monsters vocals create unique songs for each island.
  • Coins – Generate coins over time to purchase foods, structures, and more.
  • Diamonds – Special currency used to speed up actions or buy rare items.
  • Decorating – Customize islands with paths, trees, rocks, and decorations.
  • Goals – Complete goals for rewards and unlock new islands.
  • Monster Castle – Houses and levels up monsters you aren’t using on islands.

Now let’s explore the depths of My Singing Monsters gameplay!

Islands: Your Musical Kingdoms

The islands are where you’ll house, feed, and breed your monsters. These include:

Plant Island

The main starter island where you’re introduced to basic monsters and gameplay.

Cold Island

Unlock at level 7. Home to seasonal holiday monsters.

Air Island

Unlock at level 13. Contains flying and cloud monsters.

Water Island

Unlock at level 20. Aquatic and sea monsters live here.

Gold Island

Unlock at level 27. Features rare golden versions of monsters.

Ethereal Island

Unlock at level 32. Extra-dimensional crystalline monsters.

Shugabush Island

A premium magical island purchasable with diamonds.

Composer Island (Celestial Island)

Construct a unique custom island that you design.

Each island has different monsters and natural environments for you to decorate. You can switch between them freely.

As you level up, additional islands with new monsters to breed will open up for you to develop and expand your musical empire!

My Singing Monsters 2

Breeding: Discovering New Monster Species

One of the keys to My Singing Monsters is experimenting with breeding different monster species together to discover new types.

Breeding Basics

  • Build a breeding structure like the nursery to breed monsters.
  • Combine two monsters and wait for breeding time to finish.
  • Resulting egg appears in nursery with hatching timer.
  • New monster hatches once timer finishes.

Tips for Breeding

  • Elemental monsters (plant, cold, air, water, etc) are easiest to breed.
  • Ethereal and Shugabush monsters take special combos. Check the breeding hints.
  • Use the breeding calculator to find combinations for the monster you want.
  • Rare monsters are harder to breed – be patient!
  • Upgrading nurseries lowers breeding time.
  • Buy extra nurseries to breed multiple monsters simultaneously.

With over 130 monsters, there are tons of surprising species to discover through the fun of experimenting with breed combinations. It’s satisfying to finally breed that ultra rare monster after many tries!

My Singing Monsters 3

Feeding Monsters: Leveling Up Your Collection

In addition to breeding new monsters, you also need to feed your existing monsters foods regularly to level them up. This earns you coins, helps them evolve, and trains monster skills.

Feeding Tips

  • Each monster has 3 skill songs to train – focus food on one skill song at a time.
  • Feeding to level 15 unlocks the monster’s mature adult form.
  • Get monsters to level 20 to unlock starshop purchases for that species.
  • Higher level monsters earn coins faster from islands.
  • Use the castle to store and level up spare monsters you aren’t actively using.

Make sure to distribute food across your islands and give some attention to each monster. Consistently feeding them is key to progression and income!

Coins: Funding Your Monster Islands

Coins are the basic currency in My Singing Monsters used to purchase any buildable structure, decoration, or additional resources. A steady coin income fuels everything you do.

Ways to Earn Coins

  • Monsters generate coins over time, faster when fed and leveled up.
  • Watch ad videos in exchange for free coins.
  • Complete surveys and offers for big coin rewards.
  • Level up player rank for lump sum coin gifts.
  • IAPs allow purchasing coins with real money.

Smart Ways to Spend Coins

  • Buy X2 income multipliers in starshop for all monsters.
  • Increase monster happiness with entertaining objects.
  • Purchase additional resource generators (mines, farms, etc).
  • Upgrade key production structures to level 15.
  • Buy giant harvestable crops (spinach, pumpkin, etc).
  • Invest in additional breeding structures and nurseries.

Balancing coin income versus spending is an important aspect on your road to becoming a master monster rancher. Learn to maximize both for the best results!

My Singing Monsters 4

Composing Monster Songs

The fun payoff after amassing a vibrant island of monsters is listening to them combine into musical compositions. More monsters means more detailed songs.

Some key things that influence your island’s song:

  • Number of different monsters – Variety creates song complexity.
  • Monster levels – Higher levels increase vocal contributions.
  • Monster happiness – Happier monsters sing more energetically!
  • Element coverage – Multiple elements creates richer audio.
  • Rare monsters – These contribute unique backing vocals, riffs, and tones.

It’s rewarding hearing your song progress from simple beats into a layered musical masterpiece. Try rearranging your monster placement to tweak songs too!

Decorating Your Monster Islands

Decorating your islands with paths, vegetation, buildings, and other structures isn’t just for visual appeal – it actively contributes to monster happiness and song quality.

Some decorating tips:

  • Arrange monsters and decor in geometrical patterns for bonuses.
  • Ensure all monsters have housing so they can sleep.
  • Add entertainment items like pom-poms to increase happiness.
  • Surround monsters with their preferred element (water monsters like being near water, etc).
  • Fill empty space with paths, trees, flowers, rocks, fountains. Islands look best when nicely populated.
  • Rearrange things frequently for a fresh look as you unlock new decorations.

Getting creative with decorating your islands keeps things fun. Experiment and find a design that fits your own personal style!

My Singing Monsters 1

Goals: Game Objectives to Complete

Expanding and building requires not just coins, but also progressing through goals that serve as milestones. Goals reward you with useful items and unlock additional features.

Types of goals you’ll encounter:

  • Main goals – Key objectives like purchasing cold island to advance.
  • Daily goals – Rotate daily with small rewards for completing.
  • Weekly goals – Larger but more time consuming to achieve.
  • Monthly goals – Big achievements that take dedicated grinding.
  • Level goals – Reach a new player level for a prize.
  • Tribal goals – Group goals for all tribe members to work towards.

Always try to keep making steady progress on any active goals. They give your gameplay a sense of purpose and progression beyond just economic growth.

Multiplayer Tribes: Joining Monster Communities

Late in the game you can join or create multiplayer tribes. These are clubs that add a social element through teamwork.

Benefits of joining a tribe:

  • Cooperate on tribal breeding and growth goals.
  • Request monsters from tribe members.
  • Trade resources (food, coins, diamonds) with other players.
  • Visit other players’ unique islands.
  • Chat using a safe kid-friendly messaging system.

The teamwork and social aspects of tribes add extra fun. And achieving big goals together feels more rewarding. Find an active friendly tribe to join!

Optimization: Maximizing Your Monster Orchestra

To maximize your island’s economic output and get the richest musical experience, you need to optimize your monster combination.

Some tips:

  • Maintain at least one of all elemental monsters – cold, plant, air, water, etc. Crossbreeding is key!
  • Put your highest level monsters on islands for greater coin generation.
  • Ensure you have enough beds for all monsters to sleep and be happy.
  • Rearrange to group monsters by element for bonuses.
  • Remove duplicate monsters with non-unique vocals hogging space.
  • Isolate rare, ethereal, and shugabush monsters to stand out better in songs.
  • Evenly spread monsters throughout islands so each contributes to songs.

Take time to organize and optimize your monster placement for superior music quality and coin profits!

My Singing Monsters 5

Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

After covering the major systems, here are some pro tips for unlocking all My Singing Monsters has to offer:

  • Name monsters with their level (+15, +20, etc) to easily remember their stats later.
  • Turn up device volume to hear finer details in background sounds and riffs.
  • Use diamond rush events wisely – only speed up long 12+ hour enhancements.
  • Remember to collect daily login bonuses and spin the bonus wheel for free gifts.
  • Participate in seasonal events like Monthly Monster to obtain limited monsters.
  • Check the wiki for breeding combinations rather than wasting time trying random pairs.
  • Buy the Colossingum for more breeding attempts when trying for rare monsters.
  • Turn off decorative animations in settings to reduce visual clutter.

With these tips, you’re ready to become a master monster rancher. Now get singing!

Frequently Asked Questions for My Singing Monsters Mod Apk

Is there a way to breed monsters faster?

Use diamonds to speed up breeding times. Upgrade breeding structures for quicker overall breed times.

What happens if you run out of beds for monsters?

New hatched monsters will be sent to storage at the Monster Hotel when your islands are full.

How do you unlock Ethereal Island?

Reach player level 32 and purchase Ethereal Island for 400 diamonds along with an Ethereal Breeding Structure.

Is there a way to restart or reset the game?

Yes, in the settings menu there is an option to reset save data which starts your game over fresh.

Can you play My Singing Monsters on PC or console?

Nope, the game is only available on mobile. No PC, Mac, or game console versions exist.

What do tribal likes from friends do?

Liking your tribal monster simply shows appreciation. It doesn’t provide any direct rewards.

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