Among Us APK v2023.11.28 (MOD, Mega Menu, All Unlocked)
Among Us APK v2023.11.28 (MOD, Mega Menu, All Unlocked)

Among Us APK v2023.11.28 (MOD, Mega Menu, All Unlocked)

Beyond mega abilities and unlocked skins, Among Us Premium APK take customization even further with mega menu options.

Name Among Us
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Category Action
Size 388.9 MB
Latest Version 2023.11.28
MOD Mega Menu, All Unlocked
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Among Us is the most famous version in the Among Us series of publisher Innersloth LLC
Mod Version 2023.11.28
Total installs 500,000,000+

Among Us exploded onto the gaming scene in 2018 and hasn’t slowed down since. This social deduction game pits crewmates against imposters in a fight for survival on a spaceship. With its cute astronaut characters, surprise sabotages, and bluffs galore, it’s no wonder Among Us quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. πŸš€And now with modded versions like unlocked skins and the Mega Mod Menu, the fun has reached an even higher level!

Let’s jet off on a wild ride through this modded Among Us gameplay and see what zany adventures await. πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€

Among Us

Blast Off with Mega Mod Menus

The normal Among Us game is already outer space levels of fun, but mod menus take it into another galaxy! πŸͺ These mod menus give you access to absolutely game-changing powers you won’t find in regular gameplay. We’re talking mega abilities like:

  • Seeing who the imposter is from the start
  • Teleporting anywhere on the map
  • Turning invisible so you can sneak around undetected
  • Speed hacking your character to zip around in a flash
  • Performing instant kills and sabotages without cooldowns
  • Morphing into random characters or objects mid-game

With great power comes great trolling potential! Having these mega mod abilities enables you to stir up delirious levels of chaos and confusion. You can frame innocent crewmates, sneak attack people out of nowhere, and pull off vanishing acts Houdini would envy. Other players will be baffled at the impossibilities unfolding before their eyes.

Of course with great power also comes…getting banned for cheating if you overdo it. So use your mega powers wisely!

Unlock All the Skins

Another sweet perk of modded Among Us is unlocking otherwise hidden character skins. The game normally only lets you access a handful of basic skin options for your little astronaut bean. But mods crack open the vault to reveal a treasure trove of whimsical, colorful, and downright bizarre skins you won’t see in regular play.

We’re talking instantly unlocking coveted skins like:

  • Jack-o-lantern πŸŽƒ and Christmas tree πŸŽ„ suits for those seasonal feels
  • Dapper top hat 🎩 and monocle disguises when you want to class it up
  • Cyborg, alien πŸ‘½, and dinosaur πŸ¦– outfits for embracing your weird side
  • Burger πŸ”, hotdog 🌭, and banana 🍌 costumes for scrumptious vibes
  • Even skin collaborations like Itachi from Naruto πŸ”₯ or Levi from Attack on Titan βš”οΈ

With so many wild and wacky skin options at your fingertips thanks to mods, you’ll never get bored choosing your look. Changing up your style keeps gameplay exciting each round as you imagine how your snazzy unicorn πŸ¦„ or grim reaper πŸ’€ outfit affects your imposter chances.

Unlockable skins crank up the fun factor even further in this already phenomenal game.

Among Us 2

Vent Your Frustrations Faster

Here’s a scenario many Among Us players can relate to: You’re minding your own business completing tasks in Electrical, when suddenly…you get ambushed by an imposter popping out the vent! Before you can even react, your poor little bean gets slaughtered in cold blood.

So much for finishing your tasks, huh? Just like that an imposter vent-killed you back to the lobby.

Well with mods, the vents can work in your favor too! Certain mods remove the cooldown timer for venting, allowing you to hop in and out of vents rapid-fire. This grants you impressively quick mobility to traverse the whole map unseen.

As imposter, speedy venting transforms you into a vent assassin, able to surgically strike crewmates before they detect you. No more grueling wait times between kills. As crewmate, you can briefly hop into vents to evade impending doom if an imposter is hot on your heels.

Venting with no limits thanks to mods makes gameplay faster-paced and more intense for all players! No need to just accept lame vent deaths – now you can vent dance! πŸ•Ί

Mega Menu Mods Give You Complete Control

Beyond mega abilities and unlocked skins, some Among Us mods take customization even further with mega menu options. We’re talking extensive menus that let you fine-tune and manipulate Among Us to an insane degree.

Mega menus give you god-like reign over details other players normally can’t control. We’re talking toggling options like:

  • Changing player speed and vision range
  • Adjusting how many imposters each game
  • Shortening or extending discussion/voting time
  • Turning confirm ejects on or off
  • Changing what common and long tasks are in play
  • Starting as imposter every round if you want
  • Revealing the imposter any time with one click

With the mega menu, you have all these settings and more at your fingertips before starting a game. This degree of control catapults the customization beyond standard mods.

Why play by the normal rules when you can become master of the Among Us universe? The mega menu lets you tweak the game to be as wacky, challenging, or unbalanced as you desire.

Among Us 4

Bring Your Creations to Life with Free Skins

Some Among Us mods don’t just unlock existing skins – they let you design custom skins from scratch!

These mods include free skin templates you can colorize pixel by pixel in an in-game editor. With a spectrum of colors and tools to shade, highlight, and smear, you can create original masterpieces.

Let your imagination run wild coming up with unique skins like:

  • A cool cyberpunk robo-suit with neon highlights
  • An adorable panda bear or pug onesie 🐢
  • A mythical mermaid, fairy or elf ensemble πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ
  • Pop culture homages like Mario, Spiderman, or Master Chief

The only limit is your creativity! Seeing your artistic handiwork applied to your astronaut makes gameplay extra personal.

And the ability to share and download skins designed by others multiplies the possibilities exponentially. Show off your stunning and silly creations or try out skins made by other artistic players.

With so many ways to stand out, free skin editors empower you to make Each round of Among Us feel bold and fresh.

Embrace the Memes

Part of the magic of Among Us is its quirky four-legged astronauts and all the memes they inspire. Mods let you take the meme game even further by swapping in ridiculous sound effects.

Imagine hitting an emergency meeting button to trigger an airhorn πŸ“’ or shooting someone out the airlock with a cartoon “yeet!” With audio modding, you can paste in any sound effect you want for hilarious results.

Watching po-faced astronaut beans get launched out of cannons to the sound of MLG airhorns never gets old. You can spark a meme within a meme as players react to your absurd sound cues. This adds a viral pop culture layer on top of the deceit and drama.

Meme audio mods spread the comic chaos like a highly infectious disease (which incidentally you can also mod into the game). Things get real silly real fast when every game event has its own ridiculous sound effect. Let the meme madness commence!

Among Us 5

Make Tasks Fun Again with Crazy Mods

Sometimes completing the same repetitive tasks round after round can get a bit stale in Among Us. Wiring here, swiping cards there – been there done that.

Well some zany mods can refresh the task list and make your chores fun again! With wacky modded tasks, you might suddenly find yourself:

  • Busting ghosts πŸ‘» with a proton pack like Ghostbusters
  • Playing basketball πŸ€ to calibrate distributors
  • Feeding cute dogs 🐢 treats to fill up the fuel tank
  • Smashing piΓ±atas πŸͺ… for reactor maintenance
  • Watering plants 🌿 and blowing out birthday candles πŸŽ‚ to fix wires

With surprise tasks like these, you never know what mini-game you’ll encounter next. Every task becomes a delightful Easter Egg hunt rather than a chore.

Who knew saving the spaceship could be so silly and endearing? The randomness makes tasks exciting again, breathing new life into familiar game mechanics.

So strap on your ghostbusting gear and get ready for tasks that are a blast rather than a bore!

Smooth Moves: Play At 60 FPS

Among Us’ cute minimalist graphics are part of its charm, but also cause it to run at a choppy 30 FPS by default. Some mods unlock the ability to boost the frame rate up to 60 FPS or higher for buttery smooth visuals.

Higher FPS makes everything from walking to venting feel more responsive. You’ll notice smaller details like the fun bouncy behavior of astronauts in lobby rooms. Movement in vent mazes feels snappier so imposters can pull of swift ambushes.

With 60 FPS, daily tasks like swiping cards don’t lag or stutter. You’ll swear you can see the sweat dripping as crewmates dash to fix reactors in the nick of time. And ghosts will haunt the halls with more lifelike menace.

Modding for higher FPS transforms Among Us from a retro 8-bit experience into a modern visual treat. Everything feels more immersive and engaging when motion looks this silky.

Among Us 3

Expand Your Cosmic Journey with Custom Maps

The classic Among Us spaceship map is etched into every player’s mind. But with mods, your adventures can voyage to bold new locations!

Custom maps allow you to explore never-before-seen backdrops like:

  • An alien planet πŸ‘½ surface under a starsnaked sky
  • An underwater research lab πŸŸπŸ™ surrounded by the mysteries of the deep
  • Ancient ruins πŸ›οΈ overgrown with vegetation
  • A haunted house πŸ‘» with eerie creeks and moving furniture
  • A magical fairy forest 🌳🧚 straight out of a fantasy realm

With modders creating and sharing exciting new levels, your surroundings stay fresh game after game. There’s always another imaginative world to discover!

Who knows where you’ll travel to next? A secret government facility? A sky city in the clouds? A zombie wasteland? πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ Mods enable an endless universe of experiences far beyond the confines of a spaceship.

So blast off, and don’t stop till you’ve seen it all!

Among Us 1

Mods Take Among Us to New Heights

As if Among Us wasn’t already addictively fun, mods like mega menus, speed boots, and free skins take the experience over the top. You’ll enjoy non-stop novelty and surprise even after hundreds of hours in-game.

The social psychology at the core of Among Us endures, but everything else mutates in wild new directions. Will you embrace the chaos or try to expose the imposter’s sabotage? Either way, modded Among Us never gets dull!

So strap on your astronaut helmet and install those mods for out-of-this-world unpredictable gameplay. Things are about to get weird in the best possible way! πŸ‘½

Frequently Asked Questions about Modded Among Us

How do I install mods?

Check the guide for your specific mod. Usually you’ll download a file and add it to your game folder.

What are some family-friendly mods?

Unlockable skins, 60 FPS, modded maps, new tasks, and audio mods are safe picks for all ages.

Where do I download Among Us mods?

You can download it now from the link below.

Mega hack menus, free skins, instant win, and speed hacks seem widely used in the community.

So there you have it – the galaxy of possibilities unlocked by Among Us mods and customization. Blast off into the outer reaches of gameplay creativity with menu hacks, meme audio, and other addons taking the experience to astronomic new levels. Just be sure to use mods wisely and avoid random public matches for the safety of your account. Get set for surprising adventures, and let the wacky chaos commence!

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